Dell 40 tuning Saturday, 26-Aug-2000 15:00:12 Message: writes: Hi all, I just took my $250 Dell 40s apart and found these parts inside: 34 venturis 180 main air 150 main gas 65 idle gas 35 acc pump Will this jetting work well on a 2110 with a Bugpack 4062 cam and CB 044 40/35.5 ported heads and a 1 5/8 merged exhaust? Also I need to order rebuild kits and I think I need a 150 inlet needle seat on both, is this correct? I am still reading my Dellorto tech book but I thought I would ask here to get a second, and "real world", opinion. Also, I havent decided on compression yet. I have narrowed it down to between 7:1 and 8:1. The car will be driven on some long trips so I want to keep it so there is no overheating. Thanks for any tips! Mike Fritz

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Re: Dell 40 tuning::;Mike I would think that you will need about 175ish main gas and 200 air your carbs are a little small for 2110 but will work however Someone help here if im not mistaken normally vent size is 2mm smaller than your intake valve size so it looks as though you would need at least an 36 vent, your idle looks ok to start John C. would be better at giving you more closer sizing . (n/t) (Gary Cooper) (26-Aug-2000 18:19:32)

Gary, are you used to running carbs at 35,000 ft BELOW sea level???? (Bruce Tweddle) (29-Aug-2000 13:33:38)

Re: Dell 40 tuning; The set up you have will work to start out with, it will be close and with only minor changes, On the Vents: I have ran 37mm on 35.5 heads and am running 42mm on 44mm intakes and even 46mm on 44mm intakes, you set up will work fine in my opinion and just make sure that the floats are correct and the linkage is in good order. Dellortos like big idles and big mains compaired to Webers for the same size venturis. (n/t) (Art Thraen, Air Cooled Engineering) (27-Aug-2000 23:21:55)

Thanks for the great advice! (n/t) (Mike Fritz) (28-Aug-2000 01:22:20)

Re: Art is the naturally aspirated MAN! (n/t) (Rick M) (28-Aug-2000 02:31:51)


Gary, are you used to running carbs at 35,000 ft BELOW sea level????

Tuesday, 29-Aug-2000 13:33:38 writes:

Cause that's the only place a 175 main jet will work with 34mm venturis. The original main jet that comes with a 40 Dell and 34 vents is a 140. Also a 180 air corrector works perfectly with all 36, 40, and 45s, since he already has them....

Bruce Tweddle


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