VW Technical Information

This is the VW Tech info section of the website. The material is mostly drivetrain-related, and it covers everything from stock VW's on up to high performance air-cooled Volkswagen drag racing. This page is under continual construction.

The fifth link is a compilation of various threads, mostly from the old callookforum.com, which was hosted by Keith Seume. Since that forum had no archive capability, Ocean Street Video has posted these threads as a service to the VW community. All copyrights belong to the original author(s) of the material.

HotVWs 2275 Dyno Test Video Clips

Pictures and Information from the VW Engine Building Video

Volkswagen Oil Cooler Seal Faq: How to mount Any Cooler on Any Case

Valve Lash Setting of High Performance Chrome Moly Pushrods

175 VW Tech Threads

Engine Oil Viscosity Faq

100 Cal-Look Cars

100 Cal-Look Owners

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