head studs

Friday, 19-Jan-01 09:55:05 writes:

These comments are based on my personnel experience only,

I have only used real 8mm vw studs and have not had any problems at all. My engine is a 2110 and was turbo charged and run with 15 psi of

boost without a single sign of a head leak, It now has a dli blower running 4,8,or15psi depending on my mood, And yes I beat this engine hard

because thatís why I own my bug its my toy and its a lot more fun blowing my money on it then in a bar. Oh ya if I was Kurt I would use the

biggest bad ass head studs I could find, that car has a lot of power and is a sweat ride to boot, I saw it at English town, sorry could not tell what

brand and size studs he has but I believe what he says since he backs up his words at the track.



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Re: head studs (don) (19-Jan-01 10:00:04)

I will agree with Turbo Don 110%. we both drive/abuse our SHOW Bugs on a daily basis and have had no problems with any failures. I used to frequent the Bug-O-Rama, Pamona and

Sacramento shows/races every year from 89-98, now that I see the same and even more power from street VW's right here in my back yard I canceled the anual events out West and have a

blast here in the East. No disrespect to those who REALLY drive their SHOW cars regularly and DO beat them like they were built for it. My head studs are stock VW, I run a Blower and

the same block had 12:1 C/R before. I drove this pig hard and had no problems. (n/t) (Darryl) (19-Jan-01 12:23:57)

Re: I`ve used nothing but chrome moly head studs in all my 8mm motors as well as customers motors for decades and never had a problem either. ( Mark H) (19-Jan-01 14:03:32)

Re: I think people are confusing real VW head studs that came in cars from Germany with OEM new studs in a box. ( Mark h) (19-Jan-01 14:37:56)

Mark, you are 100% correct. My studs that came with my new AS-41 case five years ago were new in box from Brazil. Gold colored. They all stretched. One BROKE off inside the

case insert at 10 ft/lbs of torque. You can actually watch them twist and brake like they're made from cheese! I saved for months in 9th grade to do it right, and step up to a new engine

case. Then I got burned by the new in box parts! They were gold colored, with gold colored nuts and washers. I don't know what the gold stuff is, maybe zinc? (n/t) (Steve Arndt)

(19-Jan-01 15:09:13)

yea, but not all of them are that way, I got a black set made by VW of Brazil. I had to trim them and they are pretty dang hard. Also, they are torqued to 24 lbs. But your right,

the old german ones are best, just hard to find. (n/t) ( James2) (19-Jan-01 17:03:09)

Hard to find???? Every case came with a set. (n/t) (Bruce Tweddle) (19-Jan-01 23:19:26)

STANSKI HERE! HATS OFF TO YOU GUYS!!! now we are getting some REAL expiriences and advice!! thats all i ever wanted before choosing studs for my turbo. thanx guys! (n/t)

(fred stanski) (19-Jan-01 16:31:06)

I have 8MM german head studs in my 1914 w/ N.O.S. I have split barrels & blown holes on the heads, but I have never had a stud problem. I torque them to 26 lbs too. (n/t)

(manxracer1-shawn) (21-Jan-01 03:33:59)


I use stock 8mm VW studs on low performance or stock motors only. They work fine but some times they stretch or twist so I don`t like to take

the chance on higher compression or bigger motors.

I install chrome moly studs and torque them to 25 to 28lbs. I`ve never had one head failure.

Mark H


Like Don and Darryl said their Original equipment studs work fine.

The problem I see with over the counter OEM VW 8 mm studs is that you don`t know what your getting. Ive gotten so many bad sets of after

market AND OEM VW new studs that I gave up on them and tryed the chrome moly sets. Well I`ve been using them for years now and one thing I

never worry about any more is torquing the heads down and having the NEW studs fail! Ive never had a bad set of chrome moly studs. Not that it

couldn`t happen though. I have seen OEM studs right from the dealership that could not be torqued to specs. I even went to the guy who pushes

stock 8 mm studs as the ONLY way to go and his studs wouldn`t even hold 18 friggen lbs. They just sat there and stretched. And yes I checked my

torque wrench . Again this is why I use chrome moly.

The way I figure it is, if you have to go by new studs ,why not buy chrome moly? They even torque the heads down to the older ,higher VW

torque specs.

But if you must use stock studs then I would go find some old rusty originals. At least you can torque them to the stock 18 lbs.

Anyway this has been my experience.

Mark h




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