Pushrod clearance

Monday, 03-Jul-2000 16:28:10

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I am running a FK8 cam, 1.4 ratio rockers, Scat chromoly pushrods, and Auto Craft adjustable pushrod tubes. During the

cam rotation it looks like the pushrods are either touching the tubes or they are coming vary close. Should I be concerned

and if so what is the cure. Should I have had the pushrods tappered or should I have used different pushrod tubes?


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Re: Pushrod clearance

Monday, 03-Jul-2000 22:27:15 writes:

Any rubbing of pushrod sould be a concern for something is not just right(ex:when heads were installed to help prevent

this tubes must be centered toward the rocker stand as much as possible).you might want to check alignment of your

rockers to your valve centers and make sure they are not offset to much if any (I center rockers over valves to reduce

guide wear, I mean we are running lash cap anyway,right?). Other than that the pushrods are much harder than the tubes

so a little metalic look in your oil?

Gary Cooper


e: Same thing happened to me and I junked the Autocraft tubes in favor of ERCO ones.

Tuesday, 04-Jul-2000 00:05:00 writes:

I tried many different setups.....CB flared tubes, stock, Waterboxer, adj Waterboxer ($$$$!!!), Autocraft....

The adj Waterboxers did pretty well, I had to shim the seals up to work. The ERCO's however....they work perfectly.

And they don't get pinholes and leak like stock ones!



Jim Ratto



Re: NO! Swivel feet are designed to be used with stock configuration rockers. Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 13:18:12 writes: Scat 1.4s have a cup screw at the pushrod end of the rocker to accept the ball end of the pushrod. Swivel feet have a flat contact surface, designed to contact the flat stem stem end. Pushrod interference can be a problem with some high ratio rockers, especially on aftermarket heads. I tried many different tubes, and found the ERCO sprung aluminum 2-piece to work best. NO LEAKS and plenty of room. have a nice day, Jim Ratto


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