Disc brake clearance Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 19:58:56 Message: writes: I'm installing a set of CB Performance disc brakes on my 78 vert and have noticed that there is a clearance issue with a set of 8 spoke rims. They just scrape the outside edge of the caliper (front side, hitting the spokes). Is this just an issue with this style of rim, or should I consider a different rim? If it can be clearanced, do you do the rim or the caliper? Rich

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Re: Disc brake clearance (Mike Lawless) (27-Jul-2000 22:31:26)

mine are close too, but clear just fine....Hmmm. Is the caliper centered on the disk? Maybe add a washer or 2 to shim the caliper

inwards if possible. (n/t) (Ohio Tom) (28-Jul-2000 01:44:35)

8-spokes rubbing: (Roland Metz (NY)) (28-Jul-2000 09:06:03)

Re: Disc brake clearance (Steve) (28-Jul-2000 13:31:32)


Re: Disc brake clearance Thursday, 27-Jul-2000 22:31:26 writes: I ran across this exact phenomenon you describe! It seems to be the little "Norb" on the caliper that rubs against the back of the spokes. I ended up switching wheels anyway, but what I was going to do was remove just enough material from the "Norb" to get the required clearance. It probably wouldn't matter if you decided to remove material from the back of the wheel either, but the "Norb" would be less time consuming. I "THINK" it may be a machining boss. Mike Lawless


8-spokes rubbing: Friday, 28-Jul-2000 09:06:03 writes: Rich: I encountered this too, but while putting 8-spokes onto my '77 std Beetle with Ghia discs. If the CB kit uses stock VW calipers then the interference may be inherent. I used some 3/16" washers bought at a hardware store, placed under each wheel stud to space the wheel out. I "borrowed" a cheap vernier caliper from the store to measure each washer for same thickness. Ended up getting rid of the damned wheels since with my lowered front end (and fiberglass fenders) the tires rubbed the fenderlip a bit. Grinding the nub off the caliper would be better. Roland Metz (NY)


Re: Disc brake clearance Friday, 28-Jul-2000 13:31:32 writes: I'm having the very same problem, but with my American 5-spokes. The spoke curvature just barely rubs. Look caliper-here comes the die grinder. Steve

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