melting Rotor

Saturday, 03-Jun-2000 13:55:33

Message: writes:

I recently installed a CDI and pertronix points replacement in 009. This morning I went to adjust my valves and discovered the resistor

inside my rotor had heated up to the point of burning the epoxy all up.

Anyone know what the cause and/or fix for this could be?



Don Jiskra


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Re: Melting Rotor (Craig Merrow) (03-Jun-2000 14:58:26)

Hey Craig, did you get your air cleaners yet. I know that Steve sent them for next day (Saturday) delivery,,,,? (n/t) (Don Bulitta) (03-Jun-2000 17:56:14)

Yes I did, and wow, are they TRICK! They were well worth the wait! (n/t) (Craig Merrow) (03-Jun-2000 19:17:00)

Try a rotor out of a late (post 1990) Golf they are made for the electronic ignition and don't melt down as easily I had the same problem after fiiting a type 25 ignition system to

my type 3 (n/t) (Hugh) (03-Jun-2000 21:34:52)

Thanks guys, I did what Craig/John said to do. Maybe I'll stop by a VW dealer and pick up a Golf rotor too. (n/t) (Don) (03-Jun-2000 22:02:54)

Hey Don I could bring one to the Classic for you as I stock this in my stock of Parts. (n/t) (Steve) (03-Jun-2000 23:58:33)

That's nice of you Steve, but I'm in NY, i WISH I was going to the Classic. (n/t) (Don Jiskra) (04-Jun-2000 18:59:56)

------------------------------ writes:

Sounds like there was a lot of resistance in there, and the resistor got hot trying to pass the extra juice. I took a cue from John Connolly

and dug the epoxy and resistor out, then soldered a piece of brass shim stock in its place and filled it back in with some two-part

epoxy. Hey, Don, are you going to be at Litchfield? Hope to see you there!

Craig Merrow


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