Need some help with -an fittings.

Monday, 09-Oct-00 13:58:09 writes:

Hi Guys! Well my project is finally becoming a reality, as I just picked up my new Classic Manx body from Bruce Meyers on Sunday.

All I have to do is mount the body, and finish the engine and I will almost be done...yeah right. :)

Anyhow, I figured now would be a good time..before the body is installed to run my fuel line. I am using a tube chassis, so I have to run

lines. This is what i want to do. I would love to use the polished stainless steel -an fittings. I dont mind spending a bit more for them. So

that isn't the problem. My problem is I dont have a clue about what I need to get.

I plan on using my stock tank (brand new) and having a fitting welded to the bottom of it. No big deal there. Now I am also running a

Holley red pump , and regulator. I figured I can run flexible steel braided line from the gas tank to the pump..and then after the pump

insert a fuel pressure gauge, and then run hard line (stainless or polished aluminum) to the rear into the holley regulator. What I dont

understand is these tube sleeves and tube nuts. I would need to go from the 3/8 NPT to the hard line that would run up to the regulator in

the rear. What do I need to buy to do this? I noticed that summit has hard tube -an adapter..but they are the anodized red/blue varity..and I

would rather go with polished stainless. I can get the stainless tube nut and sleeve...but what else do I need to make it attach to the 3/8

NPT? Sorry if this all sounds so confusing. I really dont want to go and order all this expensive stuff only to find out I ordered the wrong

adapters. Also what size fuel line should I run? 3/8 or 1/2. And do you think I should run a flexable steel braided line for a bit after the

fuel stop any vibration...or is it okay to run hard line right into the fuel pump.

Here are the specs on my engine:


level 6 heads from performance tech.

Bugpack forged 82 crank

Scat rods

86B webcam

1 5/8 exhaust

44 webers..soon to be 48 ida's as soon as I get more $$


Thanks for your help guys.

Jay Boudreau

Jay Boudreau


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Re: Need some help with -an fittings. (BartG) (09-Oct-00 14:31:13)

Thanks Bart! That was just the type of info I needed! Thanks. (n/t) (Jay Boudreau) (09-Oct-00 15:03:18)

Go to Jegs! They have much better prices and better selection than Summit. And shipping is ALWAYS included. Also a little FYI, on the Polished SS

fittings, without a little sealant on the AN fiitings, expect some leaks. A dab of pernatex on the threads is the insurance you need. The red & blue aluminum one's don't leak. .

(n/t) (Brian) (10-Oct-00 22:08:37)

Re: Need some help with -an fittings. (Craig Merrow) (09-Oct-00 17:37:59)

37deg fittings are known as JIC or AN. The "-" size referes to 16ths of an inch. ( -8 = 8/16 =1/2"). (n/t) (Ohio Tom) (09-Oct-00 21:57:55)

What kind of tape measure do you guys use? Take an An8 fitting and measure the hole in the end THUS 3/8", take an AN6 fitting THUS 5/16" take an AN10 you get 1/2". (n/t)

(Gary Cooper) (09-Oct-00 22:31:08)

I measure the hose, like the manufacturer does. (n/t) (S. .A.) (09-Oct-00 22:57:43)

Re: Need some help with -an fittings. (Jerry Despaltro) (09-Oct-00 23:06:27)

Jay run 3/8 from tank to filter to pump to regulator then 1/4 or 5/16 to carbs flexible. you can use compression fittings from cross or swagelock both supply stainless and go by tube

size by pipe size (ex1/4tube x 1/4npt) Good luck. (n/t) (Gary Cooper) (11-Oct-00 00:22:21)


Re: Need some help with -an fittings.

Monday, 09-Oct-00 14:31:13 writes:

use of hard lines......there is a nut and a sleeve, slide the nut on the tube and then the sleeve, you then need to flare the end of the hard

line.......this is the tricky part, AN fittings use a 37 degree flare most flaring tools are 45 degrees, so you need to buy a 37 degree tool or

do it the other way, flare it part way with a 45 degree tool and then screw it on the fitting and let the fitting do the rest of the work...I use

a junk AN fitting to do the final flaring part.

hard or flexible?? I do my systems just like the brake system.......hard on the frame and then go flexible on the hard down the pan

and then switch to flexible when going to the motor. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO HARD ALL THE WAY TO THE CARB,,,,,the

vibrations will cause leaks over time 3/8 is plenty big enough...this will correspond to a AN -6...........If you go with 1/2" you will have to use -8 and they are way more expensive! could run 3 VW race motors on the fuel that would be delivered via 1/2"



do not use stainless hard line...It does not flare easily......go with aluminum you can get a 25ft roll from Summit or Jegs fro about $20 and

you can get it in colors! Great stuff to work with!



oh to go from the 3/8 NPT to the will need a "3/8 NPT to a -6 fitting" and then your hardline will be flared and using the nut

and sleeve to attach to new fitting

Good Luck!




