OIL PRESSURE Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 17:40:48 Message: writes: there is a post half down the page where john connolley states that his oil pressure is 150+!! pounds at idle !!! my buddy who owns a vw shop is getting pelted with guys asking why there motors dont have that much. his guage must be off 50 lbs or he screwed up the RELIEF VALVE that pressure will destroy oil filters and coolers instantly, not to mention stress the pump drive an rob eng h/p. WHY would you need pressure like that or is it meant to be a JOKE??? WHAT is he talking about?? i never heard anything like that in my 67 years on earth even from a novice.. please clue me in to NORMAL press #s THANKS FRED STANSKI FRED STANSKI

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Fred don't listen to that Connelly character he has no clue he only uses this page to plug that cheezy aircooled .net. Why buy from him when I get the same parts from comet for much cheaper. He obviously doesn't have a clue about a motor with a silly reply like that no motor on the planet runs oil pressure that high it isn't needed. Your oil pressure should be around 20 to 30 at idle. If I was Lummus I wouldn't allow someone, that knows obviously knows nothing about a motor, to carry my product. Hope this helps Fred. (n/t) (Bearing spinner) (05-Jul-2000 17:54:05) And with a name like "bearing spinner".You obiviously should be trusted .Right... (n/t) (Shane) (05-Jul-2000 18:05:59) Hey maybe your bearing spun because of low oil pressure :-) (n/t) (Tracy ) (06-Jul-2000 20:10:21) To Mr Bearing Spinner, I normally just take a step back from things like this but (Muffler Mike) (05-Jul-2000 20:26:11) Ditto Mike Well said! ...mls (TheRealMyles) (05-Jul-2000 22:35:37) Hey "BS", you need that kind of blood pressure going to your brain. (n/t) (Vers Jr.) (05-Jul-2000 22:45:12) He's talking about COLD pressure, if you've ever seen a blown up filter (I certainly have), that takes 200 psi or more to do. Pressure will drop immediately as oil gets hot and your relief valves will be able to control it (n/t) (Andre) (05-Jul-2000 18:01:53) Here here , dont be judgemental on an person that is telling you what his motor is doing. With a large pump ex; autocraft or (berg 30 without relief cover ) and a good tight new motor You will see that kind of pressure at startup (idleing well?)until oil warms up. and depending on the type rods hes running and RPM he will reqiure higher than norm pressure to ensure rod bearing life.OK I said my peice sorry. (n/t) (Gary Cooper) (05-Jul-2000 18:23:41)

No, I'm not going to throw MUD... (John Connolly) (05-Jul-2000 18:32:35) Stop right there John or I will post a tech question :-$ (n/t) (TG) (05-Jul-2000 18:47:20)

Re: Good show ,John. No need to participate in moronity. Hey is that a real word?? how `bout moronism???? ( Mark H) (05-Jul-2000 18:53:49)

Re: Hey Mark, those of us that realize we don't know everything and are willing to learn get irritated by those who mistakenly think they DO know everything and publish books about it ;-) (n/t) (05-Jul-2000 19:05:53)

Re: You mean you`ve read more than one catalog,opps I mean book. Can I interest U in a free coarse in VEEBUBONICS. HA HA HA ( Mark H) (05-Jul-2000 19:16:49)

CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG.... but isnt a multi visc. oil like 20/50 supposed to stay the same thickness during temp changes?? i was told it acts like 20 when cold to get in tight tolerences and improve COLD weather starting and acts like 50 when hot to protect the engine[WE ALL HAVE SEEN THE ADS RIGHT??]how could you lose ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE PSI AT IDLE IN A COUPLE OF MINUTS????somethings not right, i still dont get it. MY buddy at the vw shop says mabe the hole where the exess pressure dumps into the case is too small, NOW THAT MAKES SENSE!!! EVEN though the press relief is working , the dump hole is restricting it.seems like alot of so called GENIUSES overlook simple things and PASS them off as normal!! NOT good for the hobby!!! DIG DEEPER AND FIND THE REAL ANSWERS GUYS. FRED STANSKI (n/t) (FRED STANSKI) (05-Jul-2000 18:52:41) Re: Hey Fred , thats the way his car works . So what. Alot of VWs have extremely high start up pressure. Probably not that high but in the 100s. I agree with you that the dump hole could be enlarged. (n/t) (Mark H) (05-Jul-2000 18:57:39)

NOW, finally things are making sense...thanks fred (n/t) (05-Jul-2000 19:01:11)

Re: Fred, don`t pay any attention to the "no name guy" he thrives on bringing everyone down to his level of missery. ( Mark H) (05-Jul-2000 19:12:17)

JOHN, what do you think about the dump hole enlargement?? when i assemble my 2110 turbo motor i dont want press like that wasting my coolers, lines and filters. also is there any reputable tasts being run on the synthetic v.s mineral oil debate.. everyone is gonna tell you there motor runs great even if they run crushed dogsh#t for oil. you dont know who to believe. THANX fred (n/t) (FRED STANSKI) (05-Jul-2000 19:12:46)

