Holley Fuel Pump Pressure Monday, 26-Jun-2000 07:44:27 Message: writes: Do you guys find the PSI to vary on your Holley pumps when its cold and hot? I had a 1 month old Holley red pump on yesterday set at 4 psi, after 20 minutes it was at zero and that was with the reg. turned up? So I replaced the regulator and it did the same thing. Then I replaced the pump with an old blue Holley and it seems to be ok now? Thanks Damon

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Re: Holley Fuel Pump Pressure (John Palmer) (26-Jun-2000 12:07:52)

Re: Take the bottom off the pump and clean out the bypass plunger it may be sticking. also use a high quality fuel filter in line IN FRONT of the pump, (n/t) (Darren) (26-Jun-2000 14:54:22)

Re: Holley Fuel Pump Pressure (Jerry Despaltro) (26-Jun-2000 18:42:25)


Re: Holley Fuel Pump Pressure

Monday, 26-Jun-2000 12:07:52 writes:

I recently ran into the same(?) problem. Our car has a Holley pump and regulator with IDA's set up. The pressure was fine when cold but after it warmed up the pressure would show zero. No amount adjustment could be made at the regulator to incresae the pressure. However, it never did run out of gas at the carbs or felt like it was starving for gas when driving (at zero showing on the gauge!). I checked the fuel pressure with a test gauge and it showed the normal 4-5 pounds when warm.

Therefore, I replaced the Gauge on the output side of the regulator. After the engine was warmed up with the replacement gauge it also showed zero pressure again!

What fixed the problem was that I reached around the back of the "Oil Filled" 0-15# gauge and opened the rubber fill plug slighty to bleed off excess pressure in the gauge, After It Warmed Up. I only had to do this onece and it has worked fine ever since. The only thing I can figure out is that the gauges are too sensitive to heat to work well at only 4 to 5 pounds pressure. It was like a vapor lock in the reading due to internal pressure inside the gauge when hot.

Hope this helps,

John Palmer

John Palmer


Be sure that you dont use teflon tape to seal the fittings. Holley fuel pumps dont like teflon tape shards.


Jerry Despaltro

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