Ratio Rockers Thursday, 03-Aug-2000 23:34:47 Message: writes: Does anyone make bronze bushed 1.5 ratio rockers. Besides the 400 dollar Berg set. I haven't hit the lottery yeat. Thaks Chuck

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CB Performance. I'm happy with mine. (n/t) (Ohio Tom) (04-Aug-2000 01:30:41)

I have a set that has 4 #1 rockers and 2 #4 rockers....You need to buy 2 # 4s to complete the set. I'll sell them for 150.00, then you buy s rockers and you have a full set. I like to put 1.4s on the exhaust and 1.45s on the intakes so thats how the set is set up.. (n/t) (Mark Reilly) (04-Aug-2000 01:32:34)

Re: The Scat 1.4's are bronze bushed, they measure out just shy if 1.5 on a vw head. (n/t) (Darren K) (04-Aug-2000 11:52:20)




Rocker arm geometry..help

Friday, 19-Jan-01 19:50:01 writes:

Hi guys, I was hoping some of you can help me. I am currently setting up the rocker arm geometry on my 2276. I am running a webcam 86b, and

bug pack 1.4 ratio rockers.

When checking it at half lift, the center (if you can call that a center) of the rocker arm hits slightly above the center of the valve stem. At full lift,

I am right at the edge (up top) of the valve stem.(REALLY CLOSE) How can I go about lowering it down a bit. If I use shims under the rockers,

wont that make it worse? ( I dont have any at the moment...so I really cant just put some in and check.)

Am I running way to much lift with the 1.4 rockers and 86B webcam?

I currently have the rocker adjusting screws screwed in half way..while checking lift. Any help you guys could give would be greatly


Jay Boudreau


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Re: Jay, the higher lift rockers tend to ride high on the valve stem. On some high lift race motors they will relocate the rocker stud down to put the rocker back were it needs to be...>>> (

Mark H) (19-Jan-01 20:24:40)

Thanks for the help Mark. I really do appreciate it. (more) (Jay Boudreau) (19-Jan-01 21:33:26)

Re: Jay ,shims will make the rocker roll even farther towards the top of the lash cap and make the pushrod longer also... ( Mark h) (19-Jan-01 22:21:53)

Re: Another possible solution to consider, offset rocker shafts >>>> (Tom Simon) (19-Jan-01 22:07:37)

You might already have offset shafts and installed them up-side-down.....Check that..... (n/t) (OHio Tom) (20-Jan-01 18:59:29)


I can`t see your motor so I have to assume that your rocker is riding a little high like most do.

This is not necessarily bad .

The valve geometry is set up so that you have a full sweep on the valve. You could have a full sweep and also have the rocker sitting a little high

on the shaft. Otherwize the rocker is just sitting a little high compared to the whole motor. That doesn`t mean that you rocker is not going through

the proper motions when it moves.

The rocker from the closed position should push slightly (up ^ ) as it pushes the valve open. As the valve passes half lift the rocker begins to push

(down ) on the valve untill its fully open.

Trying to look and see if the rocker is perpendicular to the valve at half lift is very hard to do. There are alot of angles to take into account

including the fact that the push rod is not parrallel to the valve. I set my geometrey by watching the rockers move as you turn the motor and

comparing two rockers that are next to each other , one open and one closed. If anything I like my geometry set so the rocker is ever so slightly

laid back. Otherwise setting the rocker so it pushes a little more up on the valve as it is opening.

Also one last thing to worry about. I think Bugpack rockers are autocraft copies? some of these rockers just don`t set up right with high lift cams.

You have to get them as close as you can. sometimes putting lashcaps on your valves helps. It basicly makes you valves longer and helps get the

geometry closer.

I hope this makes sence. I know its hard to dicribe something in words that is so complex.

Good luck,

Mark H


You are correct, there are alot of different angles, so it is really hard to check. I am running lash caps (came with the rockers)...so its actually

riding high on the lash caps. I ordered some rocker pad shims...so i wont be able to try them till they arrive (end of next week..beginning of the


It stinks not being able to purchase stuff like this at my local auto parts store. I usually have to go mail order on everything..being in Mass.)

I am not too sure what the shims will do..if it will help out or not. Trying to imagine it in my head..I cant quite figure out what they will do to my



Thanks again for all your help.

Jay B


This may not be what you want. You may have to run what you have. I have heard of people actually milling off a few thousands from the bottom

of the rocker pads so they sit closer to the head and lay the rocker back as well as rolling the rocker tip back from the top of the lashcap, but this

is serious machinework. If you don`t have any shims under the rockers and they need to go in farther then you can get taller lashcap from Gene

Berg I think or just run them the way they are. They shouldn`t be that far off.

Mark h


AutoCraft makes an offset rocker shaft, with matching shaft lugs. The mounting holes are drilled offcenter in the shaft, having the effect of moving

the whole shaft and rocker assembly, down about .05" or .075" or so, but ask AutoCraft directly (714)870-7285 or (714)870-7223. As Mark

says, the other way to fix this is to weld up the existing holes, and re drill and tap new holes in the proper position for your heads and rockers.

I've been through this myself, I called around and found that every serious engine builder comes across a valvetrain combination that needs this

extra work. It's common. You are doing the right thing in checking and questioning. With the approach you are taking, measuring, fixing and some

patience, you will acheive a reliable valvetrain.

One word of caution, if you choose to run it like it is, with the wiper of the rocker so close to the edge of the lash cap, it will cause the lashcap to

rock on the valve stem. Over time, this causes the edge of the lash cap to dig a groove into the shaft of the valvestem, and kick up a big burr. Not

good. Good Luck!


Tom Simon


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