These are the Volkswagen cars driven by some of the regulars at the now-defunct That forum is now located at A number of these Volkswagens are built in the traditional Cal-Look style. This thread was edited and made possible for posting by Greg Ward from Australia.

not that i am a regular, but.....

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 06:01:51 writes:

my car.....63 factory sunroof beetle, pastel lemon yellow (very bodgy paint), silver factory slotted rims (not released in australia so they stand out here), wide 5 front discs, etc....

type/style... beater. (for the time being anyway)

engine.... mild 1776, kadrons, berg 296 cam...

it would have to be classed as a daily driver/project

future... money down on a bj/irs pan, have a set of 044 heads, 1916 planed. will be painted origional yellowy green (beryl?) stock interior (brown/grey 64 style?) set up for corners not drag..... this will take a while to all happen but....


henry roberts [email protected]

Re: quiz specs

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 07:56:16 writes:

1961 bug dressed in black with slider top. Unfinished, but aiming at cal-look with a little resto-custom look. Type I 94X78.4,engel 130 w/ autocraft lift at 1.25, CB chromoly rods, Cima Mahle graphite pistons, 009 w/ petrinex (spelling), CB turbo FI w/ dual 48 throats,external oil cooler and filter. Heads are Magnum 044 (I think) cc'd at 57, matched ported 40X35.5 w/ dual springs for Street and some drag occationally

Terry in TN [email protected]


1968 Bug with a mild 2110...

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 07:57:27 writes:

Scat C35 cam (286 total, .410 at the cam), and 44idf's. Slightly lowered on both ends, I plan to eventually set it up for corners and maybe autocross it.

I made my own seat covers and door panels, and installed the headliner and carpet.

I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ed [email protected]


Re: Just a little Quiz, can evryone spend 2 minutes to give a few specs on your cars?....

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 08:11:46 writes:

1967 Cal look bug, White, (soon to be mouse grey)

1500 sp

Ported Original heads


010 dizzy

Berg header

Hideout muffler to be replaced with Flat four dual muffs

Daily Driver


1961 Drag Bug

Black and Flames

4 inch chop, 6 inch body section

Ladder bar rear

Ali front beam

magnesium drums all round

Center lines (3.5x15 + 10x15)

2165 S/F headsFK89

48 ida's


1972 GT beetle Drag/Street car (belongs to my dad)


2165 John Maher engine

48 Dells

FK89 Autocraft rockers

Scat Crank


center lines

Thats it apart from my 1967 Walkthrough panel van and my 1972 411e variant

Oh and my Girlfriends 1965 cal look Savanah Beige. Soon to have a 1776 with engle 125.


Ant Lockyer [email protected]

stock newly rebuilt 1600 with berg extracter and quiet muffler, 009, blue coil looking to add 44idfs and do some head work in the future. Did i mention the car's yellow for the most part. I ripped out the interior one day cause I could fix what I was trying to fix... I'm in Dallas Texas where it is damn hot too work on cars right now. This is my daily driver...oh yeah Keith will dig this, I blocked off the carb air heater with a Boddingtons (the cream of manchester) tin. Maybe I should do a breather system like Mark H's

Paul Semrad [email protected]


1967 Body, on an IRS pan, Resto-Custom

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 09:21:29 writes:

Body off restoration, sliding ragtop added, polished 8 spokes, lowered. This car was intended to be a weekend only show car, but I had too much fun driving it, so I made it my daily driver for about 2 years (with a basically stock motor, and dual 34 Webers). BTW, I added A/C to it as well. Major body/chassis work included floor pan replacement, front bulkhead replacement, tons of rust cut out and replaced with donor steel, and full chemical strip down to the metal.

About 6 months ago, I installed my mostly Berg 2.0 liter. 78 x 90.5, Berg P&P 40x37.5 heads, engle 120 cam, 1.25 rockers, IDF 44's, 1 5/8" merged exhaust.

Motor is currently out, getting higher compression (from 6.88:1 to 8.0 to 1), and a Porsche 911 fan conversion.

Jim [email protected]


Wow; I'm having one built just like yours!

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 17:24:23 writes:

spec's are very similar: '67 body (very solid), IRS pan with new pan halves, original VW sliding sunroof grafted in, slightly lowered, but stock steel wheels and full bumpers for near-stock appearance. Rabbit GTI sport seats covered with '67-style vinyl. It'll be about a year until the "shell" is done. Engine? 2110 with 40x35 heads, Dell'Orto 45's, probably a 120 cam as well. The engine I'll build. Car's purpose? Stock-appearing '67 with updated handling and "surprising" performance, plus long-distance (i.e. NY to Michigan) cruising capabilities at higher speeds (sustained 80+ mph). Your car will be exciting with your new engine!

Roland Metz (NY)


Re: 66 t-1

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 09:21:30 writes:

Im building a traditional cal look car.

66 t-1

2276cc w/48 IDA's

Bug Pack crank

Carillo 5.5 rods

new case machined at RIMCO

k-8 cam

Magnum straight cut gears

Jeff Denham Welded 44x37.5 stainless valves and titanium retainers berg 1.4s

and push rods

Der transaxle built trans

erco after market first thru fourth





fully gusseted w/S.A.W. axles.

all this solid mounted with 6'' firestone slicks on Flat Four BRMs

oh yeah its getting painted bahama blue w/t bars



Shane [email protected]

Also where your car can be seen like a web page or issue of VW mag if it's been featured......

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 09:28:01 writes:

67 Type I on the way to becoming a Custom German Looker. Currently having new pans installed and rust repairs done. When finished it will go to body show to have a set of Porsche 993 headlights installed in early fenders, custom flush taillights, custom bumpers fabricated, door handle removed, etc. Color has not been decided but leaning towards Black with subtle silver/yellow graphics. It currently has:

* 18" x 8" & 9.5" Porsche Turbo replica wheels

* Toyo 225/35 and 255/35 tires

* Ghia front & Porsche 914 rear disc brakes

* Transform superpro 5 speed tranny(swingaxle)

* Carbon fiber look dash panels and console

* 11 VDO guages and Momo wheel

* 2"narrow RLR adjustable beam Jatech spindles

* front sway bar & rear camber compensator

* steel fenders that are 1" wider but look totally stock

* current engine is an 1835 with 044s and 45 dels

Im in the process of installing a set of Porsche 996 monoblock 4-piston calipers and 318mm x-drilled rotors on modified CB Perf dropped spindles. Master cylinder will be from a Porsche 944. I am almost ready to close the block on a 2332cc turbo/intercooled motor that features a Pauter wedgemated crank/13lb flywheel. I have a Porsche 911 style fan shroud and will install a Setrab oil cooler above the tranny.

