Volkswagen Drag Racing

PRA 2003

2003 marked the return of Doug Harvey and his Pro Turbo fastback to the PRA circuit. He laid down some 8-second passes that'll blow your mind!

Kris Lauffer and the VW Paradise crew brought out The Nail, a wicked-looking dragster that ran the biggest numbers ever seen in VW drag racing.

This is the year that index racing on the PRA circuit really took off. The 10.90 and 11.90 classes saw full fields, and the competition was brutal right up to the final rounds in Las Vegas.

What you will see on this DVD is drag racing from both of the Sacramento BugORama's and the Phoenix BugORama, along with some random street car and bracket racing passes. The Der Renn Kafer Cup drag racing from 2003 will be on a future VW Speed Scene DVD.

All-motor drag racing in 2003 included Shawn Geers running his Pro Stock car in the Pro Mod class, and an epic battle between Don Brown and Bill Duncan in the Super Street class. This is 118 minutes of hardcore racing action that you won't want to miss!


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