Drag Racing with the Pacific Street Car Association

Drag Racing with the PSCA!

The Pacific Street Car Association is the sanctioning body for some of the best V-8 drag racing events on the West Coast. The emphasis is on the nine heads-up drag racing classes, where power adders are the name of the game. Some of these cars run over 200 mph, with e.t.s in the 6-second range! Everything from tube chassis to street tires is covered in the heads-up categories, and they are all door slammers.

There are also 3 bracket classes and a tough 10.60 index class. This DVD covers nearly all of the Saturday and Sunday elimination and qualifying round passes in the heads-up classes. There are also several rounds of 10.60 index racing that get some air time, plus a bit of bracket racing as well. This is 147 minutes of hard-core drag racing action that you wont want to miss! For more information on the PSCA, check out their website at: PSCA Drag Racing


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