up or down?? Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 20:59:16 Message: writes: i have seen some cars prop the engine lid at the bottom to give better cooling and some put lid stand offs at the top. i personally prefer to prop the bottom ( looks better to me ) but which will give better cooling? leewallace

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Personally I perfer the bottom, as it doesn't look modified. I opened the top of my decklid and didn't like it and switched it to be.... (Chas) (05-Jul-2000 22:04:24)

I'm with Chas. I also propped up the top, and didn't like the way it looked, plus I was going to have to come up with a way to space out the spring (I don't like prop-rods). Just get used to having people tell you your "trunk" is open :o) (n/t) (Ed) (06-Jul-2000 07:30:40)

Thanx guys, but can anybody tell me how to prop the bottom? is there any kit available for it or do i have to fabricate it myself? put spacers etc? any tips?? thank you. (n/t) (leewallace) (06-Jul-2000 12:29:43)

Re:Try this (Shane) (06-Jul-2000 15:52:24)

Re: Re:Thanx for the tip, shane but unfortunately i forgot to tell you that my car is a 68 bug where the latch receiver is welded to the rear apron. what should i do?? (n/t) (leewallace) (07-Jul-2000 01:57:24)

Re: up or down?? (dean n.) (06-Jul-2000 22:38:31)


Re:Try this Thursday, 06-Jul-2000 15:52:24 writes: On My 66 I went to the local hardware store and picked up some tubing and bolts the appropriate size.Cut the tubing into two 2" lengthes put the latch reciever on top of the tubing run the bolts through it and the tubing and tighten it up.good luck!! Shane


Re: up or down?? Thursday, 06-Jul-2000 22:38:31 writes: Wolfgang Ent. makes a deck lid stand off kit that utilizes the stock deck lid spring. so when you open the deck lid it stays open. ph. 1.580.246.gang they are in hot vws dean n.

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