Time for another sound off.... Wednesday, 06-Sep-00 01:20:09 writes: Name, age and location.... Brian, 33, Nowhere Idaho Brian

Message thread:

Time for another sound off.... (Brian) (06-Sep-00 01:20:09)

Tony Pannone 38 Corona Ca. 69old school cal-look (n/t) (tony) (31-Dec-69 19:00:00)

Frenchy Dehoux age=49 years young city=Tempe AZ club= Wolfsburg Registry/DVB /Vintage VW club of America/Der Autobahn Scraper. (n/t) (Frenchy Dehoux) (06-Sep-00 02:03:44)

Sherrer Avery ;29;Tucson,AZ. (n/t) (06-Sep-00 02:09:00)

Jason Mooth, 29, Hawaii, CLF addict :-) (n/t) (Jason Mooth) (06-Sep-00 02:11:58)

Ron Bullard, 21, Tualatin/Eugene, OR (n/t) (Ron Bullard) (06-Sep-00 02:24:07)

Bill Berckman, age 39, Cincinnati Ohio...Cincinnati Volkswagen Club (n/t) (Bill Berckman) (06-Sep-00 02:44:25)

Justin Beil, 19 Las Vegas, Nevada - Las Vegas VW Club (n/t) (Justin) (06-Sep-00 03:42:34)

Mike "Sweet Pea" Preston, 19 years old, Newark, Ca. (n/t) (Mike Preston) (06-Sep-00 04:12:14)

Re: Ray Mejia 37 Chino California, 64 choptop turbo ghia (n/t) (06-Sep-00 15:11:21)

Matt Tobias, 22, New Mexico (but stuck in Saudi Arabia for three looooong months!) (n/t) (Matt Tobias) (06-Sep-00 04:22:05)

Tony Z, 22, Cape Town South Africa (n/t) (Tony Z) (06-Sep-00 05:29:18)

Damon Rapozo 29 Mpls, MN. & Hawaii-Manx owner (n/t) (Damon) (06-Sep-00 06:57:47)

Versgrove Shriveled 78 years old Newark, CA. nursing home (n/t) (Versgrove) (06-Sep-00 06:59:46)

Terry Gaudet - 32 yrs old - Moncton - New Brunswick - Canada - Currently restoring a 49 Standard and building a 2275 for my 67 Beetle. CLF is very informative. Thanks guys !!! (n/t) (Terry Gaudet) (06-Sep-00 07:01:18)

Dave Conklin..29 years...Kettering OH...Cornpanzer's VW club (n/t) (06-Sep-00 07:06:22)

Richard Roth; 34 years young , Massillon, Ohio, Cornpanzers VW Club (n/t) (06-Sep-00 16:04:28)

fastfred*frederic peeters*27*city=Ninove*country=belgium*club=der autobahn scrapers, waterloo ! (n/t) (fastfred) (06-Sep-00 07:35:37)

Dave Buckholts, 39, Hahira (Hay-hi-ra!) GA. "69 Fastback on a rotisserrie. (not "done" yet!) (n/t) ([email protected]) (06-Sep-00 07:45:01)

Jerry Despaltro..42..Frankfort,Illinois...Turbo Street Manx (n/t) ([email protected]) (06-Sep-00 07:47:49)

Terry Mitchell/33/Tennessee(God's country)nt (n/t) (Terry in TN) (06-Sep-00 08:11:47)

Nick Wong, 25, Norfolk, VA ...73 Super, Volkswagen Club of Tidewater (n/t) (Nick Wong) (06-Sep-00 08:12:09)

George Wells, 40, Bellbrook, Ohio. Still have it (VW Fever) bad after over 20yrs... (n/t) (George Wells) (06-Sep-00 08:13:14)

Eric Allred, age 23, Las Vegas, NV (n/t) (Eric Allred) (06-Sep-00 08:17:16)

Jerry Hundley,29,colonial Heights Va,Old dominion Air Coolers (n/t) (Jerry) (06-Sep-00 08:17:35)

