VW Street and Drag Racing!

Return of the Pro Cars!

VW Speed Scene #3 covers the last two events on the 2002 Pro Racing Association tour, and the first SCAT Pro Stock Nationals race in Texas. You will see all of the heads-up professional classes, including Super Street, Pro Stock, Pro Mod, and the Top Eliminator dragsters.

The SCAT Pro Stock Nationals event was run at an IDRC race, which also featured an epic battle between Ron Lummus and the Pepe Loco nitrous-powered rotary Datsun. Those two were squaring off over a championship purse that pulled Carlos Montano all the way in from the East Coast, just to slug it out with Ron Lummus.

There is also plenty of Der Renn Kafer Cup drag racing, which features some of the cleanest street VW's to ever hit the drag strip, plus a lot of street car vs. race car action in the Super Gas 11.90 index class, where another 16-car field goes off at the Sacramento Bugaroma.

In addition to all that quarter-mile action, there is a great tech session with Tom Simon of Simon Racing. He gives you a detailed comparison between three high performance heads, ranging from streetable to the ultimate strip head. You'll also get to check out his beautiful Super Gas fastback on the track!

If all that wasn't enough, watch as VW Paradise and Quarterflash2k go at it in the battle of the quickest import cars in the world!

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