For induction, I will use a SDS EFI system with a 5.0 throttle body and a pair of Competition Engineering EFI intakes. Package tray will be removed for installation of T04/03 turbo and intercooler.

Others items on list include 4-pt. rollcage, 5-pt. race harness, Cobra or Sparco race seats, 3-piece 18" alloys, and removal of springplates, conversion to IRS with coilover shock suspension. Car will be shown the 1st year and driven on weekends.

Last pixs of car before I started on this project can be seen in the Readers Ride section of the Dec93 issue of VW Trends. The Red VW with the 16" Porsche C2 alloys.

My wifes helping to pay for all of the above.

Derrick from NC [email protected]



Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 09:46:13 writes:

Type I with all Berg 2007 engine. Berg heads with 40x37.5 valves welded p/p. web 86b cam, 1 5/8 merged header with custom heater boxes, type IV doghouse oil cooler with external Kymco super cooler and O-berg oil filter. Flat-4 BRMs, Porsche Type B rear brakes, dropped welded spindles with 2in. narrowed beam. Adjustable spring plates. Berg 5-speed(currently out of car for mods). The car is Bahama Blue and was featured in the Feb '96 Hot VWs magazine. DB

Don Bulitta [email protected]

My specs

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 10:00:34 writes:

I live in Boise, Idaho, and I'm striving to build the ultimate street beetle. These are what the car is going to have. Work in progress.

It is going to be a classic Cal look on the first glance, except for the 1999 Boxster wheels tucked under.

56 Oval window body, classic color.

73 IRS chassis

901 Porsche 5 speed

996 front brakes

944 Turbo rear brakes

99 Boxster wheels

2599cc Type IV engine

RLR roll cage tied into frame horns

Line Lock, Porsche master cylinder, braided lines

Steve Arndt [email protected]


1959 sunroof, IRS pan 2275..

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 10:07:02 writes:

I drive a 1959 sunroof w/2275cc 48IDA's, IRS pan,

4 wheel discs, Porsche alloys narrowed front beam 2 inches and narrowed rear 2 inches. Resto custom? Cal look?

Geoff Peterson [email protected]


Whats in my stable...

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 10:23:18 writes:

None of my projects have been finished as of yet, but this is how they should look once I am done.

'74 Standard - all steel body, dechromed, lowered all around, 2" narrowed beam, swingaxle conversion, an Autometer gauge for damn near everything, Mazda Miata seats, Berg shifter, Weld Draglite rims (15x6 front 15x7.5 rear), 195/50 tires in front, 225/60 tires in rear - 1776cc engine, FK-8 cam, straight cuts, JayCee heads (fully ported/polished, unwelded, reshaped chambers, 40x35.5, 41cc's), 10.1 compression, 45 Dells (38 Vents) - 4.375 R&P tranny, stock 1st and 2nd, 1.48 third, 1.04 fourth - complete Crane HI-6 electronic setup, MSD distributor. - not a daily all. Just a little weekend warrior to shock the sh!t out of the V8 muscle and the "other" import boys.

'64 Bug - Resto...slight custom. All stock, all original down to original paint color (Anthracite Gray) and OEM interior - original 1200cc engine with matching numbers - slammed all the way around, riding on stock 4" rims in front, 7" rims in back, VW hubcaps.

Justin [email protected]

Car Spec's

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 10:34:07 writes:

56 oval, light blue w/ centerlines. very mild 2110. was a daily driver, i put over 250,000, mostly with a 1904 (74x90.5), on the car since i have owned it. bouhght it in 82.

after the first of the year i will build a big motor, i have

bugpack 82 crank

bugpack 5.352 rods

94's p&c's

pauter cam... similar to k8 & k10

Welded stock heads 42x37.5

12 lb flywheel

auto craft 1.4 rockers

48's IDA's.... i need some intake's

close ratio tranny 4.12. stock 1st ,2nd, 1.48, 1.14

I live in redding , ca....... saaaaluuuute hehe

Dean N. [email protected]


'65 sedan. 2275. Berg EFI...

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 10:44:12 writes:

Car in resto process. Just finished my Baja bug to sell. Now it's time for the real one. The '65. Super clean from AZ. Short swing axle. Trans. built by Rancho as a "pro street". 4.37:1 with bus .082 4th gear. Porsche "Phone dials" 15x6 front, 16x7 rear. 2275cc with Berg EFI(have new case crank rods and some other to come soon. 4 wheel discs from CB along with their dropped K&L spindles to accept the discs. SS brake lines. Nardi wheel. Scat "Pro Car" seats-the killer ones! Berg Locking shifter. Aluminum Running boards. All american style chrome on windows and bumpers with overriders.


Re: Just a little Quiz

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 10:59:11 writes:

1967 Type 1 Yellow,Puma front end beams(stock adjustable),full roll cage floor pan car with back seat metal cut out and tubbed w/ aluimiumnmnm,berg short throw shifter,autometer instruments,MSD al6 and dist,trans 3.875 R&P,3.78,2.31,1.47,1.09,ZF,SAW axles,wilwood disk rear stock front,2165cc 044 w/40x36 1.4CBs fk8 scat race lifters 10 lb flywheel [:(] 45 dells & 1 5/8 bugpack w dual QPs,horse power about [email protected] hehe,wieght w/o driver 1575 with my fat ass 1775#,fuel system 5 gal cell mallory 140 pump w red holley regulator 1/2" line(two of em run under pan),torsion bars cut down to 17mm, adj SAW spring blades, fiberglass front end w 2" wider rear fenders removable for easy access,custom wiring aluim dash,one piece tinted side windows.

web site if its still running.

spare motor:1835 turbo w 45weber side draft kawell cam 40x35 heads best et 1/8 mile 7.15 @ 97mph 1/4 [email protected] coasting from 1000'due to gearing from race tranny,power range 3600-6500 shift point @ 15psi boost.

will have on road sometime this fall if pocketbook can standit you all know what im talking about.

cost in car ? well about a billion dollars over the last 12 years(ohiotom can relate im sure).

