LASH CAPS Saturday, 08-Jul-2000 20:46:34 Message: writes: When I changed my pushrod tubes, because they were leaking I noticed my lash caps were worn. Yes, all of them! You could see and feel an indentation where the rocker hits. The motor has a whole 3 hours on it if even that. The motor is a 2275 with superflo heads. The cam is an Engle FK-10. The heads are dual spring. I am running the CB Performance, heavy duty, two piece rocker assembly, rhino rockers, with the monster swivle feet. I did align the rockers arms center with the lash caps where as the instructions said to offset them so the valve rotates. So what do you think? Anybody have any similar problem? John Sarnecki

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You shouldn't need lash caps with swivel feet adjusters. Iv'e run swivel feet for years w/o lash caps, no problem. Sounds like the swivel feet are scrubbing the lash cap if the cap is not sitting flat.?.? (n/t) (Ohio Tom) (09-Jul-2000 00:01:27)

Sorry! I take that back, I don't have swivle feet adjusters....MORE (John Sarnecki) (09-Jul-2000 09:45:22)

Re: LASH CAPS (Jon Porto) (09-Jul-2000 12:30:33)

Re: LASH CAPS (Ian MacDowall) (09-Jul-2000 14:18:23)

THANKS! I will pick up some Berg lash caps! One's mind starts to worry excessively! These little motors sure are tempraMENTAL!!! (n/t) (John) (09-Jul-2000 17:30:18)

Re: LASH CAPS (boomer) (09-Jul-2000 21:13:04)


Sorry! I take that back, I don't have swivle feet adjusters....MORE Sunday, 09-Jul-2000 09:45:22 writes: The stock rockers have the adjusters going over the valve. However with the CB Performance 1.4 rockers the adjuster is over the pushrod. So I need to run the caps. Yes, I still need help. John Sarnecki


Re: LASH CAPS Sunday, 09-Jul-2000 12:30:33 writes: The same thing happened to me. I had an FK-7 cam, single springs(for initial run), set the geometry and the usual procedures...then fired up the engine. We just ran the engine for the 1st 15 minutes (initial break-in) then when we checked the lash caps. They were really burned and had deep scratches. you can feel the uneven wear occurred. Even if there was also good oil pressure going to the valve cover side and correct geometry. No coil binding too. To remedy this, we just installed genuine VW lash caps and rechecked the geometry and alignment of the rockers...after that, no problems for chewing up the lash caps...maybe the CB lash caps have not so good quality on them... Jon Porto


Re: LASH CAPS Sunday, 09-Jul-2000 14:18:23 writes: I think the problem lies with the lash caps, I had a set with my Autocraft rockers, but I did not fit them because if you held them up to the light you could see through them. I fitted Berg lash caps and all is OK. Try a set of Berg Lash caps and see how they go. Ian MacDowall



Sunday, 09-Jul-2000 21:13:04 writes:

you used cb performance parts. they do their r&d work on their customers and most of their stuff is substandard. i don't ever use that stuff. it's a waste of money.




Valve lash caps - how tight?? Saturday, 22-Jul-2000 00:07:38 Message: writes: I am setting up a set of autocraft ratio rockers. They came with lash caps, and are a tight fit. How tight should they be? What is the best method to safely install these? Thanks! - Jim Jim

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They should be a .001-.003 tolerance fit. I use bergs and set them on the valve stem(heads complete and long block assembled) and drift them on with a ball-peen hammer and a 6" long, 1/2", brass dowel. That way it doesn't mar the face. (n/t) (Elf) (22-Jul-2000 01:43:18)

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