Carlsbad Drag Day III Street VW Race

This was one VW street car race that will go down in history, because so many things came together at the same time. The weather was hot and sunny, 166 Volkswagens hit the track, and over 1,100 spectators put Carlsbad Raceway on the map as "the" place to see the quickest air-cooled street VW's. The track was prepped better than it had been in years, and there were 17 broken transmissions to prove it.

Competitors came from all over the western U.S. for this run what you brung, heads up, grudge match slugfest. There was a VW bracket elimination class that was won by "Muffler" Mike Sheldon, who has become something of an underground legend. Unlike the PRA people he usually faces, this race was a bit of a breeze for him because so many of his competitors nervously red-lite their way into history.

There was a huge turnout of top notch cal-look Volkswagens, with a number of clubs represented. DKP III members in particular came out in force, and they were making passes well into the 12:00-13:00 second range. The quickest all-motor e.t. of the day was a 10:88, and it went to Geoff Hart in his radical PRA street-legal VW.

You can see that pass, and many more, by ordering the DD3 tape. This tape is unedited, but it's nearly two hours long, and it features 3 in-car camera passes by "Muffler" Mike. The last 20 minutes of the tape is down the track footage from DD2. The cost of this tape is only $15.00.

It must be stated that this race wouldn't have been possible without VW Paradise of San Marcos, CA... They were the people who made it all happen. There were a number of other supporters, including Mike Gagen, DKP III, HotVW's, Rimco, and Ocean Street Video, but it was the Lauffer crew who really laid it on the line for nothing more than the love of the sport.

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