Scott Sturgis, 34, Rock Hill, SC (n/t) (scott s) (06-Sep-00 08:20:34)

Chris Knight, 21 , Albuquerque NM -- Pearl White 1965 2175cc Beetle Sedan w/ 993 Cup wheels (n/t) (Chris Knight) (06-Sep-00 08:37:26)

Ed Brewer, 27, Ann Arbor, Michigan (n/t) (Ed) (06-Sep-00 08:57:52)

GARY JUSTUS, 46, CHINO,CA. (n/t) (GARY) (06-Sep-00 08:58:14)

Don Bulitta/56yrs old/Phoenix,AZ/wolfsburg registry/Vintage Volkswagen Club of America/Golden Gate Chapter VVWCA (n/t) (Don Bulitta) (06-Sep-00 09:01:33)

Matt Harris, 21, Lakewood,CA (n/t) (09-Sep-00 02:49:01)

Gary Cooper,46, Hopewell, Va. (n/t) (Gary Cooper) (06-Sep-00 09:33:05)

work: [email protected] (n/t) (Gary Cooper) (06-Sep-00 09:38:07)

Ron Perkins 40 y.o. Holland, Michigan black 60 vert 2332 (n/t) (Ron) (06-Sep-00 09:35:38)

Cornbread AKA Richard Hodges, Atlanta, GA '66 Beetle (n/t) (Cornbread) (06-Sep-00 09:55:45)

George Brown, 62; Solomons, MD; Intermeccanica 2000 roadster (n/t) (george brown) (06-Sep-00 09:57:51)

Max Welton, 43 , San Jose CA, 67 KG, Wolfsburg Pacific, VVWCA (GG Chapter), Blitzkrieg VWs (n/t) (Max Welton) (06-Sep-00 10:12:43)

Aulsie Harris/25/Tennessee/71 KG coupe/quickly becoming CLF addict! (n/t) (iluvnos) (06-Sep-00 10:14:08)

Mike Gagen, 61 ragtop,(my VW not me) San Diego, DKPIII. (n/t) (aka "The Flying Tomato") (06-Sep-00 10:41:11)

Roland Metz, 41, Pearl River NY (n/t) (06-Sep-00 10:36:57)

Jim Brown, 34, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1967 Bug (n/t) (Jim) (06-Sep-00 10:39:52)

matt davis/ 26/ 56 oval 1914-turbo Silicon Valley, Ca (n/t) (06-Sep-00 10:46:00)

henry roberts, 25, armidale, nsw, australia. anyone near by? (n/t) (henry roberts) (06-Sep-00 10:58:22)

ps. 63 ragtop with a mild 1776 (n/t) (08-Sep-00 04:12:08)

Re: Taylor Walton, 16(man the youngest yet!!) cerritos california (n/t) (Taylor Walton) (06-Sep-00 11:03:30)

Re: Time for another sound off.... (Kiyo) (06-Sep-00 11:15:20)

Adam Wood, 30, San Diego, '62 Ragtop (n/t) (Adam W) (06-Sep-00 11:17:12)

Steve sandoval, 33 in Port hueneme Ca. with a beat up 64 type 1 (Steve S.) (06-Sep-00 11:17:55)

Derrick--41yrs working on GermanLooker w/2332 turbo. In to VWs for over 20yrs. Mooresville,NC (n/t) (Derrick from NC) (06-Sep-00 11:29:00)

Brian Fye, 33 Parma Idaho type 396s speedster (n/t) ([email protected]) (06-Sep-00 11:35:40)

Jim Molloy,50.Albany,OR.Lone Wolf. (n/t) (06-Sep-00 11:35:50)

Steve Hollingsworth 44, San Jose Ca. 69 bug, VVWCA(GG Chapter) Wolfsburg Pacific, Blitzkrieg VWs, Wolfsburg Regestry (n/t) (Steve Hollingsworth) (06-Sep-00 11:43:37)