Hope you enjoyed reading this

Gary Cooper AKA Frito Bandito


Gary Cooper [email protected]


Re: 1967 Sedan Streeter

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 11:14:58 writes:

your basic cal-look car...from Nor Cal

2276cc, 48IDA's, 44x37 welded heads, Web 86C....probably 185hp?

I drive it on the street, have drag raced it, best ET is 12.66 at 103

I managed a VW shop for 10 yr. I now have a job with IMC, a wholesale parts distributor on the Pacific Coast.


Jim Ratto [email protected]

Re: 1959 ghia coupe'....

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 11:29:10 writes:

2110 bugpack crank and rods 5.5. welded Perf Tech 40 x 35.5 heads 44IDFs with NOS Fogger Pauter cam, lifters and 1.3's. Phoenix 1 5/8 with MAC Flo-Path 2 1/2 muffler. close box threaded diff sidecover and axels 3.88 ring FTC 3.78 2.35 1.58 1.19 Polished alloys 15 x 6 16 x 7 Resto-Raceo? A few pics on Brocks VW magazine Feb 1999 back issue

Jeff N. [email protected]


So cal. just south of L.A.,

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 11:34:04 writes:

I did it the easy way, just copied from my web page, (with a few updates) need to correct my page soon


Best ET / 12.20 at Sacramento (on gas 12.36) 12.12 with 11:1 cr.

Best mph / 107.9 (on 165 radials 108.5)

Typical ET/MPH / 12.40's to 12.60's at 105

Best reaction time / .500 once

Worst reaction time / I wont admit to it at all

Engine specs.

Type 1

Displacement / 2332

Crank / Scat 84 mm

Rods / Pauter 4340 steel 5.7"

Pistons / Cima 94 mm

Rings / Cima

Cam / Engle 125, .460 lift, 301 dur.

Rockers / autocraft 1.25 .530ish lift at valve.

Heads / Superflo 2, intake polished and VW

valve cover rails added by EMS

Valves and Springs / Manley SS 44 x 37

with Engle VW od dual springs

Compression / 8.6:1

Ignition / Bosch 009 w/Pertronix points, Bosch blue coil,

MSD 7AL-2 w/2 step

Spark plugs / Champion L87-YC or Splitfire SF409C

Carburetion / Weber 48 IDA, 40 mm venturis, f-7 emulsion, 165 main, 200 air, 60 idle

for gas, and 240 main, 165 air, 90 idle for alcohol.

Exhaust / 1 3/4" Berg merge with a 2 1/2" Dynomax super turbo muffler

Flywheel / 200 mm 15 lb.

Clutch / Old style Kennedy 2300 lb. with stock rigid disk

Oil / Torco 5w-50

Oil pump / Melings 30 mm

Filter / System 1


Built and maintained by Transmissions West

Type 1 Rhino case swing axle

Ring & pinion / 4.37

Gear ratio / 3.78 1st, 2.06 2nd, 1.58 3rd, 1.12 4th

Differential / JayCee aluminum spool

Axles / Sway a way

Oil / Valvoline 80w-90

The car

Weight 1820lbs with me in it

62 ragtop

Roll cage / JCL Race Cars

Color / Gulf Blue code L390

Suspension / rear is stock with 14"limiter straps and bus snubbers using stock shocks,

front is modified select a drop with 90/10 shocks

Rims and tires / Centerline, front Parelli 135/15, rear as of april 99

M&H 8 x 26 x 15 slicks with D.O.T. recap from Caldwell tire in Pasadena


Muffler Mike [email protected]

Re: 71 Bus ,2180 W/Kaduds,500miles a week. 65 Bug, 11.60s on pump gas.

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 11:40:34 writes:

My Bus is daily driven ,it has an 82x92 w/stock headsw/cleanup port,really small cam,too small,kadron carbs that I machined the venturies to 34 mm, 1 1/2 header that fits a Bus.

For those of you who haven`t heard of the Super Sh!t Box ,its a 65 Bug built for street racing.

I`ve had it for about 10 years, it gets whatever motor is laying around at the time.Its latest incarnation included a 2332,84x94,5.6 rods,FK87 cam,Dean Lowery Heads 44x37.5,8.7 to 1,1 7/8s header into a 2 1/2 Dynomax muff,Makes 195 HP.

The trans is 3.88 ,w 3.78,2.06,1.48,1.125. I use Gasburner or American Racing wheels,Both are Mag.

The car runs 11.60 @ 112MPH in the 1/4 mile and I can get in it and drive it anywhere as long as I have earplugs :-) You can see it at

Also there is a vidio of my old 61 doing a pavement art exercise in the vidio section.

The SSB is currently being turbocharged and is faster now with 5 lbs of boost than it was with

the old asperated motor.

Oh yeah and I have a Buick too and a ....

Well anyway thats just some of my vast oversized car collection. I don`t know if i`ll ever be able to get to all of them.

Mark H [email protected]


'57 Sunroof, 2275,...

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 12:19:49 writes:

Cal Look 1957 Oval window - Sunroof. Pearl white (repainted 1995). Car was originally built in 82-83 by Jim Lowe. Upholstery is 17-year old. Polished 356 drum brakes w/ Flat-4s.

2275cc, FK10 cam, 8.4CR, IDAs, 42x37.5 by Denham/Valle, complete MSD ignition. And an old & worn out close gear trans :-(

I live in south Redondo Beach... 45 minutes from the DQ (Fullerton). Car is driven everywhere in So Cal. Almost a Daily Driver.

Features? 5 VW magazine & cover of a book.

Business? I export VW accessories to France. I also take pictures & write articles for various VW (and other) magazines (GB, Germany, France, Japan,...). Life is fun!


Stephan S [email protected]

Re: Just a little Quiz, can evryone spend 2 minutes to give a few specs on your cars?....

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 12:26:23 writes:

65' Strip/Street sedan, Hoosier Quick Time DOT 245 60 D 15 Tires.

1853cc's, 72mm Crank Counterweighted & Dowled. Lightened flywheel, W-125 Cam. 90.5 P & C With Total Seal Rings, Welded & Ported Big-D heads with 42mm intake & 37.5mm Stainless Exhaust valves, 1.25 Ratio Rockers & 48 IDA's, 1 5/8" Merged with a 2.5" Collector & A three Chamber Flowmaster Muffler.

Dave Holleran.


Re: my project car...

