Renn Kafer Cup, Sunday September 3 Bug O Rama.

Tuesday, 01-Aug-2000 12:35:44 writes:

The good folks behind the Sunday September 3rd Sacramento Bug O Rama have offered the same excellent accommodations we enjoyed last year.

Right at the starting line with a nice view of the staging lanes and the christmas tree. A gated entrance to the burn out box helps make this an

extra enjoyable day of racing for Renn Kafer Cup competitors.

Last Memorial Day Bug O Rama had an 8 car field, followed by the LACR VW Showdown with a strong 10 car field.

At this time Mike Lawless (Fresno) in the blue Karmen Ghia is confirmed. Some DKPIII members are interested, myself in the flying tomato, Damon

in his Horizon blue oval (LACR overall), Jose Medrano is ready if he gets his 5 speed back in time.

We need to draw a few more hot street VWs to ensure a full field. Must be some in the bay area area? Please consider joining the fun.

The Hole family and Rich Kimball have offered again to accommodate and assist the Renn Kafer Cup competitors. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to enjoy clean pit space in a prime location combined with a car show and exhibition passes. No bracket racing, reaction time and break outs not a factor. You will get to run every round!

Forward this to anyone you think may be interested. Your car does not have to be a 100 point 12 second show car to compete and have fun.

Cars with shiney paint jobs and interiors are encouraged to inquire. VW magazine coverage from Europe, Japan and USA expected.

If you would like a copy of the rules and judging system along with the spread sheet scoring system let me know and I will e-mail it to you.

Please confirm your intentions to participate ASAP so the promoters and your fellow competitors will have lead time to plan for a full field.

thank you,

Mike Gagen DKPIII

Renn Kafer Cup Racer



Mike Gagen



Re: Renn Kafer Cup, Sunday September 3 Bug O Rama. Tuesday, 01-Aug-2000 15:42:26 writes: I will be there with my 55, and easy 2nd gear access Andy




Hi Steve, Vegas Baby wouldnt miss it. Post includes more Renn Kafer racers.

Wednesday, 02-Aug-2000 02:43:05 writes:

Talked with Frenchy tonight and the DVB in AZ. is pushing to have 3 to 5 Renn Kafer cars at Vegas. Along with several DKPIII cars and all the other fine cars that plan to attend Vegas too. The Vegas Bug In will be an exciting year end finale.

The Sept. Sacramento Bug O Rama Renn Kafer Cup just picked up a few more players with

Andy Spilkoman (oval on the cover of Hot VWs), Mike Lawless (cherry blue ghia now with FI),

Mike Gagen (DKPIII flying tomato),

Jose Medrano (DKPIII Amigo with the black oval), Kevin Richards (KCR trans 12.10et, yellow oval), Patrick Friel (chopped black Notch w/ slicks), Larry McKenzie (Mad Dog drives the red '67 with slicks too!).

Let's get a few more, DLH where's your muffler and decklid? Steve Tims any chance the white '67 may make another appearance?

We encourage more street VWs to join the fun, still the response for one day on this board has been outstanding.

see ya at Sac for the Labor day Bug O Rama!


Mike Gagen




Let's see ,,,,,, How many tranny's broke this weekend ?

Monday, 09-Oct-00 20:41:42 writes:

Let's start with who broke. Then what type of tranny was broke like VW, VW bus ,Mendiola , Porsche, ect. I just got the report but forgot

a few. Shawn Geer's broke 2 tranny's i hear. Fat Mike broke one. I hear the track was excellent so it took a bit of life off the gearboxes. I

hear Ron Lummus stood the car on it's apron !! Cool.............................................

Mark Reilly


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I didn't break a transmission but..... The track crew said 16 trannys broke on Sunday! (n/t) (Andy Costello) (09-Oct-00 21:16:01)

The track and track personal were excellent and we are already securing next years date. Bugorama Promotions (n/t) (Bugorama Promotions) (09-Oct-00 21:31:14)

WHAT AN AWESOME TIME!!!! Hat's off to the Hole family and their Bugformance crew!!! (steveRvegas) (09-Oct-00 23:22:15)

AWESOME TIME!!!! Octoberfest Saturday eve Vegas style! (Mike Gagen) (09-Oct-00 23:59:53)

Renn Kafer Cup update. (Mike Gagen) (10-Oct-00 00:10:03)

Renn Kafer Cup (Allen Wiess) (10-Oct-00 13:29:46)

Re: WHAT AN AWESOME TIME!!!! Hat's off to the Hole family and their Bugformance crew!!! (Dirk) (10-Oct-00 05:18:24)

So whats the posibility of securing 2 dates for next year???? (n/t) (Muffler (it couldnt possibly happen to me 2 years in a row) Mike) (10-Oct-00 16:15:17)