Re: Need some help with -an fittings.

Monday, 09-Oct-00 23:06:27 writes:


I plumbed my Manx using all stainless. Earls makes fittings for hard lines that also provide a strain relief at the flare to keep it from

cracking (stainless is brittle once it work hardens from flaring) all the flaring can be done easily with a quality brand name flaring block.

Polished stainless stays shiny much longer then aluminum with less work.


Jerry Despaltro


Re: Need some help with -an fittings.

Monday, 09-Oct-00 17:37:59 writes:

Get a McMaster-Carr catalog or check out their website...I bought all of my braided teflon hose w/brass swedged fittings in an AN-6

size to plumb my entire fuel system from them...they have some good prices on it and will also do custom lengths.

Craig Merrow




3/8" fuel line. Saturday, 13-Jan-01 21:39:40 writes: Can someone tell me again how to make my outlet on the gas tank(bus) bigger up to the 3/8" size.Lanny @ DVKK had a great idea but didn't write it down. So did some other guys.This is so I can run 3/8" line from my tank to my carb. Thanks, Panel

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Re: Late Bus and some t3 have 10mm fuel out lets. 10mm=3/8s also... ( Mark H) (13-Jan-01 22:09:04)

tap the outlet with a 3/8 pipe thread tab and git a 3/8 pipe thread 90 fitting put some teflon tape on it screw it in and be done with it. parker sells good fittings they can also sell you 3/8 braided teflon tubing with fittings crimped on did mine this way was easy and cost affective (n/t) (matt homer) (13-Jan-01 23:07:05) i make a drop in 3/8" fitting for vw gas tanks.... email me.. it screws right into a stock tank (n/t) (Milt) (14-Jan-01 02:00:56) [email protected]


You can weld or braze a washer to a peice of 3/8s tubing or brake line.

Mark H




3/8" fuel tank fitting

Monday, 15-Jan-01 00:03:35 writes:

i made mention last nite of a 3/8" fitting i made for my gas tank... then for a customer... and then another. it's nothing i keep in stock at the shop but

after receiving several emails about them i think it's time for a patent... hehehe.

but seriously folks... these fittings screw onto the stock bung of the tank. and come out as a 3/8" barbed fitting. they are about $15 plus shipping...

i think that is cheaper than buying the tap it takes to do it the other way. not to mention a lot less hassle.

if you are interested in these give me a call at the shop 562 428 0106... i'm not trying to make an advertisement here.. but just trying to make it

easier for everyone.



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Does this fit the split bus tanks? Or are they the same outlet! (n/t) (Panel) (15-Jan-01 00:07:41)




banjo fittings

Sunday, 14-Jan-01 09:08:48 writes:

Anyone have a set of banjo fittings for 48 ida's.preferbly from earls(all my fittings are from earls).summit doesnt stock them(said they can order

them but no guarntees they can get'em) does anyone keep'em on the shelf or have a pair they want to sell.



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thats odd, my local earls supplier ordered them up for me no problem. they fit, looked and worked great. check jegs they might be able to help. (n/t) (bergboy) (14-Jan-01


Re: I have several sets Shane, drop me an e-mail. (n/t) (14-Jan-01 11:55:56)

Oops, that was me. (n/t) (Tracy) (14-Jan-01 12:02:43)

Re: You've got mail!! (n/t) (Shane) (14-Jan-01 13:35:19)


Re: Re: Hey NO NAME!!! do they mail order as I live in Texas (n/t) (Shane) (14-Jan-01 19:03:23)

Re: Call McKenzie's (714) 441-1212. They speak VW/Weber and stock the IDA to #6 AN that most people use, a nicer arrangment than the banjo fittings. They also do mail order. (n/t)

(Tom Simon) (14-Jan-01 23:02:02)

Re: Re: Tom Im running a thing shroud.will those clear it with notching the shroud (n/t) (Shane) (14-Jan-01 23:19:00)

Re: Re: Re: that should read "without" (n/t) (14-Jan-01 23:20:52)

Re: It depends on the intake manifolds and their spacing. I'd do a mock-up fittment, and see how much clearence I had. Earl's may make a 90 degree version of this fitting,

for tight quarters. Beware that the Weber inlet is not NPT thread, and the Earl's fittings are made specifically for Webber IDA, Webber IDF, and some Dellorto sizes (all

different). McKenaboutzie's had seven different options (carb to AN fittings) hanging on their wall in the back, when I was there in October. (n/t) (Tom Simon)

(15-Jan-01 16:19:31)

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