Lost another throwout bearing Saturday, 15-Jul-2000 16:46:40 Message: writes: Last night the clutch in the 67 puked again. This time, it looks as if the clip came loose from the throwout bearing and wiped out my new stage 2 Kennedy pressure plate =(. whats the best way to safty wire the throwout bearing so that this doesnt happen again? Is there any Hi-po throwouts out there? Thanks ....... Dave Dave Conklin

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Re: Lost another throwout bearing (Gary Cooper) (15-Jul-2000 17:30:31)

August VW Trends how-to article by Dave C on this very topic. (n/t) (Don Jiskra) (15-Jul-2000 19:51:27)

Re: August VW Trends how-to article by Dave C on this very topic. (Dave Cormack) (15-Jul-2000 20:17:53)

Let Melisa drive it, she was never hurt the tomato's throw out bearing, has she driven it yet? (fly'n T stirring it up :)) (15-Jul-2000 22:20:22) Thanks T, I can always depend on you to add fuel to the fire =P (n/t) (Dave Conklin) (16-Jul-2000 00:36:19)

Re: I used to throw a lot of bearings when I started using a KEP 1700# then I switched to some retainers Bugpack sells and a heavy duty cross shaft, also someone told me to smear a little RTV on the retainers... Never had trouble again and when I got my new trans back from AZ transaxle I noticed they to used RTV... Hope this helps even if it was a little longwinded... (n/t) (nick) (16-Jul-2000 00:57:16) Art Thraen taught me a trick........... (John Pagnanelli) (16-Jul-2000 01:24:37)

Re: Use a 71 and later gear box and covert it the swing axle is the best way.Lost another throwout bearing (n/t) (BIG JAKE) (16-Jul-2000 02:24:42)


Re: Lost another throwout bearing Saturday, 15-Jul-2000 14:30:31 writes: Dave I dont know what kind of clutch shaft you have,But erco has an extra heavy duty one and believe me it is.also the heavy duty bearing clips they look like a pigs tail springy like. Anyway with these two idems your throwout bearing problems will go away. this job can be done in car with motor removed.As far as heavy duty throwout bearings go the old sacks(sp?)type are the best they look like a solid forged holder with bearing made into them not the cheap looking stamped steel things sold today wraped around a bearing. The erco HD throwout arm has a hole in the arm behind the bearing where as the stock have a notch, put clip in hole and bearing it wont come out. Erco ph# 909-689-4430 arm (includes new housing bushing) is around 13.00, clips are 1.00 a pair , and you can ask them for an HD throwout bearing to they most likely will help ya. Good luck and keep it straight and fast. Gary


Art Thraen taught me a trick...........

Sunday, 16-Jul-2000 01:24:37 writes:

Use some 3m super weatherstrip adhesive on the clips. It holds up extremely well. Make sure your clips fit as tight as possible before you cover them with the 3m.

John Pagnanelli


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