GEN/ALT pulleys for the type 1. Thursday, 01-Feb-01 11:08:58 writes: Art Thraen

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Sorry I hit enter::::: O Well , Any Way I found some Genuine "VW" Pulleys that fit well at OE VEE Dub in Colorado, These are hard to find and are a must for the HI-Perf engines that will spool up over 6K RPMs. his Phone# 1-800-369-4979. (n/t) (Art Thraen) (01-Feb-01 11:15:44) Re: A Direct Phone# To OE VW is 1-719-748-5241 (n/t) (Art) (01-Feb-01 15:28:16) Even Art can Red light!!! Hey, I loved the ride of your streeter during the Cruise! (n/t) (Brian) (01-Feb-01 11:16:18) Hey Art, tried to call them and got a recording "the number you have dialed cannot be reached from your calling area.", must be a state 800 number. Do you have another number? Are the alt/gen or crank pulleys? Thanks... (n/t) (george brown) (01-Feb-01 12:29:13) In Hot VWs they list another number (719)748-5241. (n/t) (Don Bulitta) (01-Feb-01 15:55:04) According to the business card I got from them that is the correct number 719-748-5241 (n/t) (Chas) (01-Feb-01 22:47:20)


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