Turbos? Saturday, 15-Jul-2000 17:10:55 Message: writes: Hey Guys, I'm lookin' for some info on turbos for a Type 1...could someone e-mail me info about them? Is it at all a cost saver over building a stroker (2110, 2275, etc.)? I'm thinking coupling a 1915 with a Garrett T0-2 or something. Will this give me very much more power? I really want to know this stuff well before I get in to deep. Thanks, guys. Who knows, tomorrow I'll probably have a new engine combo to ask u guys about, the dreams flow too fast!!lol Jake Jake Meyer

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Re: Turbos? (jimmy) (15-Jul-2000 19:35:44)

Re: I think the TO2 might be a little small, the TO3 might be a better choice... (n/t) (Nick) (15-Jul-2000 22:03:09) Jimmy, can u give me Dave Kawell's e-mail addy by chance, I'd appreciate it? (n/t) (Jake) (15-Jul-2000 23:26:23)

I to would like to build a turbo motor and also would like to know as much as possable about them... there is a book about turbo's, cost about 20 or so..i know that they do something to the carburators both the four barrel and the side draft for more fuel...what is it?...and how about reworking the turbo, what do they do? what about cams? thank you all in advance.. (n/t) (Dean N.) (16-Jul-2000 01:17:21)

Re: Dean,there are three books that you may wish to read The first deals strictly with the air cooled vw and although much is out of date info,still a very good primer on turbos.Loook fotr TURBOMANIA ,written in frustrated sertious writer/ author/commedian style by Bob Tomlinson. Second,for an in depth view of torbochargers of the modern ilk,look for Corky Bell's MAXIMUM BOOST an excellent volume on the subject,and lastl;y the groundbreaking ,HOW TO SELECT AND INSTALL TURBOCHARGERS by Huge Mcinnes ,or his later work titled simply TURBOCHARGERS The Tomlinson tome will show up quite frequently on EBAY and usually goes in the 12-15 dollar range .TURBOCHARGERS,while very little applies ddirectly to the vw is an interesting read and I have seen it go for around 6-10 bucks. Good luck eu (n/t) (Dan Ruble ) (16-Jul-2000 11:22:17)

Thanks Dan (n/t) (Dean N.) (16-Jul-2000 11:53:46)


Re: Turbos? Saturday, 15-Jul-2000 16:35:44 writes: Jake do the turbo 69x94 with a kawell set will give you all the power that 2110cc 48 ida motor cant with out it being streetble, belive me i know. you wont be sorry about the turbo stuff and dave kawell can tell all what you need to make a good combo... jimmy




Ok, I'm heading out to the scrapyard this weekend! Thursday, 04-Jan-01 16:33:06 writes: The scrapyard where I said I saw a bunch of cars with turbos is having a half off everything sale!!! That means that I'm going to load up the pickup and take the entire day scouring the place with the primary objective of getting a turbo for my project. Any good suggestions about what kind of car I should look for? Someone said alfo romeo before,I thought. Other thing that I was worried about was that someone (forget who) said that on many of the "new" car turbo's that the blowoff valves/wastegates are built in. Plus, what kind of lines (if not already torn) should I grab while I'm there? And finally, if the turbo is from a car that's fuel injected, can I still use the turbo, or must I find one from a carburated application in order for it to work with a sidedraft carb? Do I need some kind of kit to change it around or anything... last check I thought a turbo was pretty much a turbo. Thanks Later On \X/ Jimmie J.

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Ok, I'm heading out to the scrapyard this weekend! (Jimmie J. ) (04-Jan-01 16:33:06)

BOV and wastegate are quite different. Eclipse, Eagle Talon, 951 Porsche, many. Snag the oil lines as well. (n/t) (Steve Arndt) (04-Jan-01 17:06:02)

Actually, turbos come with different housing sizes, and within housings different rotors (exhaust side) and impellors ( intake side) are fitted for specific applications. (n/t) (george brown) (04-Jan-01 17:24:46)

There are some turbo charged volvos out there with some garret turbos. be for warned, they are a bitch to take out, you have to take off the whole exhaust manifold to get to the turbo bolts. (n/t) (Anthony S.) (04-Jan-01 17:58:16)

Now that i think about it, i dont know why you are going to do a turbo setup this way. its all mickey mouse. if i were you, id spend the money on a turbo spec. made to your application. (n/t) (Anthony S.) (04-Jan-01 18:00:23)

You should find a turbo that is in a drawthrough setup if you want to use a side draft because I believe the seals are different. If the turbo is only drawing air through, the seals don't have to deal with the effects of gas, so if you use one from a blowthrough, the gas will eat away at the seals. Also, get one that is from a similarly sized engine that you want to build. (n/t) (Chris) (04-Jan-01 18:15:14)

The seals are different but that is because on a pull through the turbo has to deal with high vacume when the throttle is shut, without the correct seals the motor will suck oil right through the seals and end up sucking the motor dry. (n/t) (junkyard lord) (04-Jan-01 18:22:09)

A turbo car in the junk yard is there for a reason. Because all those 80's turbos had bad bearings. Don't waste your money on a 10 dollar mismatched turbo that isn't made for your motor. (n/t) (junk yard lord) (04-Jan-01 18:18:51)

I built a turbo 1600 I used a junkyard turbo off an old subaru xt turbo same opposed 4 engine I used a dcoe and it hauled a** for months before I sold the motor (n/t) (Kdog) (04-Jan-01 20:28:51)

Junkyard dog turbos/compressor seals>>> (Tracy) (04-Jan-01 22:59:33)

