Clutch Problems (I think( again.... Saturday, 15-Jul-2000 15:11:00 Message: writes: Ok, thakn-you to all who replied to my earlier message about my problems. I've decided I'm gonna repost with little more detail...I tried taking her around the block to day and it seems if I can shift into 1st it will not let me go into 2nd. If I can get through 1st and 2nd once, when I try downshifting from 2nd to 1st, it doesn't allow me into 1st. I'm sure if I'm making sense...I'm not sure if it's clutch or not, I'm defiently not an expert (lol), so I need u guys to help me figure out what's wrong with the dumb thing. OH yeah, 3rd and 4th are just fine...thanks once again, I appreciate any response I get. Jason Dawes PS, It's a '74 Type 1, if that matters Jason Dawes

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Front shifter bushing maybe? I had kind of the same problem on my '65 and the bushing fixed it. (n/t) (Mike Fritz) (15-Jul-2000 16:17:52)

Re: Clutch Problems (I think( again.... (Hugh) (15-Jul-2000 16:23:53)

Re: Clutch Problems (I think( again.... (Dave Conklin) (15-Jul-2000 16:43:17)

Re: Clutch Problems? (Chadwick) (15-Jul-2000 19:42:04)

sounds like it cold be a bent or cracked brass 1/2 shift fork..... common problem with late trannys . dennis valley vw (n/t) (16-Jul-2000 00:03:55)

Re: Clutch Problems (I think( again.... ([email protected]) (16-Jul-2000 01:42:45)

Is your clutch releasing all the way??? If it's hanging up it wil only shift when you match the revs. (n/t) (Dougy Dee) (16-Jul-2000 12:43:44)

as goofy as that is acting, it may be the shift fork on the 1/2 rail coming loose, since it is only happing on those 2 gears...not good, trans has to come out and apart to fix (n/t) (matt) (16-Jul-2000 14:18:28)


Re: Clutch Problems (I think( again.... Saturday, 15-Jul-2000 16:43:17 writes: Most probably it is the shift bushing. Take out your shifter and check to see if the bushing back inside the tunnel is still in good shape or even there at all. Also check the connector where the shift rod bolts to the tranny (under the seat) There was an artical in one of the major VW magazines recently on how to repair the shift rod bushing, or just refer to a good Bently manual. Its not too complex, just a little difficult to get to. Also, make sure that your clutch is disengaging completely when you push the pedal in. if not, it will make it hard to shift. If its not these, it is probably something in the tranny. Hope this helps. Dave Conklin


Re: Clutch Problems?

Saturday, 15-Jul-2000 19:42:04 writes:

Do you by chance have a Bugpack short-shifter? I was just talking today to a feller who had this problem with this particular shifter. He said that he could either have first and second, or third and fourth. He changed back to an original set-up.



Re: Clutch Problems (I think( again.... Sunday, 16-Jul-2000 01:42:45 writes: dennis is probably has a brass 1-2 shift fork and is probably broke or breaking.let me guess your car is 69 to 71.if not then its been rebuilt and someone used a brass fork [email protected]

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