Sunday was GREAT!!! Nice warm day...and LOT'S of racing. I still have to develop some stills and go back into the video...lots of racing in there. Muffler Mike really came out of

those starts hard and furious / love those sky high wheelies. Congrats to E-girl, 2nd in the trophie class. Great Racing from the Renn Kafer Cup group... I'd like to thank the

children from EinfachDeutsch...for keeping my girlfriend occupied and being my fan club...hepled me get 3rd in Semi Custom to '57 class. I'll be back next year....most DEF!!! (n/t)

(MRNOVAL) (10-Oct-00 00:03:06)

went into the garage on sun and looked at my 55 and wanted to be at the track soooo bad, next time..... (n/t) (Andy) (10-Oct-00 01:25:44)

The STRIP is thee best track I have ever raced at by far. The traction was Awsom. I did not reak my trans(full street w/stock axles) in the Misbehavin 56 Oval. (n/t) (Jerry

(misbehavin racing)) (10-Oct-00 13:35:14)

Sounds like we need to hold ALL races in Vegas !!! Mark Herbert wants to move there !! (n/t) (Mark Reilly) (10-Oct-00 14:27:25)


enn Kafer Cup update.

Tuesday, 10-Oct-00 00:10:03 writes:

"The Strip" is the name of the dragstrip in Vegas. Top Notch for sure, when’s the last time (besides Denver) you saw a jet dryer used

during a VW event? The traction was UP! The air was fair. The Renn Kafer Cup had 12 entries though some did not display in the RKC

corral for the entire event.

Fun group of guys in the RKC area trading Zings, jet choices and set up theories. The Labor day Sacramento RKC had the Ghia theme

and Vegas had the convertible theme with 2 nice (Alan Wiess’s scored 93 in the show portion) examples. The Hole family provided a

perfect location for the RKC show/pit area. Jeff Kritz displayed his mastery at judging the Renn Kafer Cup field. It is amazing we have

only one judge yet all participants have been quite content with Jeff’s fair, unbiased and qualified opinion on the RKC cars condition.

The only thing left was to race them. All the machinery survived except for one gearbox.

This is the order they placed in the show portion along with their average of the best of 2 elasped times.

Bill Frost (best of 2 ET average 15.07) from the Las Vegas VW club close behind was

the Jim Holmes replica (2/75 HVWs white ragtop, 13.7et average) belonging to Scott Bakken,

Mike Lawless (13.66et average) winner of the Labor Day RKC with his blue Ghia,

Alan Wiess with his 69’ Vert (15.49 average) with Berg 5, Haltech and all the right stuff, Mike Gagen 5th in show with the (12.75et

average) flying Tomato, followed by

Steve Beecher’s (14.61et average) split window, Vegas Steve (14.91 average, 1st day on the new engine!) with his pink panzer,

Troy and John Palmer (14.05 average) and

Dave Rhodes (16.58 fuel pump),

Noah Callam (black vert ran 16.3 average) and the last 3 were not judged since they did not park in the show area.

So with that information entered into the spreadsheet the top ten combined scores were….

Mike Gagen, Scott Bakken, Mike Lawless (missed 2nd by just 3/10 of a point), Steve Beecher, Bill Frost, Steve Richardson, Alan

Wiess, Troy and John "Corn Panzer" Palmer, Dave Rhoades, Noah Callam.

Fun day at the races with some gorgeous street cars participating.

Thanks to Bug O Rama Promotions, Steve Hole, Rich Kimball and Jeff Kritz for a successful first season. 31 different cars participated

in 4 Renn Kafer Cup events. Several owners chose to participate in 2 or more Renn Kafer Cup events, these repeat entries represent

satisfaction with the RKC program even in its formative inaugural season.

Renn Kafer Cup will return next season following the same concept.

Question regarding rules, points or schedule contact either Rich Kimball at 1(714)544-4759

e-mail [email protected] or Steve Hole at

1(800)929-0077 or e-mail [email protected]

Thanks for your interest,

Mike Gagen

Mike Gagen


Renn Kafer Cup

Tuesday, 10-Oct-00 13:29:46 writes:

What a blast!!! After a 20 some years I got to test my reactions against the tree and show the 69 Vert. Being able to race and show is an

awesome concept, best of both worlds for me. The RKC pits were supportive and entertaining. I was not to sure about entering the RKC,

but with the encouragement of Mike Lawless, I did. A big thanks to Mike Gagen for the extra effort he puts forth to sustain the Renn

Kafer Cup and Jeff Kritz for the car show judging.

The Saturday night Octoberfest was great. Lots of cars, people, and food. Thanks to Las Vegas VW Club and Bug-O-Rama Promotions

for the event. The highlight for me on Saturday Night was running into Don Brown (PRA S/G) after 20 some odd years and reminiscing

about the old days in our VW's. I'm glad my teenagers were not within ear shot.

It was great to meet in person so many of the names from the CLF: FAT MIKE, E-Girl & DLH, Ray Mejia, Troy and John Palmer plus

many more I can't remember.

Allen Wiess

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