The Monster Garage crew builds a Turbo VW Street Racer!

Jesse James and the Monster Garage TV show teamed up with an all-star cast of Volkswagen drag racers to create this badass junkyard dog. Of course, anytime you put Ron Lummus, Jack Sacchette, and Clyde Berg together on a project, the sky is the limit. Look for a 9-second pass!

Jesse James got behind the wheel for the public debut of the car, but he was only able to make one half-hearted pass before being pulled over by the cops. So was it a setup, because he got away with just a fix-it ticket, on a car that had no license plates or VIN number? Inquiring minds want to know! Rumor had it that his Monster Garage posse had to call back to the shop to get a VIN for the cops. Jesse was allowed to drive it back to the restaurant, where he was mobbed by curious VW fans. You can watch the TV show this August, on the Discovery channel.

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