Re: Time for another sound off.... (paul landry) (06-Sep-00 11:44:25)

James2, 35, 56 oval resto-custom 1776cc, 60 something fiberglass buggy 1600cc. (n/t) (James2) (06-Sep-00 11:45:11)

Re: Magoo AKA Dan Ruble 53 San HO ZAY MAN! '65 s/r '66 bracket car '70 Worlds Slowest @ liter and a '72 expirement .... (n/t) (Magoo) (06-Sep-00 11:50:33)

John Connolly, Salt Lake City, UT, 35, too many projects to list (none finished yet). LOOKING for finished early body on IRS pan W/O engine and trans. (n/t) (John Connolly) (06-Sep-00 12:00:31)

Re: Jimmy upton ,34 hopwell,va owner of 68 Prostreet chop top (n/t) ([email protected]) (06-Sep-00 12:17:17)

Steve Arndt. 20 y.o. Boise, Idaho - 76 4bug Baja/ Oval on IRS, 2599 5 spd/too many ideas and not enough $. (n/t) (Steve Arndt) (06-Sep-00 12:18:57)

Eric Sorg 39, Waynesville, N.C. 62 beetle, dune buggy on 55 chassis (n/t) (Eric) (06-Sep-00 13:08:59)

Jimmy Roth, 33 Vancouver,WA 67 bug ,58 23 window bus (n/t) (Jimmy) (06-Sep-00 13:14:13)

Sixto Caceres, Hermosa Beach, California. 2001 Turbo Beetle.1965 2110cc Turbo Notchback. 1954 Oval Rag with a upcoming 2332 Turbo. CLF Addict. (n/t) ([email protected]) (06-Sep-00 13:35:56)

Re: Rob Tomlinson(lbc2) 30 Yorkshire England.2276 oval (n/t) (Rob Tomlinson) (06-Sep-00 13:36:53)

Derek Nielsen, 23, Washington DC, formerly Phoenix AZ; clubs--are there any out here? (n/t) (Derek Nielsen) (06-Sep-00 13:45:14)

Re: Shane Gans 32 yrs old ,Beaumont Tx,66 t-1 cal look project.and just finished up a vw stroller for my son!! (n/t) (Shane) (06-Sep-00 13:49:08)

JM owner Werksberg Products.....Products that work! The Center of the earth "Orange County, Calif.", finder of the "EMPI INCH PINCHER DRAGSTER", may be doing a '73 Super Bug for oval track racing.... (JM) (06-Sep-00 13:52:05)

dave mcfarlan 25 redding CA 58 ragtop (MIGHTY MOUSE) 60 porsche 356 coupe,58 singlecab. no clubs in redding LOL (n/t) (dave from redding) (06-Sep-00 13:53:13)

Dave, what about RAVA (Redding Area Volkswagen Association)...I know that club exists. (n/t) (Jim Kikuchi) (06-Sep-00 21:00:09)

Re: Time for another sound off.... (06-Sep-00 14:05:15)

PEPPE VISCOTI, ROMA, ITALIA, 1977 SB Convertible Custom, 1955 Oval Custom (n/t) (PEPPE) (06-Sep-00 14:22:32)

Bob Nelligan, 45, Windsor CA,63 Ragtop 2007cc (n/t) (Bob) (06-Sep-00 14:40:22)

Chris Perry, 31, Chandler AZ, 56 euro rag, 2332 efi turbo (n/t) (Chris) (06-Sep-00 14:58:38)

Re: Time for another sound off.... (Ethan) (06-Sep-00 15:08:02)

Louis Brooks, 28 (been a car nut all my life), Currently VW less and building a 2332 but I have owned a 71 bug, & 60 bug (Not to mention 4 or 5 early American cars). Member of Tallahassee Vintage VWs & SEVWC. . (n/t) (06-Sep-00 15:18:20)

Forgot to mention I am in Tallahassee, Florida (n/t) (07-Sep-00 09:35:07)

