Lets Keep the oil in the motor .

Thursday, 12-Oct-00 05:20:59 writes:

I`ve been to alot of VW races and the one thing that can really ruin a great time watching wheelstanding VWs and turbo dragsters is too

many oildowns. Oildowns have decreased over the years but every few races I go to still seem to be plagued by this problem. Waiting

for the track officials to cleanup just one oildown is annoying. It really puts a dampener on the race.

5 or 6 oil downs just ruins everything.

I think more needs to be done when teching the cars. Also some of these racers might think of someone besides themselves when taking

an oil puking car out on the track for one more pass.

Here are some helpful hints on keeping oil inside your motor . Even if it was thrown together the night before with used parts and has

little or no ring seal.

If you are going to race your motor then you need a breather hooked to your valve covers and your alt. stand. This helps when you have

lots of blowby and your oil can be pumped into the breather instead of all over the track. A one gallon breather is probably in order


Try to avoid chrome valve covers, they`re slippery and gaskets don`t stick to them. Even with two tubes of silicone. Also they come with

chrome bailing clips that are made of playdough.

If you`re using actual steel clips then bend the ends in so they are hard to install. This will insure they put alot of pressure on the valve

cover and create whats referred to as "a seal".

Also I glue my gaskets to the covers with Gasketcinch.

The next trouble spot is the dipstick. Again ,when running excessive blowby "race" motors it is a good...no great idea to pull out the dip

stick and plug this problem hole with a cap and a hose clamp. No hole ,no oil all over the track!

Well that should really improve things. Just make sure to run your oil cap and your rear main seal is ... well sealed and you`re ready for

a great day of racing. And so is everyone else.

If anyone else has any helpful hints for sealing up these oil spewing motors please please list them below.

Mark H


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Perhaps folks with motors like you describe could run them without oil thereby eliminated the problem entirely. Ha!Ha! (n/t) (Don Bulitta) (12-Oct-00 09:09:56)

Re: Good point, Don. (n/t) ( Mark H) (12-Oct-00 13:46:21)

I have one, DON'T USE SILICON FOR OIL APPLICATIONS IT'S NOT MADE FOR IT. Stop following bergmann (n/t) (12-Oct-00 09:44:26)

Re: But what if you use 3 tubes?? (n/t) ( Mark H) (12-Oct-00 13:48:55)

I use yellow weatherstrip adhesive to hold gasket to valve cover works great . (n/t) (Gary Cooper) (12-Oct-00 09:52:04)

me too (n/t) (john f UBER ALLES) (12-Oct-00 12:48:35)

I use Ultra copper silicone and it works fine for me..... (n/t) (Mark reilly) (12-Oct-00 10:23:39)

perhaps a car that creates an oil down should be examined by track personel before returning, I think Vegas had some repeat offenders. At the Carlsbad DD last year the

Ghia that greased the entire track went right back to the lanes and was intercepeted. Oil dripping from the back of the car and still a quart over full. Did you mention with a

sump run you can/should run it near a quart low. Tech requires a 1 quart capacity breather minimum. (n/t) (Mike Gagen) (12-Oct-00 10:59:36)

i here ya mike, the one quart breather rule is only for the better. i even whatched dave cormack stop a race because of oil! he yelled at one of the officials before a pass about oil

right in front of him! go dave!! (n/t) (bergboy) (12-Oct-00 11:31:42)

how about some eye glasses for the starting line crew, hehheheheh just kidding (n/t) (Muffler Mike) (12-Oct-00 11:31:49)

Glasses won't improve tunnel vision, Mike! (n/t) (Adam W) (12-Oct-00 20:17:21)

I dont meen to rag on the tech at vegas, but it was kinda crapy, really wasnt what I expected. The guy looked under the decklid, i guess checking for return springs, and that was it.

He never looked under to see any leaks. I could have been drueling oil all over and he wouldnt have noticed(not that i was). I spend countless hours doing all the little stuff, battery,

making sure a wheel wouldnt fall off...haha (n/t) (Billy Moss "HotStreetVw") (12-Oct-00 12:21:01)

Re: I agree ,Billy Moss. The tracks need to have their tech guys informed about VWs and Not just inforcing the same old V8 rules that don`t apply to VWs. ( Mark H)

(12-Oct-00 14:01:41)

how about a Deterrent. (Muffler Mike) (12-Oct-00 12:37:16)

Re: I saw them inforce the "2 oil down rule " once at vegas but there were still too many oil downs. ( Mark H) (12-Oct-00 14:09:32)

Re: Lets Keep the oil in the motor . (bugly) (12-Oct-00 19:09:03)

To keep form sucking in valve cover gaskets, I take a sharp chisle and make some crosshatched barbs in the valve cover sealing area. This keeps the gasket from sliding out (in)

without the use of glues......Works great for me,,,,, (n/t) (Ohio Tom) (12-Oct-00 20:20:04)

At Seattle this year the "TECH" was a 16yr old. He asked me one question and never looked at my car. His question was "Why are you guys racing volkswagens anyway?"

Needless to say I had a few choice words for the track operator since I not only race but also sponsor part of the event! (n/t) (Bill Brewer) (12-Oct-00 23:02:21)

Re: At Seattle this year the (bugly) (12-Oct-00 23:25:25)

welding in strip metals (leewallace) (13-Oct-00 08:44:07)


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