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 12:44:03 writes:

Intermeccanica Porsche convertible "D" replica, Porsche silver with blue leather and black Hartz top, tube frame, 4 wheel mechanical disc brakes, Bilstein shocks, HD rear torsion bars, 19mm Sway-Away front bar, Porsche 901 five speed with 911 fifth gear. "Custom" features are dual air grill in rear deck, spare tire well in trunk, 15 gallon gas tank, and Nardi wood rimmed steering wheel. Guages are Brazillian replicas

(tach, mph speedo, oil temp/fuel). Car has functional heat/defrost with 3 speed fan; wipers are intermittent or 2 speed.

Engine is 2,110 being built by Pat Downs at C&B Performance with Web Cam 86a, 044 ported/polished heads with Manley 42mm and 37.5mm valves, dual Weber 44 IDFs, stock fuel pump, doghouse tin with type 4 cooler, full flowed and worked AS21 case, C&B 4130 82mm crank and 4130 rods, Pauter 1.4 rockers, dual valve springs with titanium keeprs, C&B chrome moly pushrods, 12.5 lb. flywheel, 1,800 lb clutch, Melling oil pump with pressure relief cover, remote filter and thermostatically controlled cooler, 8.0 to 1 compression, Berg 1 5/8" merged exhaust with heater boxes, 1.5 quart mini-sump, stock diameter Berg 3 1/2 lb indexed crank pulley, Bosch 009 distributor with Bosch blue coil (may fit Petronix).

I live in southern Maryland.

george brown


Re: 65 sedan 2498

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 12:50:29 writes:

My vw is as follows:

*65 sedan body, ugly stealth flat black

*ERCO wheels

*glass front end, doors, fenders, werksberg lexan

full tube chassis

*fabricated alum beam, tubular trail arms, drop spindles with rack and pinion, CNC disc brakes

*a-arm IRS with 930cv short axles, coilovers, inboard disc brake

*Rancho transmixer, 388, spool, gears not my job

*ARPM case 90 x 94

*Berg wedgie crank T4 mains 912 rods

*6" Carillos

*JE 94s in Pauter cyls

*billet steel roller cam 705 x 332, Crower lifters

*48 x 40 comp elims, tit valves & retainers, K800s

*Pauter 1.5 roller rockers

*Hilborn alcohol injection

Makes 100hp at idle haha

Also have 2165 EFI turbo motor, 100hp with 3 plug wires pulled off

Tracy Grimm [email protected]

'65 Bug and '98 GTI VR6...

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 13:51:56 writes:

Hi, I live in Chicago and my '65 was bought in Iowa (rescued from cows trying to mate with it). I towed it home and restored it 95% stock. Now I am in the process of a little "old school" customizing (2110 engine, flat4 steering wheel and knobs, lowered front, probably fake BRMs with 135s and 205 70s, berg shifter). Not many pre 68 bugs around here, it gets tons of attention at local cruises. Makes all the GTO and Chevy musclecar rednecks jealous!

The GTI is also a blast to drive, and I only have a few tickets in it in 2 years of ownership!


Mike Fritz [email protected]


Still in building process, 65 notch ,2332cc w/IDA's

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 15:42:55 writes:

I'm in the process of building a 1965 notchback with an upright style type 1 2332cc motor with 48 IDA's, very short geared 3.88 swing axle, 4 wheel disc brakes, American Racing torque thrust wheels. I guess I could call it Resto Custom???

Bruce M [email protected]


Re: 1960 Mango "Pea" Green Street Sedan

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 15:57:44 writes:

I work at Buggy House in Hayward, Ca. My car is a mostly street driven car, when it is running. Built in mostly the traditional Cal-Look style.

Engine specs are 2054 (74x94) Berg crank, Cima A (non stroker) P&C's, Engle 120 w/ 1.25 rockers, non-welded 42x37.5 D-ports, 9.0:1 CR, Eagle 5.352 rods, and 48IDA Webers. Heads and cam will eventually be replaced with Denham's welded 44x37.5's and a Web Cam 86c w/ Scat 1.4 rockers. This motor is currently under construction.

Trans is a stock long axle 67, soon to be replaced with a short axle close ratio box with a 4.12 R&P and 3.78, 2.06, 1.48, 1.04 or 1.14.

Interior is slightly custom due to my seat covers but still has the vintage appeal. BTW I'm running 5 lug Flat 4 Sprint Stars. Hope this answers your question.

Mike "Sweet Pea" Preston DRG L346 [email protected]

Stunner, 1969...

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 16:51:25 writes:

Sky blue body work, no rubber gaskets, own design teardrops. Competition quality sound system, Alpine and JBL. Engine is mild 1641cc, exactly same speed as a BMW 316i, never taken it on the strip. All round disk brakes and TSW Venoms (VX1).

Tony Z [email protected]


69 callook beetle cab

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 17:13:46 writes:

My yukon yellow cab,I bought it in LA in 92,shipped it to england,converted to right hand drive,repainted it new mohair roof,lowered front,fitted discs & gas burner wheels bought from Henry O[dkp111]has had 1600 sp with kadrons,single quiet pack,009 etc,then 2366 type 4,now 1641,44idfs,1 5/8 header& tubo muffler by a1, I am collecting parts for 2276,s/e heads,k8,scat crank,cb rods etc & intend shipping it back to LA for next years classic, I also have 60 ghia with judson & 55 ghia which will have the type 4 motor,cheers richie


richie,uk [email protected]


Matts Fast '58

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 17:15:46 writes:

My father is the owner of California Rewire in Rancho Cordova,ca and the sponsor of my car(basically he pitches in money when I spent a months savings in a couple hours:)


Anyways, I have a 58 bug thats gutted minus headliner and carpet 2 seater. Street/strip car thats almost done,13 mnths non-op:{ , the specs of the motor are:

AS41 case full flowed, shuffle pinned, clearenced for 82 mm crank, cut open for 94 p&c's, cut for dual thrust cam bearings

Demello 82mm crank

5.5" eagle chromoly race rods w/220,000lb bolts

mahle 94mm B pistons

Engle Fk-8

Bugpack straight cut gears

Scat 1.4 rockers

Scat lifters

Scat 12.5lb forged flywheel

Bugpack chromoly pushrods

KEP 1700lb pressure plate

Berg dual friction disc

Bugpack 1 3/4 exhaust

MagnaFlow 3" muffler

Melling HD oil pump

Berg pump cover

MSD 6al ignition w/billet distributor

Bugpack Street Eliminator 44x37.5 heads ported by TWEngineering & portmatched Bugpack 48 idf manifolds

48 idf webers

steel crossbar linkage

short tranny built by KCR

4.12 r&p 3.78 1st 2.06 2nd 1.48 3rd 1.14 4th

berg posi, super diff, chromoly pinion retainer, HD side plate, steel shift forks,hardened keys

SAW HD axles

7" slicks at the track and 205/165r15 on the street

That's what I can think of off the top of my head, hopefully Ill be racing at Sac Bug-o-RAma!!!

