175 High Performance VW Tech Threads

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.009 Cross-Fire Prevention
48IDA Idle Adjustment
5-Speed Transmission Discussion
Porsche Fan Shrouds
Large Pistons and Engine Heat

Running Alcohol Fuel in the Engine
Battery Box for Drag Racing?
Bigger Gas Line from Tank
Bore Vs. Stroke
Cooling Tin under the Jugs

Bracket Racing 101
VW Cams Going Flat
Cam Choices: Which One to Run?
Carb Choices: Which One to Run?
Weber Carb Jetting

Weber Carb Jetting Revisited
Used Engine Case Evaluation
Clutch Choices for High Performance Use
Clutch and Shifting Problems
Engine Cooling with Ducts, etc.

Carb Jetting Dirty 44IDF
Carb Air Filter Choices: 48IDA
Engine Case Cleaning
VW Straight Cut Cam Gears
Crank & Cam Clearancing

48 IDA vs. 48 IDF
Body Off
Bump Steer

Cam Which One To Run
Color Sanding
Crank Wear
Crank Journals
Cranks Cast

Crank Trigger Ignition
Crank Which Stroke
CV Joints
Cylinder Wall Thickness vs. Longevity
DDS Wheels

Dellorto Carb Problems
Dellorto Jet
Disc Brake Clearance
Distributor Drive Gear Bind
Distributor Rotor Melt

Drag Race How To
Engine Bay Too Small
Engine Breathing
Engine Cooling

Engine Cooling With Ducts
Engine Talk
Engine Tin Stroker Motor
Fans Welded
Fire Extinguishers

Fuel Injection Sensors
Fittings AN
Fuel Filter
Fuel Injection
Fuel Injection 2

Fuel Pump
Gear Lube
Ghia Muffler

Headlight Wiring
Head Porting
Heads Rebuild
Head Studs

Heads Welded
Holley Fuel Pump
How Fast
Idle Mix Adjust
Ignition Choices

Jacobs Omni Pak
Jetting Advice
Jetting At Altitude
Jetting With Race Fuel

Lash Caps
Lexan Windows
Line Loc Install
Low Oil Pressure
Mount Newer Body on Old Pan

MSD Advance Setup
Narrow Beam How To
Noisy Motor

Oil Cooling How To
Oil Leaks
Oil Level
Oil Pressure Too High At Startup
Pertronix Red Coil

Pickup Tube
Piston Rings
Porsche Discs
Porsche Wheel Fit

Pressure Plates
Prop Deck Lid Open
Pulley Gen ALT
Pushrod Clearance
Pushrod Lash Setting

Pushrod Tube Clearance
Quarter Mile Shutdown
Ratio Rockers
Renn Kafer At Vegas

Rocket Fuel
Rod Bolts
Rod Bolt Stretch
Rod Journals
Rod Length

Rod Weight
Roll Cage Material
Sheet Metal
Shifter Stop

Shuffle Pin Seal
Slick Tire Pressure
Solid Mounts

Speed Freak
Stainless Tubing
Starter Relay Part Numbers
Steering Wheel
Street Drag Launch How To

Stroker Width
Sump Screen
Sway Bar Narrowed
Swing Axle Removal
Swing AxleSwap

Synthetic Oil
Tach & CDI
Thing Axles
Throwout Bearing Broke
Throwout Bearing Problem

Tie Rod Shorten
Tire Sizes
Torsion Bar Removal

Traction Problems
Tranny Gearing
Trans Axle Swapping
Trans Case Junk

Trans Gearing
Trans Gearing 2
Trans Gears 5 Speed
Trans Question
Trans Threaded vs. Snap Ring Diff

Turbo Books
Turbo Carbs
Turbo Choices
Turbo Distributor Settings
Turbo Fuel Line

Turbo Rules NHRA
Turbo Which One
Turbo Talk
Type IV Fan Shroud Kit
Valve Train Setup

Washington Anti Shocker
Weber Flooding Fix
Weber Needle Valves
Wheel Bearing Removal
Wheel Hop

Wheel Polish
Wheels 5 Lug
Wheel Studs
Wheel Weight
Window Scrapers

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