preloading transaxles Tuesday, 30-May-2000 18:38:23 Message: writes: I think I understand why the trans must be preloaded, but would like to know how you guys are doing it. thanks, Luke Luke Vodopia Jr.

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Re: preloading transaxles (Jerry) (30-May-2000 21:13:40) What about a linelock? (n/t) (Dougy Dee) (31-May-2000 10:22:05) Me too (n/t) (Dave Conklin) (30-May-2000 21:53:31) easiest way is to pull up to the line , pull the e brake handle up[while holding buttonIN] let clutch out till you feel the rear squat down... depress clutch a little so it still is barely released and your ready...i used to keep e brake held on to hold car on the line[button taped "in"] worked great.there are other ways too.. dennis valley vw (n/t) ([email protected]) (30-May-2000 23:38:10) just to make sure that the button stays in, i drilled a hole through the handle and the button. when i am racing i put a screw in there to hold it tight, when i am driving on the street i take it out... just a thought (n/t) (Milt) (31-May-2000 02:04:10)


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