Depending on rod length, there is always some tin mods necessary to do. The cylinder head tins as other have said should be genuine vw.I screw the

tin on an old JUNK head and lay a 2by4 just above the spark plug holes all the way across and wack the s--- out of it, noting while doing this to trim

the deflector inside as it get closer to the head.The end should butt up very close to the case. At this time if the mouth for the manifold need opening i

do it at that time with a par of tin snips. Now after that has been done I then lay the front and rear tins on the motor and mark the spot where the screws

go on the head tin ( if nec). I drill and weld another 6mm nut underneath those marks, also nothing the length and cut off the excess but leaving enough

to fold down to make a new lip. The width of the motor is then stock and fits in the engine compartment EASILY. Now on the one method of cutting the

top of the piston, yes it unfourtanate that no one really makes a better piston, by cutting the top you lose your heat dam, and transfer more heat to the oil.

I highly don't recommend cutting the tops as they are already not thick enough as it is!!!! GBE has a video on this procedure.


[email protected] (gary berg)

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