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Honda in-car camera drag racing video clip

This is the chronicle of sport compact drag racing at Carlsbad Raceway, circa ~1999 to the track closure in 2004. This video is probably the first time that a hardcore import drag racing DVD with street cars in it has been put on the market.

Event coverage includes the Carlsbad VW vs. Import bracket races in 2003 and 2004, plus a number of miscellaneous sessions where imports were pitted against all kinds of cars. The aircooled VW bug footage from those events is on another DVD, so most of the cars that youíll see here are front wheel drive vehicles. This is strictly cars going down the track, so itís for hardcore drag racers only, but if you like street racing, you'll see plenty of street racing videos on this DVD!

The track at Carlsbad was old and pretty funky, with a long dirt driveway and no visible clocks to tell you the e.t. and mph of the cars. Every effort was made to include whatever audio the track announcer was making, but often times the runs were not announced. This is mostly street cars, but there are some low 10-second passes in there as well.

Check out our websites for pro car footage, we have been shooting West Coast imports for years, as well as several of the Summer Slam races at Englishtown. There is some Battle of the Imports footage from Bakersfield on this Carlsbad Imports DVD, it's the video clip from our website. This DVD is 80 minutes of street racing at the drag strip that you won't want to miss!

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