Hugh McCarry ,27,Waterford,Ireland, Southern Volks Folks (n/t) (06-Sep-00 15:33:53)

Don Jiskra, 39, Somers, NY (n/t) (06-Sep-00 15:52:20)

Re: Ed Craig, 48, so.Cal. so. cal VW Club alum.,(DRA) 51' Split, '53 K gas Race car, 56 Cal look Sunroof, '60 Convert., '69 Cal Look, and three type 2's. Currently have a '66 beetle,stock. (n/t) (Ed Craig) (06-Sep-00 16:08:14)

Dave Cormack, OLD (bought my first Beetle brand new in 1969) lotsa clubs/affilitations, etc (n/t) (06-Sep-00 16:19:51)

Re: Rick Mortensen, an old school VW enthusiast...transplanted from Cal to Arizona and still loves burning rubber and having a V8 for lunch... (n/t) (06-Sep-00 16:44:29)

35, Wells, Maine...1960/1976 'Looker with Berg 1776/Berg 5, this forum is the greatest! (n/t) (Craig Merrow) (06-Sep-00 17:25:54)

John Kelly (Ghia Specialties) 45 years old, Seattle (n/t) (06-Sep-00 17:35:55)

Jerry Spearn ,36, Phoenix Az. 1956 dragcar (1996cc) 1957 project resto custom (2387) (n/t) (Misbehavin racing) (06-Sep-00 18:20:23)

Re: Tracy Grimm, I think I'm 34, Jax, FL, 65 Beetle drag car and a shop full of motors and broken parts - www.tgfab.com... (n/t) (Tracy Grimm) (06-Sep-00 18:25:16)

Jay "bad luck" Boudreau, 27, Massachusetts, Classic Manx #42 (n/t) (Jay Boudreau) (06-Sep-00 18:25:35)

Deena "Curley" Reese, 28yrs, single :-) 67 stock type I, 98 H2OBUGG and current president of The Salt City Air Coolers!!!! (n/t) (Deena) (06-Sep-00 18:27:00)

Greg Ward, 29, Sydney Australia, '69 Hillclimb Sedan. (n/t) (Greg Ward) (06-Sep-00 18:40:19)

Re: 25, Kearneysville,West Virginia, '57 cal oval project(2016cc) (n/t) (Ian Manuel) (06-Sep-00 18:58:38)

Chris Garvin, 18 years old, 69 Beetle roadster, 72 Westy Bus, No club- lone wolf, Chapel Hill, NC (n/t) (Chris) (06-Sep-00 19:52:32)

Re: Time for another sound off.... (Terry Waterhouse) (06-Sep-00 20:11:07)

Re: Phil Brown,41 years old, 62 bug street / drag car (aka Nitrous Bandit) (n/t) (Phil brown) (06-Sep-00 20:14:40)

Jim Kikuchi, 35, Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley), CA. Berg Cruise participant, too many clubs to list (same as Max Welton/Steve Hollingsworth) (n/t) (Jim Kikuchi) (06-Sep-00 20:54:24)

Tom Yates Corona Californa 62 bug yeah baby!!!! (n/t) (Tom Yates) (06-Sep-00 21:27:19)

Rob Jarrell, 36, Baton Rouge, La., '67 bug (n/t) (Rob J.) (06-Sep-00 21:34:20)

Matt Homer 31 yrs old 68 2276 IDA big bad orange - Cornpanzers (n/t) (matt homer) (06-Sep-00 21:43:50)

Re: Jim "need an IDA fix" Ratto; 29 years old, Berkeley CA, dormant high 12-sec '67 street Bug (n/t) (Jim Ratto) (06-Sep-00 22:13:03)

Bobby Smith Corona, Cali. 2176cc 48idas ( i gust had a v-8) (n/t) (Bobby) (06-Sep-00 22:25:05)

Mike Lawless, 45, Fresno California. Made my first drag strip pass in a 63 bug with a punched out 40 horse with two barrel bugspray carb at Raisin City Raceway in 1973. ran 18.60s (n/t) (06-Sep-00 22:27:46)

iam 29 and i forgot the j to much 110 vp fuel hahaha (n/t) (Bobbby) (06-Sep-00 22:28:34)