Re: best bet....86-88 shelby 2.2,79-86 mustank and prbe,85-86 tbird (n/t) (magoo) (05-Jan-01 00:07:05)

There are loads of the SVO 'stang turbos (and intercoolers) on Ebay. (n/t) (Steve Arndt) (05-Jan-01 10:42:41)

I can definetely get one from an omni GLH... the only prob is that those are 2.2L engines, and I think that might be a bit much. I'll have to look for a volvo, that sounds like my best bet so far. So far I know for sure that I'm looking for a turbo that has carbon seals, and yo grab the oil lines... I guess I'll grab the manifold as well for good measure, possibly even a manifold and carb if it's drawthrough setup. Thanks again! (n/t) (Jimmie J.) (05-Jan-01 23:34:51)

Re: Jimmie,just beacause its on a 2.2litre doesn`t mean it won`t work on your VW motor.>>> ( Mark H) (06-Jan-01 02:03:50)

Grab a wastegate also if there is one there. (n/t) (Panel) (05-Jan-01 23:55:00)

if you haven't already been out, you could also look in a saab or there are lots (in australia anyway) of turbo desiel's in 4wd's etc.. (n/t) (henry roberts) (06-Jan-01 08:29:49)


OK here's the deal: Turbochargers come with 2 different designs of seals on the compressor side, "dynamic seal" and "carbon seal". Dynamic seal is nothing more than a piston ring style labyrinth type seal machined into the thrust collar on the compressor side of the turbo, where the O.D. of the ring seals against the I.D. of the compressor backplate. This is not designed to seal the oil in the bearing housing under negative pressure (vacuum in the compressor due to throttle being upstream of the turbo in a draw through system) and also doesn't seal well in systems with marginal oil drainage. A carbon seal is an actual lip seal which uses a spring backed ring of carbon in the compressor backplate which seals against the outboard side of the thrust collar, and will rarely allow any oil at all into the compressor under any conditions. Of course, for a draw-through system you need a turbo with a carbon seal. The problem is, 90 percent of OE turbo applications use the dynamic seal, so you will have a hard time finding one. You can, however, convert any Garrett T3 or T4 series turbo to carbon seal by changing these parts, but it needs to be done by an experienced turbo reman shop. Also be aware that ALL Rajay turbos have carbon sealed compressors, but you will not find one in a junkyard (except on a Corvair haha) because they are usually found in aircraft and aftermarket applications. Carbon sealed Garrett T-3s can be found on some Volvos, SVO Mustangs and Thunderbird turbo coupes, Buick Regal T-types and a few others. Hope this helps you.



Most OEM turbos are undersized. Check for an A/R # on the exhaust housing or check with a Performance turbo place about size application for that turbo. Even an A/R .40 housing will work on a 1600 as long as you have dual springs because it will rev to 7500 RPM. A smaller A/R housing will rev less and if you put the .40 on a bigger motor it will rev less so you`ll be fine.

Mark H




turbo questions Saturday, 06-Jan-01 09:52:09 writes: i've finally decided,im going turbo,i was reading the carcraftinc.com site and loved their kit so much i ordered it,but have some doubts about their recomendations.my specks are,2110,120 cam,9.0 com,eliminator heads 42x36 oval ports,1.1 rockers,44idfs,i 1/2 merged,all this is on a 1200 lbs street rail,they recomended a t-03,1 1/2 exhaust,40 weber. i told them i thought ineeded a t-04 do to the fact that my engine being a 2.0 litter it should make enough power down low to benefit from the t-04,they told they would do what i told them but from their previous knowledge the t-o3 with the 1 1/2 would work better for me,what do you turbo gurus think,which combo?t-04,weber 45,1 5/8 or t-03,weber 40,1 1/2 header.i also asked them about the msd retard module to retard under boost,they said it is not needed that they have boosted engines to 28psi and have not used it,what do you think?also what is the recomended retard if applicable,1 degree retard per lb of boost?any other imput apreciated,thanks. lazaro

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Actually they are right. A TO3 is what you want because you aren't going to be able to run that much boost with that compression ratio. The lower the compression ratio the higher you can run the boost safely. You could run that compression with a watercooled because the water cooling is much more effiecient. (n/t) (Chuck) (06-Jan-01 10:44:20) Re: turbo questions:yes im going to lower my comp anyways,i know im not supose to run that much comp with turbo,thats just my engine is set know. (n/t) (lazaro) (06-Jan-01 11:23:12) why t-03? you can get a t-04 sized for your application. remember jim hagethorns 1915 12 second monster running a t-04 and a 40mm dcoe? i would have called kawell. most other companies are way to conservitive on there recomondations. the also sell alot of stuff to the honda guys as well. (n/t) (bergboy) (06-Jan-01 11:46:21)

12's and a turbo that is pretty slow for forced induction. I would think 10's with a turbo is more like it. (n/t) (chuck) (07-Jan-01 11:47:44)

I guarantee if you call Kawell they will tell you the same thing. I talked to them and for a 2175 with a turbo they said to use a TO3 with a .80 turbine housing. If you were to run 30 lbs of boost and 8500 then you would need the TO4. Remember the bigger the turbo the harder it is to spool up. (n/t) (chuck) (07-Jan-01 11:43:19)

chuck, i think someone is confused, jims motor has a t-04b sized by kawell. why would you be told something totally different? remember jims motor was a 1915 with a 40mm dcoe w/32mm venturies no 8500 rpms there. you can get a t-o4 sized just like a t-03. only differance is the housing. t-o3 is a 3 bolt and the other is a four bolt exhaust. (n/t) (bergboy) (07-Jan-01 20:55:37)

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