SHUFFLE PINS Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 22:15:58 Message: writes: ok im going to assemble my 2275 on saturday and one little things has started bothering me, how to seal the shuffle pins on my case? Ther're the sleeve type and the rubber dounts dont fit either way; on the shuffle pin or the stud without binding up out deforming in shape. If any one has advise I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Matt in Sac

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Re: SHUFFLE PINS (matt in Sac) (05-Jul-2000 22:17:25)

3 ways i coud think of, 1, THIN coat of aviation permatex or gascacinch on webs, 19 mm nuts with the red sealing rings[they are out there] or curil sealer under the washers and nuts [like on the vanagon heads] b.t.w early stuff like 40 hp didnt even have the sealing rings. i never saw a leak there unless the main studs were loose /webs/ block worn. thanks dennis valleyvw (n/t) (valleyvw) (05-Jul-2000 22:35:55)

Re: Matt, don't use a sealing ring on the center two studs. (Jim Ratto) (05-Jul-2000 22:39:12)

I'll back Mr. Ratto on his method, it's worked for me B4. (n/t) (Tom H.) (05-Jul-2000 23:30:54)

Dont use orings on center two studs and I use red RTV under all the main washers and the head washers inside valve cover area (n/t) (Gary Cooper) (06-Jul-2000 00:09:49)

WHATS the reason you guys dont use o rings on center studs?? never heard that one before. thanks fred (n/t) (fred stanski) (06-Jul-2000 20:52:18)

Because the o rings do allow the case to mate up with shuffle pins installed, BTW thanks everybody for the advise nobody I knew had the answer (n/t) (06-Jul-2000 22:50:57)

sorry no name (n/t) (Matt'n'Sac) (06-Jul-2000 22:52:29)


Re: Matt, don't use a sealing ring on the center two studs. Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 22:39:12 writes: Some guys use the 12 x 19mm sealing nuts with the red plastic seal integrated in the nut, and run this sealing surface down against the washer to seal the stud. I don't do this. I use Wurth Porsche sealer or Loctite 3H and coat threads and washer, then just use a normal VW 17 x 12mm case nut, or a red sealing nut, but with the sealing ring UP away from the case. I hate picking that red seal stuff out of the threads and the reliefs in the case. Sometimes that stuff gets down inside and locks the case shut. Pain in the a$$. My method has never leaked on any of the HP stuff I've built. Jim Ratto


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