Spun Alloys Tuesday, 30-Jan-01 04:42:49 writes: Just collared a set of spun alloys - I've been told they are DDS. Is there a definitive way of finding out? Also, while you guys are listening - is it possible to clearance a case for an 82mm crank at home i.e. with out access to mega machinery? Thanx guys!!! Jamo

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Spun Alloys (Jamo) (30-Jan-01 04:42:49)

Yes, You just need a air compressor and a dye grinder with some good bits. (n/t) (Clinton) (30-Jan-01 05:55:12)

I clearanced my case for an 82mm crank with VW journals using a Dremel and a couple different cutting burrs. (n/t) (Ed) (30-Jan-01 09:17:39)

DDS spun wheels....................... (Geoff Peterson) (30-Jan-01 13:41:23)

Re: DDS spun wheels....................... (John Palmer) (30-Jan-01 16:43:27)

Did any of you see those DDS rims for sale on Ebay a few weeks ago. The guy thought they were authentic but then pulled them because some one said they weren't. Anyone know if they were fakes? Also, what would a real set of those rims cost you normally? (n/t) (R. Hodges "Cornbread") (30-Jan-01 18:03:48)

they were Michelles once we saw the second set of Pics, the ones on Ebay did not show any detail....I am glad no one got stuck with them , the seller cancelled the auction (n/t) (30-Jan-01 20:42:54)

Re: Spun Alloys--dds cost (troy palmer) (30-Jan-01 18:38:24)

Crank clearancing (Bruce Tweddle) (30-Jan-01 23:49:01)


DDS spun wheels....................... Tuesday, 30-Jan-01 13:41:23 writes: Real DDS wheels are hand Tig welded in the center, others are usualy machine welded and have lots of splater near the weld. Also I belive the DDS wheels measure 2.5 inches from the center of a lug hole to the start of the first lip radious. (on 15" wheels not sure on the 13's) DDS wheels are also made of .125" Aluminum. Hope this helps. Geoff Peterson


Re: DDS spun wheels....................... Tuesday, 30-Jan-01 16:43:27 writes: Jamo and Geoff, Geoff you are correct with your DDS wheel information. I would like to add that the wheels also were made up from three pieces, the two 1/8" spun aluminum rim halves and a flat 1/8" plate that was welded in between them. That is how they took two 1/8" pieces and ended up with 3/8" in the hub area. Not sure who else might have also used three pieces on their 1/8" lightweight wheels? We use H.D. ERCO on the rear and they are only two piece. The measurement for the 13" wheel is 1 1/2" from the center of the lug hole to the flange on the rim, and 2 1/2" as you stated on the 15" wheel. The best way to identify real DDS wheels is to just shop the swap meets for spun aluminum and look for the "Bent Rims" and they could be the Real Thing? Sorry, but the tire shops destroy them when mounting tires since they are so thin. My advice would be to use New ERCO's (they look very close sitting side by side) unless you have to be period correct. Good Luck with your hunt, John Palmer


Its hard to put a value on the dds rims. If they are real and a set of four i would think they would be atleast $1000. I bought 2 dds rims(15x4.5's) for $400. Remember the hot set up used to be to run 15"s in the rear and 13"s in the front. If you don't want to run 13"s you have to almost buy 2 sets of them( i need on 13" rim if you do). After mounting them and running them on the front with erco's in the rear i would say i am more comfortable with the erco's than the dds's. The tire shop tore the shi& out of them and that was the same shop that has mount tires on my brms. So good luck and i hope you find a clean set.


troy palmer

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