90/10 shocks Monday, 08-Jan-01 14:45:07 writes: I was looking for 90/10 shocks in SUMMIT catalog. Which one do you guys use? That s for a 56 bug (link pin) quit low. I heard about chrysler model with an adapter. Do you know the mini and maxi length. What manufacturer? Any advice or part number welcome. Thank you. Eric, Paris

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Competition Engineering C2620. Got mine from ERCO (little pricier but I support the vW guys) (n/t) (Dave Conklin) (08-Jan-01 16:47:39)

Carrera makes a bolt on 90/10 for VWs as well. They have 'em for both linkpin or ball joint. www.carrerashocks.com (n/t) (Mike Lawless) (08-Jan-01 21:16:43)

Re: Check out Muffler Mike Sheldon's web page (n/t) (Tom Simon) (09-Jan-01 22:54:48)

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