I have always run chromies on my cars. Want a change. Can anyone tell me what the weight of a 15x5.5 chromie is as compared to say a Porsche alloy, 914 alloy etc? Also, the Porsche alloy replicas - how do they look as compared to the originals in real life...I've never seen any up close.


Steve M.


Real Porsche 15x6s weigh 12.9 lbs. Fake ones weigh 18 lbs from at least one manufacturer. The painting of the fake ones is different from the real ones. The fake ones have a rough sand cast finish whereas the real ones are smooth everywhere, even the backside.

Bruce Tweddle


I have tires on my 914 wheels so I can't weigh them now, but I can say that they weigh very little. My new Boxster 17x8.5 wheels with tires about break your back to lift, and the 914 wheels can be lifted with one finger!



Steve Arndt


Re: 914 2.0 wheels. Alloys run around 17-18 pounds

Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 14:04:01

and chromies are pushing 28 or so.


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