CT Hansen, 27 2 x'56 ovals 1 x 1916 and 1 x 1600 that wants to be bigger. Club Veedub Sydney Aus. (n/t) (CT Hansen) (06-Sep-00 22:43:49)

Rich Sedoris, almost 22, Youngstown, OH - '63 Beetle and '66 Bus - "Tri-State VW Club" (n/t) (Rich) (06-Sep-00 22:51:27)

mike"mad mike" Atlanta, ga. 28 years old, been working on vws since 12, work at PRO-FLOW PERFORMANCE"HEAD SPECIALISTS!! (n/t) (MIKE FROM PRO-FLOW) (06-Sep-00 23:17:11)

Bruce McCrindle, 27 , Vancouver, B.C. , 1965 notchback 2332 48 ida project (n/t) (Bruce M) (06-Sep-00 23:24:57)

Tom Simpson, 36 (I think), Marshallville, Ohio.73 Super Duper (n/t) (Ohio Tom) (06-Sep-00 23:45:41)

'69 Bug w/ a 2161, A big Notch project w/ a 2650... (Tom Hansen) (06-Sep-00 23:52:56)

Paul "Voodoo Chile" Spurlin, 46, Moreno Valley, CA; VOLKSCHANCELLORS; '65 old school ProTurbo bug soon to be street legal and on the V8 hunt! (n/t) (07-Sep-00 00:03:41)

Mike Fritz, 30, Chicago, IL, '65 Beetle w/2110 "in progress". (n/t) (Mike Fritz) (07-Sep-00 00:15:08)

John Palmer, Santa Ana, Calif. (Orange County) 53, The Old Guy in Cornpanzer's VW Club (n/t) (John Palmer) (07-Sep-00 00:22:11)

John Pagnanelli, 27, Salt Lake City Utah, 1965 beetle, Member Salt City Air Coolers , Berg cruiser [email protected] far. Work as an import car technician. (n/t) (John Pagnanelli) (07-Sep-00 01:06:52)

Dean Nilson, 38 (just turned), 56 oval w/2110, 64 micro w/1904, & 64ghia--flinstone power w/ benford 5200 super deluxe turbo hehe Redding, Ca. Saaalute (n/t) (Dean N.) (07-Sep-00 01:26:42)

Re: Time for another sound off.... (karl) (07-Sep-00 03:04:02)

Mark Hunt (the other Mark H), 34, Hillsboro OR, Rose City Volksters (n/t) (Mark) (07-Sep-00 03:09:14)

Keith Seume, 46 going on 21, 2160 chop-top, 914/6 etc, Cornwall, England (n/t) (Keith Seume) (07-Sep-00 03:36:14)

Mat Sanchez, London(ish) 1973 1300(->soon to be 1776) & 1963 2332, Der Bahnstormerz. (n/t) (07-Sep-00 04:42:54)

Mahmood Juma, 32, Kuwait, '66&'67 modified bugs, '64 Corvair, '74 911 (n/t) (mood) (07-Sep-00 06:16:20)

Re: Time for another sound off.... (capt.pike) (07-Sep-00 07:23:17)

Georg Otto - 29 - Karlsruhe - Germany - Old School Karmann Ghia Typ 34 - DFL VW Club (n/t) (Georg / DFL) (07-Sep-00 08:01:17)

Todd Johnston, Bowling Green, KY , Southern KY VW Club (n/t) (07-Sep-00 09:12:28)

Adam Ellis, 30 yrs. old, 70 Vert Ghia 2176cc 48IDA's, Atlanta, GA. (n/t) (Adam from Atlanta) (07-Sep-00 09:40:30)

Name: Jim Bultman Loaction: Royal Oak, Michigan Age:18 Car:69 street baja(sort of cal look) w/ a 1776 (n/t) (Jim) (07-Sep-00 12:51:54)

