Clutch disc to a street/strip car?

Wednesday, 05-Apr-2000 06:03:21

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At the moment I have an overkill clutch in my street-race '65 Beetle: Kennedy 2700lbs + 3-puck. The car is street driven ~1000 miles every summer and the current clutch is NOT too driveable with the spool and the DOT-marked slicks...

The engine is a 84x94 turbo and the car weights 1750lbs. 60ft with cold tires and street-conditions is not good (~1.80sec), but the best 1/4 mile time is 11.63sec/112mph.

Do you think the Gene Berg Dual Friction disc (GB 104) would slip in 3rd or 4th? How about the launch with better traction?




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we have a special disc that's perfect for your application. (John Connolly) (05-Apr-2000 06:58:03)

Re: TRY SOMETHING ELSE (FAT MIKE) (05-Apr-2000 09:24:43)

My two cents (Marty) (05-Apr-2000 11:11:09)

my two cents (n/t) (bergboy) (05-Apr-2000 11:22:09)

Re: Going back to a rag. (Darren k) (05-Apr-2000 11:27:21)

ooops (bergboy) (05-Apr-2000 11:27:40)

I hope that isn't one of those new and improved kennedy pressure plates, they are junk they hook up way to violently. Use the old style kennedy and a stock solid disk. I run 1.6 60ft with my non-turbo 2332 motor all metal car. (n/t) (Chuck) (05-Apr-2000 11:32:02)

Yeah it is the new style. Lummus says that his disk and that plate work great together. Its too late now so I got to give it a try. (n/t) (Marty) (05-Apr-2000 13:02:05)

Re: Clutch disc to a street/strip car? (Jerry) (05-Apr-2000 19:10:25)


It's a dual friction disc, and WILL NOT glaze. you can view it at

John Connolly


I use a kennedy 2100# plate with a 4-puck, and firestone 6" slicks. My car 60fts in the 1.5s all day long , and runs 11.30s (all steel w/ full interior). Everyone is going to have a different opinion, but you wont know till you try.

good luck,



My motor is 86 x 90.5 turbo and I had the Berg disk (it slipped) with a 2300# Kennedy

I tried a 4 puck with a 2300# disc and it was terrible to drive and then it slipped once badly.

Now I have a Ron Lummus Black Majic disc with a Stage One Kennedy disc (the same setup that Chris Bubbets uses) and will try it out. I will run it on saturday at pomona and will let you know how it works.

This setup is expensive though.



I used a Dual friction last year, It chattered a little but worked great until I slipped it bad on a couple of launches( @ 1.80 60 ft.) and glazed it. I am going back to a stock German rag.

Darren k


Use the washington anti shocker sold by Bergs and you will experience softer launches.


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