Matt n Sac

'64 Ghia Cabrio, '77 std. Beetle, '52 Beetle

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 17:40:52 writes:

All my cars are weekend fun cars. The '77 Beetle could be a regular driver but I have other water-cooleds for that. I'm in southern NY (not far from Don Jiskra) about 1/2 hour NW of NYC. VWs are my hobby (no business).

'64 Ghia cabrio: on '70 IRS pan. BMW 325es sport seats (look like Recaros), Porsche 914 5 1/2" steel wheels; car not lowered. 1641 engine, Berg CW crank, Berg 296 cam, Dell'Orto 36's; mild reworked stock-valve heads. Car can do 90 all day; drove it to Michigan twice.

'77 Beetle: lime green metallic, lowered, stock big bumpers but Porsche 914/Sport Bug rims; Ghia discs; type3 drums; swaybars F&R- handles like a slot car. 1600 stock-internal "STF" engine with Weber 40 IDFs (28mm venturies; 110 mains; 50 idles and Berg linkage- runs incredibly smooth); 1.25:1 rockers. I'm building a mild 2-liter for it. Also drove it to Michigan twice. Car is pictured (November?) in current 2000 VW Beetle calender (the one with blue 63? on cover).

'52 Beetle: on '74 IRS pan; slightly lowered; stock steel rims. Black paint is rough but rust work done. Yep, it's also in same calender (June) - the evening lighting made the car look better than it is! Engine is a stock 1600 with Kadrons and 1.25:1 rockers; a 2-liter (using Kadrons again) is planned. It's broken down a bunch of times so I drive it only in neighboring states.

We sure got lots of responses to your inquiry!

Roland Metz


52 German Look Split, Toronto Canada

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 17:50:10 writes:

1.52 body on 67 pan converted to IRS

C2 Porsche rims (Mille Miglia) 7.5 x 17 under stock fender

Koni front suspension including steering dampener

Bilstein Eibach rear coilover

Cup braces for the rear to avoid wheel hop

Porsche 944 Turbo front brakes

Kerscher rear disk brakes

Berg 5 speed tranny (Autocraft case)

Engine is going to be a 2110. I have some parts for it already( Rods, Rockers, Exhaust and some smaller stuff). I will use EFI (Berg TBs) with SDS EM3D ECU.

Color of car is going to be Nimbus grey (Audi TT)

I hope to have it completed by next year spring.


Alex [email protected]

Mine are......

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 17:58:42 writes:

I've 13 Vws

T1 1303s '73 lowered

T1 '72 standard

T2 '72 crewcab

T2 '63 awaiting resto.

T3 '72 Standard

T4 '73 F.I. 1800

I'm currently building a Baja Bug for which the engine is awaiting assembly in the sitting room.

This is just a sample of the collection. I've been working on bugs since '90 and am currently working in a motor accessory store in Ireland.

Hugh [email protected]



Re:I make up in quantity,for lack of quality....

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 20:43:05 writes:

1970 type 1 sedan 90.5x 78 berg 861 heads 309 cam 1.4's 42 Berg carbs 1.5 inch Merge w/ custom hjeater boxes,3.88 3.78 2.25 1.48 1.04 15.48 1972 sedan 1776 ported Karcey heads 110 40 dells all else stock save for HURST shifter and radials 16.61 And 1966 Gutted Deluxe Sedan 1776 40x 37.5 120 dell 45's 4.12 378 2.06 1.48 1.12 14.36

Magoo [email protected]


'60 wheel standing dragster....

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 21:43:49 writes:

w/ a 2018cc Strictly German built engine. Plus a '64 convertible w/ a 1641, semi custom resto. I also do some off-road racing with my '61 Ragtop Baja. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Got pics:

Since the V8 got harrassed, 12.03 @ 106mph, 1.69 60ft

Mark [email protected]

Re: Just a little Quiz, can evryone spend 2 minutes to give a few specs on your cars?....

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 22:08:58 writes:

68 bug, (original DKP car), 1820#'s with driver 78x94, K87, old little 041's, 48 IDF's, 11.5:1, 183.5 H.P. (at sea level) Thanks EMS.--Tranny: 4.37 R/P, stock 1st,2nd, close 3rd,4th. 135x15's and 26x6 slicks on centerlines.

best time (Denver) 13.44 at 99.6 mph

S. Mortesen


Re: 67 chop top Ghia, 4" shortened U joint axles, IRS

Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 22:40:11 writes:

Other specs at & pics. E-mail me for particulars. Kghia

Ken "K-Ghia" Swain [email protected]


Porsche red 69 Cal look Bug with....

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 00:30:33 writes:

1835 dual 44 IDF's, Bergmann hydraulic lifters, Engle 110 cam, etc. 2" narrowed beam, dropped spindles, BRM's. Use it as my driver, and also an occassional blast down the 1/4. Can be seen on Tom H's fabulous website. I'm from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Also have a 62 resto custom notch in the works, and a 56 oval waiting to be reborn.

Trevor Pippin [email protected]


Re: Just a little Quiz, can evryone spend 2 minutes to give a few specs on your cars?....

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 01:48:15 writes:

56 yellow sedan.12.10(so far)w/a i cant drive to a gas station for fuel,but thats not my scene.i can drive any where but at $5 a 65 in the works will have a 5spd and 11second to the track and run 11's then drive home.i also have a t3 automatic w/1776 dual 40's(shop car).then theres the wifes 63 151(in the paint shop)brm's 78x90.5 48's tims'welded heads.and when i finish these projects i have a euro 67(that i got from dlh)thats 1/2 way to being a superstreet car.

[email protected] [email protected]


"Old School" Cal Look Spec's

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 01:50:06 writes:

Greg, You posed an interesting question.