Bil's, Name : Bertrand Bilet, location : Verviers, Belgium, Age : 18. (n/t) (Bil's) (07-Sep-00 13:06:57)

Bryan Davis, 34 Colorado..16 years in the habit. (07-Sep-00 13:07:18)

Tobias Bylund, 21, Sweden,-73 1303s, Beetle cup style.(1835cc) (n/t) ([email protected]) (07-Sep-00 13:49:48)

Wayne Mitchell 31, Sloughhouse,Ca (Sacramento County) & alot of Volkswagens on twenty acres. (n/t) (Wayne Mitchell) (07-Sep-00 16:10:20)

Harrison Miller, 20, Cedar City UT, 66 type 1 w/ 1776, Salt City Aircoolers (n/t) (07-Sep-00 16:21:40)

Re: DOUG BERG (9months to get out 39yrs tryin' to get back in!!)JET CITY WA. RUNNING CLOGGED TOILET RIGHT NOW!!! (n/t) (D.BERG) (07-Sep-00 22:23:23)

Bruce Tweddle, 37, Vancouver, 2110cc '75 Yellow "highway cruiser" Bug (n/t) (07-Sep-00 22:27:22)

justin, pleasant hill, cali 2 66 sedans a manx buggy 59 rag (n/t) (jut ) (07-Sep-00 23:11:52)

Nick Gomez, 23, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, driving bro Dan's (21 years old) 65 Beetle (stock), 1585cc dual port stock. (Nicholas G. Gomez) (08-Sep-00 00:11:03)

Steve Richardson 43, '56 Oval Ragtop, '59 Ghia Coupe, Las Vegas Nevada BABY (n/t) (steveRvegas) (08-Sep-00 00:18:50)

oh yeeeea.... Oval's got a BRAND FREAKIN NEW 2275cc IDA motor just in time for LV BUG IN 2000 Oct. 8 <--- free promo! LOL (n/t) (steveRvegas (many thanks to steve beecher for the motor work)) (08-Sep-00 00:26:02)

Re: Rick Mortensen 48...Had to ask Steve R (Vegas) if he was too old for this stuff...then realized I was older....LOL! (n/t) (Rick M) (08-Sep-00 03:36:30)

Morten Aase aka Morten(Norway), 35 years old. Lives in Kongsberg, Norway (n/t) (Morten(Norway)) (08-Sep-00 07:45:16)

Re: Time for another sound off.... (TOM CARSTEN BUGSHACK) (09-Sep-00 01:05:09)

[email protected] street video, younger than dave cormack :-) 1970 turbo ghia, 2007cc, carlsbad ca (n/t) (dan) (09-Sep-00 15:46:38)

----------------------------------------- writes:

kiyo nishikawa,50, '67 bug Huntington Beach, CA


---------------------------- writes:

roseville california

paul landry

JM owner Werksberg Products.....Products that work! The Center of the earth "Orange County, Calif.", finder of the "EMPI INCH PINCHER DRAGSTER", may be doing a '73 Super Bug for oval track racing....

Wednesday, 06-Sep-00 13:52:05 writes:

Werksberg Products makes:

Polycabonate Cal look and Flush mounted racing windows

Wolfsburg alloy wheel caps for 4 & 5 lug wheels and now for the ROCKET 5 Spoke wheels too!

Vintage Billet VW knobs

The "New Generation seals"

Deck lid props, pins and etc..

Bus ABS panels



----------------------------- writes:

Occasionally I also drive my fathers daily driver 1972 Beetle (1192cc stock). My aunts 1970 Beetle with a 1585cc dual port (pollution control exhaust valves, I think!) is here being resurrected. Daily driving requirements mean no mods that are detrimental to reliability and efficiency. Economy is a big factor here too. Future plans for 65 -> camber comp, Kadrons, Berg full flow, 4 into 1, 1.25:1 rockers....;)

Nicholas G. Gomez

------------------------- writes:



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