84mm crank vs. cam lobe

Sunday, 26-Mar-2000 00:02:31

Message: writes:

The 84 x 90.5 motor i am assembling right now has run into a problem. The Bugpack 84mm crank is interfering with the lobes on the

cam. Counterweights/rod cheeks are within .020" and closer to lobes.

Crank is Bugpack Chevy journal 84mm

Cams I have tried are Web Cam 109, Engle 120 and Web Cam 86A. I thought we'd have luck with the 86A since it is a ratio rocker

grind and most of its lift comes from running rockers. But no such luck.

Do we have crank ground to clear? Or is there a cam that is configured to clear? I would like to see .040" clearance. I really don't

enjoy the thought of cutting the cheeks on the crank as it will take away some of rod radius.

Approx lift at lobes are:

Web 109: .422"

Web 86A: .384"

Engle 120:.395"

please help

Jim Ratto


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Re: ooops: The cam is a Web 86B....not 86A!!!!! (n/t) (Jim Ratto) (26-Mar-2000 00:14:23)

Re: 84mm crank vs. cam lobe (jimmy) (26-Mar-2000 00:32:40)

Re: Berg sells offers his cams with an "ELC" option(Extra Lobe Clearance).. (n/t) (Ian) (26-Mar-2000 00:32:41)

Re: 84mm crank vs. cam lobe (jimmy) (26-Mar-2000 00:33:27)

Re: some times you have to clearance the cam lobes try the crank first you are not going to weaken it. you have to grind alot off before it affects the balance. (n/t) (D L H)

(26-Mar-2000 00:36:19)

Re: 84mm crank vs. cam lobe (Mike Preston) (26-Mar-2000 03:15:30)

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Re: ooops: The cam is a Web 86B....not 86A!!!!!

Sunday, 26-Mar-2000 00:14:23 writes:



Jim Ratto


Re: Jim, ya want a pix of the clearance job on my 84 Berg Crank?

Sunday, 26-Mar-2000 09:59:46 writes:

email me and I can get you some digi pix today. my crank clears an fk89 easily, there is a definite "step" next to the rod journal.

Tom H.


Never grind the cam lobes,just grind the crank and make sure that you debur the erea you grind.

Rick Mustard


Re: Re: Re:I believe All Berg cranks come .....

Monday, 27-Mar-2000 12:23:05 writes:

... with the proper clearance requirements already done as a routine in their production. Our 86 Porsche as well as my 84 Capri have

them. I guess you need to measure the diameter of the cheek and get it ground and balanced again(?). Glad to help, see ya at the Classic, if

not Sac.

Tom H.

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