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VW Paradise: first 4-cylinder vehicle to run 200 mph!
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On 4/13/02, Kris Lauffer became the first import drag racer to break the 200 mph barrier. At the Phoenix Bug-O-Rama, he ran a [email protected] mph, and he was able to back it up within 1%, which gave him the Hot VW's A/D record. That pass made him both the quickest and fastest 4-cylinder drag racer in the world.

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Here is a look at the IDRC West Coast Nationals at Palmdale, CA. The focus of this demo clip is on the Flaco Racing RX-7 belonging to Abel Ibarra. This rotary engine car is one of the top performers in the import drag racing world. In this clip you will see the car go into the wall hard after it apparently broke the aluminum driveshaft.

Top Eliminator!

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Here are three of the heaviest hitters in the import racing world. They all run aftermarket 2.8-3.2 liter engines, set up in the old skool VW flat-four configuration. Despite the fact that they usually run at VW events, the Pro Racing Association doesn't have a specific unlimited class that they can call their own; so the promoters created something called the Top Eliminator class. When these guys come to the import races, all they can do is run Exhibition. In this seven minute video clip, you'll see the import racer with the best chance of being the first to break the 200mph barrier.

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