Volkswagen Drag Racing!

PRA '00! The Wheelstanders

When it comes to wheel standing on the PRA tour, nobody does it better than Clyde Berg and "Muffler" Mike Sheldon. You wonít believe the air these guys get! Clyde Berg seemed to be on attack mode, possibly because he had his famous car up for sale. He came down so hard in Sacramento that he broke the front end.

The Pro Stock class saw one of the heaviest rivalries in recent history, with veteran racers Andy Costello and Chris Bubetz both making big horsepower and even bigger e.t/mph records. At the season opener in Phoenix, some of the Texas PRA crew showed up and really put the hammer down on the California Pro Stock guys.

2000 saw the advent of the new Pro Mod class, which replaced Pro Turbo. From now on, boosted heads-up racing in the PRA means turbo vs. nitrous. Ron Lummus brought out the first nitrous-powered car in the class, and it was a new beetle body.

Take a close look at the car, and watch as he works out the bugs against the old-skool turbo crew. These cars make some massive horsepower!

Donít miss any of this racing action!


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