Thanks "Mate" for responding to my previous requests for help and information. "Our car" is a family project. It is actually my son's car, (Troy Palmer, AKA Empijones). His car stays with me here in Orange County, California. Troy lives 1800 miles east of here, in Chicago, Illinois. Since his company has headquarters here, he is out here often. Troy has collected old vintage VW speed equipment for over ten years. Mostly Orig. Empi parts and BRM wheels. We sold our '55 Barndoor deluxe Bus and restored '66 convertable Mustang GT to make room for this latest project. He just had to have something to hang his vintage VW parts collection on.

You can see his car, as it appeared last year, on Cal Look.Com with his engine under construction. This year we installed a RLR 2" narrowed adjustable front beam with CB dropped spindles, a New Rancho close ratio 4.12 transmission, and a New Dave Rhoads built 2110cc IDA motor. We also installed new upolstery and door panels. We have tried to stay with a "old school" theme using many "new old stock" items rather than the latest "Trick Parts". It is a weekend cruiser and sees about 1500 miles per year, mostly during "The VW Classic Week". Next year maybe it will get painted?

Here's the spec's; 1960 European cloth sunroof bug with semiphore's. Pop out side windows, empi bumper guards, (5) "Real" BRM wheels (oxidizing as we speak), Berg shifter with early Berg T-handle , and a Original Empi wood steering wheel. We run 145 front and 205x70R15 rear radials on the street. Hurst line lock on the front brakes (just for fun). The first and only time we have taken it to the strip we managed only a poor "tire smoking" 14.68 et on the radials. We just got a pair of six inch Firestone slicks but still need some rims to mount them on. We hope to go to Drag Day in Carlsbad this fall with a better tuned car. Our goal is to get into the 13's and 100 MPH.

90.5 x 82 SCAT crank, Eagle H-beam rods, K8 Engle cam, Jeff Denham 40 x 37.5 heads, IDA's with 40 mm venturi's, MSD distributor and 6AL ignition box (7000 limit chip), 1 3/4" Bugpack merged header, Santana full size pulley, "Thing" Dog House shroud with a Berg Type IV cooler, powdercoated all german engine tin. We have a custom one quart Moon breather venting the engine case and vintage GT Empi valve covers. Berg supplied the traction bar, trans mounts, and deep oil sump.

Good luck with you project. Hope to see you at the VW Classic next year.

John (and Troy) Palmer

John Palmer [email protected]

1957 big window with semaphores (58 model) beetle, with 2007cc "california look" engine as described in the HVWDB engine-special with 48IDAs, front disc brakes from Custom and speed parts in germany, rear big type 3 drums, brake power diffusor by tilton, hurst line loc .... new beetle 1999 model .... type three notch in my garage w/o engine or wheels 1965 ... and firefighter bus, baywindow chassisnumber 21800067 from 1967 (67th baywindow made in 1967), with original eberspacher heater, huuuuuuge roofrack, used as slick-carrier for 1957 beetle... (can we mention the non VW cars, or....) Volvo 780 coupé bertone 1989 (PIMPCAR!), and my fathers volvo C70 T5, 250hp, for blasting down the highways at 160 miles an hour... yiiiihaaa....

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 05:55:01 writes:



peeters "fastfred" frederic DAS belgium [email protected]


63 Karmann Ghia, Cal-Look, 2276 engine, SuperFlo heads, Scat crank, Carillo rods, FK-8 cam, Porsche fan, CB Electronic Fuel Injection, Rader wheels. Daily driver with alot of redlight racing. You can see pics at

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 07:14:41 writes:



Morten(Norway) [email protected]


'67 Cal-Look

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 07:23:59 writes:

This car is used as a weekend fun car with trips to the drag strip and regional shows (LA, Texas, Fla.). Its painted L87 (Pearl White), with TMI gray int., orig. Empi GT wheel, and a Berg shifter.

Last Oct. I installed a 2017cc w/42DCNF's, FK10, 9.5:1, w/straight cuts. The car ran a 14.07 @ 94.8 mph with stock gears until I crunched the trans. A new close ratio box is on the way.


Rob J. - LA not L.A. [email protected]


'68 RHD Ghia Cal-Look 2007cc 44IDF's pedrini alloys sock 1500 gearbox!

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 07:26:29 writes:



Joe G [email protected]


Re: ProStreet 68 ChopTop

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 07:31:05 writes:

68 bug chop 6" fiberglass front end,roll cage,3" rear fender,3 1/2 centerlines up front and 8 1/2 centerlies on the rear with 265 50 15 for tires,vdo guages and automer tach with shift light, berg shifter,2 racing seats with no back seat, all msd blaster coil,dist,6al box with 7500 pill in it, motor is a 2100cc 82x90.5 cb with cb race rods,berg kf10 cam,supperflow 2 heads,autocraft rokers 1.4,set 48ids cards,and all mallory pro comp fuel system, and last but least it hauls rear....:)

Jimmy [email protected]


'65 Type 1 w/ wheezy 1600dp, and '64 T2 completely gutted, awaiting restoration.

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 09:32:50 writes:

The Bug is my daily driver, and I am currently collecting parts for my 2276 F.I. motor. The Bus is waiting for me to breathe some life into it. It is completely gutted and I picked it up for fifty bucks at one of the local junkyards. I live in Alamogordo, NM..

Matt Tobias [email protected]

Here's mine

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 12:12:44 writes:

70 Beetle, ex auto stick (now hydraulic clutch). 78mm SCAT FLANGED crank, 5.5" H-beam rods (SCAT), 94mm Cima's, Comp Eliminators, Melling Pump, System 1, -10 line, Kawell Comp camshaft, 1.5 rockers, Holley 600cfm Vac secondary, BIG Schweitzer Turbo, 1 5/8" header, no muffler. MSD Distributor & wires, fired by 7AL/3 box.

Holley fuel pump & regulator, filtered by O-berg (fuel filter). Type 3 brakes in rear, ghia discs in front (with Hurst line loc), Fiberglass (CCC) fenders and hook, Lexan windows (glass windshield). Everything works (cept' the original ignition switch that's giving me problems).

About to be replaced with 48 IDAed 88 (SCAT FLANGED) X 94, SHO heads (46 X 38), and the rest the same. Soon to add on SDS and turbo.

Car has rust, but I'm cleaning it up this winter (haven't had time).


John Connolly [email protected]


Re: Just a little Quiz, can evryone spend 2 minutes to give a few specs on your cars?....

