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Wednesday, 29-Mar-2000 10:37:38 writes:

Any suggestion on the best locations for the sensors? This is my first engine build (2007)and could use some advice.



.... we (Clyde, Andy, and I) tried a couple of things a little different. The Air temp sensor went into the Velocity stack. Andy welded a bung to the billet stack and we put the sensor about 1/4" into the airstream, and positioned where the boundry air layer is thickest, presenting the least intrusion to the air flow.

The coolant temp sensor is in the air flow coming off the 3/4 head. welded a bung in the sheet metal and stuck it in, I can email you a pix, It's worth a bunch of words.

The Map sensor is mounted to the body just under the decklid, again a pix will cover it.

Are you using a F9A? If so the 02 sensor is in the header just B4 the flange, plus my new dual muff has two bungs in it. another pix.

So you now have choices, and everything seems to work in the many different ways that they can be mounted.

PS, the stock wire loom sucks, It tries to fit way too many cars, contact me if you like what mine looks like, again a pix, or look at my web site at



Tom H.


Berg boy bad place for the air temp sensor that sensor is for telling the computer of the air temp that is actually going in the combustion chamber, not the engine compartment temp. Rich my head temp sensor is...

Wednesday, 29-Mar-2000 13:04:12 writes:

located in the head right next to the intake manifold on top, all you have to do is weld a bung on and drill a hole so the wire can come up through the tin. My air temp sensor is located in the manifold. I just welded on a small piece of aluminum and drilled and tapped it for 3/8 npt. It worked out great and just the tip of the sensor is in the air stream. The Tps is on the throttle shaft like all of them are. Hope this helps. I can weld the bungs on for you but I live on the east coast. Hope this helps Chuck


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