coming back to "engine breathing..." Tuesday, 11-Jul-2000 15:56:49 Message: writes: Has anyone attached a breather pipe to the fuel pump hole after adding an elecronic feul pump? When you run your breather pipes to the carbs, do you run all the pipes into on box and the to one/both carbs or do you do it differently, say, both valve covers to one carb and the oil breather to the other carb? Just trying to get ideas for "free" HP. Thanx Tony Z

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Re: coming back to "engine breathing..." (Craig Merrow) (11-Jul-2000 17:14:28) Re: coming back to "engine breathing..." (Ken Swain) (11-Jul-2000 22:30:59) Re: coming back to "engine breathing..." (Chad) (12-Jul-2000 09:47:01)


Re: coming back to "engine breathing..." Tuesday, 11-Jul-2000 17:14:28 writes: I built my breather so that the engine case and valve covers vent into the lower half, and the upper half vents into each air cleaner. The right valve cover vents into the very bottom of the breather, so that any oil that does accumulate inside can drain back into the motor. I'm still using a mechanical pump, so haven't yet had the opportunity to vent the case from that area. Craig Merrow


Re: coming back to "engine breathing..." Tuesday, 11-Jul-2000 22:30:59 writes: I've run a vacuum scavaging setup off my extractor exhaust that pulled a slight vacuum in the case. Use a vacuum guage and keep the vacuum low so you don't suck out oil...5 lbs seems to be the amount that is accepted by the V8 drag guys. Restrict the amount with an orfice washer. The fuel pump hole is ideal. Ken "Kghia" Swain. Ken Swain


Re: coming back to "engine breathing..." Wednesday, 12-Jul-2000 06:47:01 writes: I just figured out the breathing system on my 2110. For the valve covers I installed those lil air cleaner type oil vents on the back. This way I don't have to run hoses to a breather box and drill holes in my back tin plate. I got one of those CB performance oil filler breather box combo. I will run a line from the fuel pump plate to the bottom of the oil filler box. From the top of the box I will run lines to my air cleaners. Chad

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