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 13:40:56 writes:



65 bug on irs pan, cal look, 2276 turbo engine with T3/T4 hybrid turbo, scat crank, web cam, daily driver/weekend warrior [email protected]


Re: Just a little Quiz, can evryone spend 2 minutes to give a few specs on your cars?....

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 13:56:20 writes:

Restored 2nd owner '55 sunroof, '57 Polar Silver (finally!) sunroof magazine project car, (2007, Trans West trans, polished 5 spokes,Type 3 rear brakes,Empi GTV wheel, DDS shifter, etc etc)Original Meyers Manx on '60 pan, 1961 single cab, restored 1967 walk-through 21 window, '69 Baja project, unknown buggy make on '59 pan, 89 Jetta 2-door

Dave Cormack


From Frenchy's shrine=1952 standard all original restored should be completed by August .1954 cal look also should be done by August .1966 Karmann Ghia will start on this project by September to be duplicated to the one i had in 1977 cover of Vw performance magazine.1967 kombi all original and restored except for paint will be done by September. And at last 1967 Cal looker featured in June of 1998 Hot Vw's and in other books that Keith Seume has published .Three of these car can be viewed on the Cal Look forum.

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 14:34:30 writes:



Frenchy Dehoux [email protected]

========================================== is mine.

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 15:04:11 writes:

74 Type 181...stock 1600 DP sith Berg extractor. Have a 1914 with 7.6 to 1 compression, counterweighted crank, 110 cam, full flow w/Melling oil pump, 1.25 rockers, Berg 1 5/8 header, turbo muffler, 044 40 x 35.5 heads ported and polished w 3 angle valve job by TW Engineering, berg pushrods, and 40 DRLA's with match ported manifolds on engine stand waiting to go back in the Thing once it is smogged.

Also accumulating parts for a 2276....just scored a pair of 48 dells new in the box (not IDA's but what the hell).

Brandon Sinclair


Re: Just a little Quiz, can evryone spend 2 minutes to give a few specs on your cars?....

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 16:02:46 writes:

65 bug, Cal-Look, L.A. CA, Race/Street, Steve Tims built 2230cc w48idas, KCR built close ratio trans,M&H DOT street tires, Best 1/4 mile E.T. [email protected] for an 11 second time, if not i'll put real slicks on car.

leland gong [email protected]


Re: Just a little Quiz, can evryone spend 2 minutes to give a few specs on your cars?....

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 16:14:05 writes:

1960 black Callook convertible. Not show worthy but nice enough. Large scratch in right front fender reminding me that my 8 year old daughter is worth far more than the stupid car. Fuchs alloys, on a 69 IRS pan. Transform 4.12 R&P. 2332cc Dell 45's k-10 cam, 043 heads D-port 42x37. 10.5 lb flywheel, 9.3:1 compression daily summer driver. Many trips to local beach and local shows. Never raced other than on the street. Raced local with Berg 2007cc. He lost...bad. But then he could drive it a lot farther than i would dare. That's definitely worth something. Just having fun.

forgot, I live in Holland ,Michigan

Also, my license plate says GOBUGGO.

Ron [email protected]


1960 on a '76 IRS pan...

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 17:13:33 writes:

with a Berg 1776, Berg-5, four wheel disc brakes, 914 Special Edition wheels, 2" narrowed beam with Jatech spindles, tilt column (boy, THAT was a lot of work to make it fit/work/look right!), and this winter I'm having a '58 sunroof clip grafted in.

Craig Merrow [email protected]


1971 "Grago-look" Karmann Ghia, 1970 Bay towing 1966 Roof-chopped drag bug!

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 17:42:17 writes:

OK, here goes!

1971 KG coupe in metallic grey with 8-spokes and 1641 motor (internally stock, but has run 18's with merged header and 36 DRLA's!). Now for sale to fund the other toys!

1970 Bay window with camper conversion by Dormobile, with 2-litre Type 4 fitted, bonus for towing the race car!

1966 Beetle with angle roof-chop, flip front, gasser-style flared rear wings, and soon to get a Porsche red paint job with gold pin-stripes, Lee Leighton style! 1600cc motor with the merged header and twin carbs off the Ghia, unknown cam and headwork, but it out accelerated a 2.1 Bug over the first 60ft at Bug Jam last week! More details are further up the page!

Neil (H.A.B) [email protected]


1951 Rat-Cal, 1964 Notch, 1980 Dobcab,(1958 Ghia)?

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 20:09:11 writes:

51 has 2332,K8,str.cut,48Dells,CB044s,etc..bad paint,one seat,cage,various wheels(

64 has 2.0 type4 no paint yet

80 has 2.1 type4 will get Porsche 6cyl. later

58 im going to get soon if the guy still wants to sell...

Just another VW Head,- I even have a cogwheel tattoo!


Rune [email protected]


'63 Cal-looker, '66 Bus - Details.....

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 21:27:41 writes:

'66 Beetle, solid New Mexico Car, daily driver for the past 2 years. Bought with 180,000 miles, rebuilt 40 horse and an old yellow respray.

In the past 2 years of daily driving (14,000 miles per year)...

Owner rebuilt 1600cc D/P with 009, 1 3/8 extractor, jetted 34PICT-3 and 2.5" Turbo muffler. 12V conversion with AL82X alternator. Adjustable beam, Sway Away front sway bar and rear camper compensator, new stock shocks, new front brakes, new rear shoes, etc. A few months back cosmetics were improved with shaved front turn signals, T-bars, complete primer job, and 15x4.5 front and 15x5.5 chromies with 145's and 195/65's respectively. Can be seen on under the Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Show.

Future plans call for a 1904cc engine with a DMS 74mm crank, Rimco stroker rods, and 90.5 "A's". Engle 120 cam bumping 40x35.5's 042 heads. 40 IDF's (Dare I say), 1.5 Berg merged with 2.5" FLOW-Master! Much more, still planning the engine & transaxle. Also Euro BRM's with 205/70's out back. 2" narrowed beam up front with the 145's. So Cal discs in front (when they get them), Type 3 drums out back. Berg traction bar, shifter, etc. Maybe paint, Artic White with a brick red interior.

'66 MicroBus, another solid New Mexico VW, although there is some rocker rust. Original Blue and white paint and plenty 'O dents. All new brakes, all maintenance done to front axle and transaxle. 40 Horse engine (from the '63 Beetle), 30 PICT-1, 009, All stock and tuned up. Ready to take over daily driving chores once I'm moved into my new house.

