Hi all clfer's!

I was wondering if anyone could give me any info on installing a hurst line lock kit. I know that you have to change the fittings but is there a technique of any sort as far as installing it ? any info would be great thanks!

Brian S.


If you are working with a dual master cylinder, it's a snap. Remove the hard lines from the MC to the flex lines. Find a place close to the MC to mount the unit. Make a line that goes from the MC to the line loc for the "line in" port, and two that go from each output port of the line loc to the flex lines. You will need a plug (CB Perf) for the extra output hole in the MC. All of the lines (metric) and adapter fittings are available from Napa, CB, etc. All that is left is the wiring. One ground wire on the unit and one hot. Either one can be the switched wire for activation. On a single MC you would use the supply line that goes to the front brakes to supply the Line loc. Essentially the same only different. Bleed the system THOROUGHLY. If the line loc is mounted higher than the brakes, and it's nearly impossible not to, it will be really difficult to bleed. Patience and perserverence. Hope that is helpful.

Mike Lawless

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