I never thought about it. It's a RACE engine (no cooler; Berg blockoff), and pipe-plugged oil galleys. Since it was brought up, it IS a damn good idea, but I'm not worrying about it til' the sucker is torn down again for next inspection/bearing change. (John Connolly) (05-Jul-2000 19:18:02)

Re: OIL PRESSURE (DRD) (05-Jul-2000 20:47:33)

just a thought, though i have never built a vw engine..... if you are enlarging the dump hole wouldn't it be sensible to enlarge it at an offset not concentricly (i wish i could illistrate this) as if you opened the hole concentricly the plunger would have to move slightly less before it started to dunp oil, this might not make a noticeable difference... but then again it might..... (n/t) (henry roberts) (06-Jul-2000 20:53:00)

Multi-vis. oils have a "flatter" viscosity curve over temp range, than straight weight oils. They do this by blending low and high vis. oils. They do the same thing in plastics to help processing ( another petrolium product of which I am very familiar). ... I have my case apart now, I'll try the relief hole enlargement thing on mine. I can't see how it could possibly hurt anything. Keep you posted on how it works....Personally, I don't mind the high oil pressure when cold problem. It just forces me to warm up the motor before laying into the throttle..... (n/t) (Ohio Tom) (06-Jul-2000 00:20:49)

shoot, I'll do it as soon as the engine is apart. I'm thinking of adding a cooler and shroud to this Beast again for STREET use... (I burst 3 before I put the Berg blockoff on there) (n/t) (John Connolly) (06-Jul-2000 02:03:33)

I had a similiar problem with a fresh 2110. Reilef plunger in case stuck closed... (Dougy Dee) (06-Jul-2000 13:15:33)

THANKS for the input guys, looks like we SOLVED the mystery high press problem.we will see with the guys trying the opened up relief dump holes.btw dennis at valley hit the nail on this one. thanks fred (n/t) (06-Jul-2000 23:01:05)


To Mr Bearing Spinner, I normally just take a step back from things like this but

Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 20:26:11 writes:

Do you even know John?

I think most of us come here to share our experiences, knoledge, and fuel our need for more knowledge about this great hobby we have.

Fred asked a good legitimate question, and even though you took a stab at John, he still replied with the utmost cooperation and even took some advice on a posible solution to his view on 150+ lbs. Earlier this year on my new case, i left in a shim under my spring that i ran on my last case and suddenly i had 140 lbs. cold.

Im glad he shares his comments with us, weather he is right,wrong, or adding his 2 cents. we can make our own comments to his, mine or any of the others here. No, its not good to listen to one person, but never leave out any info. If this was true, we would all have one companies parts and no one elses.

Her is something you can take a stab at.

I run a 4.37 ring and pinion and can get 100 passes on one in my 1800+ lb wheel standing car.

I think every one can do that. I think this is the only r&p every one should run. There.

In reality, i dont believe that is true. i dont think every one can do this. But its possible.

please, give it a brake, be polite about it at least, say something like "i question his resoning for,,,,,," if you want to sling mud, Email direct to either the person you want to tell or the person your talking about. sling mud at me, i could care less.

I really enjoy this forum and when there is remarks like the one you put up, well, i wont say the names i was calling you.

Muffler Mike


No, I'm not going to throw MUD... Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 18:32:35 writes: my engine runs 150-170 at COLD idle. This drops to around 40psi hot idle. When I blew a System 1 filter up, and I called them up to find out why, they asked... "what kind of VW do you have?" :-O "huh?" The guys at System 1 then told me that no engine on earth they have ever seen develops cold oil pressure like the VW. I don't know why either, but I also know I'm not reading the Autometer gauge wrong! Nuff' said! :-) However, I did machine the oil relief surfaces, since they come pretty shoddy in the new cases from VW. Try it yourself, and I have yet to see less than a 10psi increase in hot idle if you do this to your case (yes, you can do it on an assembled engine). John Connolly


Re: Fred, don`t pay any attention to the "no name guy" he thrives on bringing everyone down to his level of missery. Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 19:12:17 writes: The regulars on this board know who he is . I think think the oil relief valve hole is too small even on a motor with only a 26mm pump. And if you live were its cold your start up pressure can be very high. John has built and driven and is driving HIPO street cars that I`m sure your local VW mechanic can`t understand. But then again thats not his job and he may not be interested Mark H


Re: OIL PRESSURE Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 20:47:33 writes: Fred, I have a 2 liter in my street car,that has a 125 lbs of oil pressure on cold start up. When the engine is to temp, I have 35 lbs, at 3000 rpm, and when I get on it at 8000 rpm, it will pull 80 to 90 lbs of pressure. I will asure you, if a motor is making some power above 200hp, you need oil pressure to keep the bearings alive. My engine runs 12:1 compression, and makes 260 hp. Has alot of miles on it, and the bearings are like new. Just my 2 cents. DRD DRD



I had a similiar problem with a fresh 2110. Reilef plunger in case stuck closed... Thursday, 06-Jul-2000 13:15:33 writes: I remedied it and then I had too low pressure when hot. I pulled the aftermarket hi pressure relief valve kit out and went back to stock. No more problems. Dougy Dee

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