Future plans are new tires and a 1600 Single Port which is almost done, but I'm getting the itch for something bigger along with a 3.88 R&P!

I'm from the Youngstown, OH area (almost right between Cleveland and Pittsburgh) and I am the President of the Tri-State VW Club (OH, PA, WV). If you want details about the club or want to discuss VW's feel free to drop me some email...

Richard Sedoris [email protected]


Re: 67 beetle from Ft. Lauderdale,Fl

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 22:07:38 writes:

67 beetle, cal-look style, adjustable front beam,with stock chromies with nipple caps,lowered spindles from CB,Berg locking shifter,5" monster tach in stock speedo location,60's style racing mirror,one piece windows,stock engine but have future plans for 2007 already have case machined,full flowed,clearanced waiting for more green stuff$$$

RobK [email protected]



Re: 63 type 1 cal look ragtop

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 22:15:11 writes:

My car is a 63 ragtop painted fjord blue with flat 4 brm's. Engine is a 2007. Bought car in 93 from original owner.

Bob [email protected]

Re:65 sedan 84x94 tight gearbox spool 48's 11.5 cr. fk89 42x37.5 welded heads eagle rods drag race or daily not afraid to drive it anywhere has never left me stranded freeways are miserable 12.75 @ 103 suspension gas shocks 28mm torsions in the rear

Friday, 28-Jul-2000 22:50:34 writes:



Chopped 73 Super beetle.Chrome moly tube chassis with 3 ft ladder bar IRS suspention......

Saturday, 29-Jul-2000 00:29:49 writes:

Porsche gear box with Blazer/Spicer axles. ARPM 2950cc 9.5:1 comp with nitrous oxide.Heads are angle port ARPM with titainium valves, 50mm in, 39 ex. This car is street legal as it has current tags, Calif insurance,head and tailights and will run on street legal 12x28 Micky Thompsons.Since it is 9.5:1 it will run on PUMP GAS as all street cars do. If anyone is interested in my new street club the OUTLAWS of so cal e mail me at [email protected] Thanks..

Mark Reilly


Re: '66 Sedan, polished American Eagle empi 5's, CB perf. dropped spindles......

Saturday, 29-Jul-2000 01:00:52 writes:

135's in the front 185/65's in the back, stock 1500 singleport but have an 1835 that will be going in somtime in the next 6 months. Engle 120 cam, weber 44's (hopefully) 1 5/8" coated header hopefully it will move a little quicker than the 1500. Later,


Andrew Carruth [email protected]


69 Bug, 1915

Saturday, 29-Jul-2000 01:10:13 writes:

69 Bug, 1915 with weber 40's, 40x35.5 p&p heads, hydro cam, super street trans.

Front is lowered with adjusters, rear remains stock. 16x4's all the way around with vw enters.

Paint: Front half is orange, rear is primered grey.

Billy Moss "HotStreetVw" HotStreetV[email protected]



Saturday, 29-Jul-2000 02:30:05 writes:








Saturday, 29-Jul-2000 02:36:20 writes:




Re: My 64 beater....

Saturday, 29-Jul-2000 14:07:30 writes:

Rough 64 type 1 all steel with a 1914.

69mm DMS crank with 12lb flywheel and 1700lb. kennedy p/p, stock rods reworked by EMS, 94mm cima pistons with lightweight pins and total seal second rings, engle 120 with 1.25 rockers with s/s straight cut gears and chromoly pushrods, 044 heads with 40x36mm manley valves, dual springs with chromoly retainers, heads ported by myself and Dick Nuss, 40mm dells with 36mm vents, 1 5/8" merged header to a 2" flow master muffler. Ignition is a 009 and msd6al box. Compresion is 8.68 to 1.

Trans is 4.12 r/p 3.80, 2.06, 1.44, 1.09 with a super diff., poor mans posi, saw axles, Berg trans mount and taction bar. Rims are center line 3 1/2" front, 6" rear. The car is ugly but it keeps a smile on my face when I drive it.

Steve S. [email protected]


Re: Just a little Quiz, can evryone spend 2 minutes to give a few specs on your cars?....

Saturday, 29-Jul-2000 19:32:32 writes:

56 sedan on a 72 pan 1600dp

Terry Waterhouse [email protected]


1956 sedan (dragcar) 1996cc [email protected] 1st run on this motor,car went [email protected] with 1641cc motor... 1957 delux 2237cc still in the project stage..body and paint done doing interior and assembly. should be done by Dec.

Saturday, 29-Jul-2000 23:06:55 writes:

The racecar will be at SAC in Sept and Vegas in Oct.

Jerry (misbehavin racing) [email protected]



Re: '67 Fasback, 2007cc...

Saturday, 29-Jul-2000 23:44:59 writes:

'67 Fastback with newly installed 2007cc, Bugpack 78mm, Mahle 90.5 B's, Berg 119S Rods, Total Seal 2nds, 40x35 mild P&P, Engle 110, Berg straight cuts, 40 DCNF's. Stock tranny (upgrade soon) and SAW torsion bars and adjustable spring plates on polished porsche 2L rims. Sewfine interior and Empi GT steering wheel.

Jason M. [email protected]


1958 RAGTOP 1679 mighty mouse,14.3s in the quarter.

Sunday, 30-Jul-2000 13:53:11 writes:

any questions write me at home ill tell like i have before hehehe yep she still hauls ass gonna try and go faster than a 37 next time out oughta be a ball later gang

dave from redding [email protected]


well, looks like i have the slowest engine here.:(

Monday, 31-Jul-2000 09:44:07 writes:

my car is a 68 bug .it is painted in the original factory colour Zenith Blue L639(08). the rims are still in original colour but fitted with 145 michelins in front and 185 at the rear. it is lowered at the front. the motor is a stock 1600 with 36 DRLAs , Berg linkage, Berg full flow with SYSTEM 1, Berg 1 1/2 quart oil sump, Berg 26mm oil pump, Berg breather 009 with pertronix IGNITOR and a turbo muffler setup. I drive everyday to college. tranny is a stock 1600 with 3.88 r/p. i only added a Berg front mount and also a Berg traction bar.

For the interior i have a Berg shifter and a Nardi wheel. no other modifications.

i am still a student and money is low. dad won't pay for any performance parts. But i am saving up for a much hotter stroker motor with IDAs or Injection Setup. Dunno how long will that take.............


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