Volkswagen Street Car Racing!

Der Renn Kafer Cup Drag Racing

Renn Kafer Cup 2000 documents all the action in the new Volkswagen street car class. It covers all 4 of the RKC events, as they happened in 2000. This class of racing is an entirely new idea, and it's based on the concept that equal points are awarded for both e.t. and show appearance. At the present time, RKC is an all-motor class. You can find out more about the Der Renn Kafer Cup rules at the RKC section of the Sacramento Bugorama website.

All of the Renn Kafer Cup events are run at the same time as the PRA races, so the participants are assured of decent track conditions. RKC attendees represent the state of the art in air-cooled Volkswagen development, with large displacement engines being the norm. There are several VW clubs represented, including DKP III, DVB, etc.

The Renn Kafer 2000 videotape opens up with East Coast action by Eric Heyman and his high 11-second all-motor street car, followed up by the low 10-second turbo street car belonging to Kurt Mezger of Vintage Performance fame. Next is over 30 minutes of hot Renn Kafer action from the year 2000, followed by over an hour of non-stop street/bracket racing from the PRA circuit. Total tape length is two hours. You won't want to miss any of this street car action!


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