tire pressure for slicks Saturday, 15-Jul-2000 08:20:50 Message: writes: how much tire pressure do i put in my M&H slicks? peeters fastfred frederic

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Re: 8 to 12 psi works for me. (n/t) (Gary Cooper AKA Frito Bandito) (15-Jul-2000 08:38:41)

low air preasure can make your car difficult to control at high speed. (Mike Gagen) (15-Jul-2000 11:08:43)

Re: 1st What kind of car do you have? Dlh has been running me with 14psi in my 65 vw sedan and I haven't seen any squirrels yet...E-Girl (n/t) (15-Jul-2000 12:02:05)

Re: 12lbs works fine on my 1800 lb ghia (n/t) (ray mejia) (15-Jul-2000 12:58:11)

My Firestone 7" slicks I usually run 13 -15 pounds of air. (n/t) (Mike) (15-Jul-2000 15:47:44)

my 1641 was hangin the wheels in 1st and 2nd with 20lbs at palmdale last weekend. this was only my second time on the slicks but i was hookin up. (n/t) (Milt) (15-Jul-2000 22:48:39)


low air preasure can make your car difficult to control at high speed. Saturday, 15-Jul-2000 11:08:43 writes: You didnt say what how heavy or what type VW or how much horsepower you have. How wide are your slicks? Gary 8 tp 12 lbs is quite a low range. Have you been to tracks with poor traction and found 8lbs to be best? Have you had your car over 100mph with 8lbs in the slicks? For an 1800lb VW with 6 inch slicks and 200 hp would you still run 8lbs? When I take air out of my slicks at the track I expect it may make my car less stable at high speed. Be careful if experementing with radically low air preasure settings at the track, and take into account the guy in the lane next to you too. In fact tell the starter you want a bye run (single) to check something new. Most the guys I have spoke to with 1500lb to 2100lb street VWs with 6 to 7 inch slicks on 5.5 to 6 inch rims start at about 15lb air preasure at the track. If you have a low final drive in first and you are down on torque you may want to spin the slick a little off the line for two reasons. To avoid bogging and to avoid hooking and putting added stress on your street trans. Set your VW suspension to transfer wieght at the launch, this will help your tires work better too. Ar Palmdale last weekend I was having traction problems with my recaps. I went down to 14lbs air preasure. It still spun hard but I was not ready to accept super poor top speed handleing to try less air. I think if I had less air preasure the center of the capped slick would not have made good contact. 7 inch Firestone capped slick on a 7 inch rim, I have read a rim an inch narrower than the slick is recomended with the Stones. With my 6 inch MH slicks and 5.5 ERCOS rims on my 220+HP, 2250lb (with me in it) Bug, I have run 12.20s @ 108mph with 15lbs of air preasure. At Sac Bug O Rama Ben Salazar ran his 12.50 when he aired his slicks to 18lbs, traction was good at the Memorial day weekend VW event. A slick can be under inflated too. Perhaps it would be best to see what your car wants. Do a little launch and check your tire marks. If the black marks are darkest just on the edges of your slick then add air to improve contact on the center of the tire. If the center is dark and the edges are not visable then take a little air out. I would start at 15 lbs and improve your suspension for wieght transfer. Mike Gagen

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