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Monday, 03-Jul-2000 00:59:47

Message: writes:

my problem is that i suffered oil surge while sticking it around a corner (i switched off straight away) now no matter

what i do i cannot get oil pressure up.

the engine is a 1776 built in 1994 in a new brazilian AS21 case and brazilian oil pick up tube hence no deep sump.

standard crank, mild cam, a berg oil pump and pressure relief cover etc.

i have checked the sender, both relief valves, the oil filter and lines are full of oil (not a vacum lock problem), the pick

up tube is not loose and what little i can check is not blocked. the oil pump gears are turning with the crank, the ball in

the pressure relief cover isn't stuck open. i have cleaned the screan and changed the oil ......

this happened once before (15000 miles ago) but i have no idea what it was that fixed it last time, after a week of

pulling things off, cleaning them, putting them back on scratching my head then doing it all again, it just had pressure


i have run out of ideas and luck hasn't worked this time. any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

henry roberts


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Henry, how are you measuring your oil pressure? Guage? stock indicator light? this info would be helpful. (n/t) (John Pagnanelli) (03-Jul-2000 01:52:32)

Re: Henry, how are you measuring your oil pressure? Guage? stock indicator light? this info would be helpful. (henry) (03-Jul-2000 03:07:50)

Try priming the pump by pouring oil in line to pump then manualy turn motor counterclockwise keeping oil in hose as it will suck oil into pump do this until

you feel that enough oil has gone into pickup tube hook up lines make sure your full of oil in motor then using starter crank for oil pressure.Some people use

a little grease in pump but this way has always worked for hope this helps. (n/t) (Gary Cooper) (03-Jul-2000 09:24:57)

I just got screwed on a New Brazillian case,The oil pump bore in the case was machined .005 TOO BIG.Did your oil pump slide in tight? Are you using a

Berg Pump? I have aslo seen the Shadeck upper drive gear spin where it's pressed together. (n/t) (James Lutz) (03-Jul-2000 09:54:01)

thanks for the ideas, i will try primimg it and check the pump fit. (it is a berg pump). one again thanks. (n/t) (henry) (03-Jul-2000 20:08:38)

make that once again.. (n/t) (h.) (03-Jul-2000 20:10:37)

tell us what you found Henry, when its solved (n/t) (Mood) (04-Jul-2000 05:47:34)

Re: Can`t go `round corners without a sump. also... ( Mark H) (05-Jul-2000 00:06:14)

no progress yet... i've been catching up with some friends (i'm on holidays) (n/t) (henry) (05-Jul-2000 06:08:46)


Re: Henry, how are you measuring your oil pressure? Guage? stock indicator light? this info would be helpful.

Monday, 03-Jul-2000 03:07:50 writes:

no gauges, i tried two different stock sender units,the light stayed on, i checked the connections... connections ok, then

turned the motor over without anything in the sender hole not even a dribble of oil came out. i tried later with the oil

filter off, nothing from there either.




Re: Can`t go `round corners without a sump. also...

Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 00:06:14 writes:

If you turned your motor off right away then there is no oil in the system. unless you do like the others said and reprime

the lines you may have to wait for the pressure to return. If this makes you cringe then pull the plugs and turn the motor

untill it pumps up. I drive my 2180 van every day and if I take freeway onramps too fast too long my oil light will be

glowing by the time I get on the freeway. This really sucks because I have to pull the car out of gear and tap on the gas a

few times before it goes back out. I try to remember not to get into this predicament but sometimes I forget. At times it

takes more times than I have nerves and I will shut the motor off and restart it . This really pisses off the people that are

stuck behind that ugly old VW van but oh well. Any way the moral of the story is that we both need sumps! I have never

lost oil pressure with a deep sump. Even a little 1 1/2 quart does the trick fine. good luck,

Mark H

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