Ohio Tom - Street Eliminators vs 044's

Thursday, 18-Jan-01 15:45:53 writes:

Could you e-mail me, or post your observations of the port differences of the Street Eliminators vs the 044's. Are the 044's an attempt at having

the same flow capability as the S/E, with additional cooling, or do the S/E's still simply have a greater ability to flow, at the expense of cooling

fins? Also, can you (or someone) please tell me if the Bugpack and CB S/E's are the same head? I apologize for asking this question so many

times, but it hasn't been asnwered yet.

Jim Brown


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Please post! (n/t) (Scott Gilbert) (18-Jan-01 16:25:31)

The 044's come with basically a stock size and design port. The benefit is that you can port them alot and straighten the flow path. All the stock sheet metal will fit and cooling is good. To

maximeze the ports takes many hours of experienced labor, to achive max flow. The S/E heads come with straighend runners that already flow better than alot of heads. With some straight

forward porting work, they can be made to flow and rival the best ported, stock casting head. The drawbacks are your intake manafold bases will probably not be bigh enough to match up.

So welding the manafolds may have to be done. Because of the large intake flange, the center 2 head studs are shrouded. A "Crows Foot" wrench is required to torque them, and the studs

will have to be cut the exact length required or they will hit the intake manafold. Also, the stock sheet metal will have to be tweaked alot to clear the manafolds and new sparkplug locations.

(n/t) (Ohio Tom) (18-Jan-01 18:36:36)

Re: If you want the best performance between an 044 or an Eliminator head there is only one that will give you the performance that you are looking for and that is the modified 044. The

eliminator is the bottom of the food chain and will NOT produce the same hp as a well modified 044. This is a fact that I can personally attest to and prove. If you want to know if something

works ask someone that has modified, tested and used the product. I normally don't get involved but this is one subject I know a little something about. (n/t) (Fred Simpson) (19-Jan-01


Ya, I would think it safe to say Fred Simpson knows a little about heads. Hey Fred, any word about your new engine case yet,? Yep, he is still expired and Lemon sucks (Dave

Cormack) (19-Jan-01 09:35:23)

Re:Two weeks to first pour, three weeks castings will be in shop, three weeks and one day castings are at the machine shop. Yep still gone and don't even think about lemon (n/t)

(Fred Simpson) (19-Jan-01 11:22:52)

I want to see the super T4 heads! I'll buy a set of those when they are out! (n/t) (Steve Arndt) (19-Jan-01 12:40:59)

Re: After the case is finished I will start the gonzo type 4's (n/t) (Fred Simpson) (19-Jan-01 23:51:57)

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