Dead 2109, revisited Tuesday, 18-Jul-2000 23:39:20 Message: writes: Thanks for all the moral support on earlier post( I needed it). Wife has given the green light to spend the money to fix it :-) I think I have found the source of failure: On the previouse case, (and this one) I had them cleaned at a local shop. They use a tumbler with some abrasive to clean the case with ( I have seed V-8 blocks cleaned this way before so I didn't think twice). Looks good but gets everwhere. Now, I did my own careful cleaning of the case once I was done putting the final touches on. All passages were drilled and cleaned. There was absolutly no loose material in this case, but( I believe) that some of the abrasive somehow remained hiding. Upon inspection, The oil pickup screen was nearly completely plugged with some gritty fomations. I have never had a case cleaned this way before, but ever since, my motor has been killed same way "twice" in short order. There has got to be a link here. I will switch to dual springs. What do you think about one of those Holly screen type oil filters with a Melling pump, since my old one is trash now? Ohio Tom

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Oh yeah, Lifter-to-bore clearance was plenty. The cam and lifter faces look fine. Oil was 10w-30 for the cam break-in period. Then 20-50. Didn't get far enough to put in Synthetic. (n/t) (Ohio Tom) (18-Jul-2000 23:46:06)

Make sure not to clearance lifter bosses any more than you need to get .040-.060 at full lift. I've seen cases really screwed up by going too far here. (n/t) (Tracy) (19-Jul-2000 00:08:08)

just for the info i use 15w-40 shell rotella oil....i tbelieve syntheic oil doesnt cool motor as well, even though it makes more horsepower (n/t) (mike from ga) (19-Jul-2000 00:25:51)

Re: what is wrong with 30 ,40 ,20/50 your times are not going to change you are not out setting records my grandfather worked for ashland oil in Ohio and he used filtered oil in his dragster tow vehicle, boat and any other use until he retired all because it was free ofcourse but, remember its the label that people look at little do they its all the same (n/t) (DLH) (19-Jul-2000 01:09:10) Hey Tom, I witnessed the remains of an engine that used a bead blasted case once. The lifter bores were massively worn and the cyllinders were junk from scoring. Only took 3 days to happen....I think that you found your problem. (n/t) (John Pagnanelli) (19-Jul-2000 01:17:36)

good luck !!you da MAN..make mine a full flow ,sys 1 and cow magnet. (n/t) (Sherrer) (19-Jul-2000 01:27:43) p.s. I am nervous!!!what is the proper way to clean a magnesium case? (n/t) (19-Jul-2000 01:31:06)

Re: PRESSURE WASHER! (n/t) (19-Jul-2000 01:35:03)

Here's what I did... (Ed) (19-Jul-2000 07:20:13) Bead blasted cases (John Plow) (19-Jul-2000 09:55:48)

Ouch! That had to have hurt. Anyone have Berg chemclean their case? (n/t) (Louis Brooks) (19-Jul-2000 10:29:42)

I did when I upped my 1600 to 1776...I had them do the case, the heads, and the sump. Nice to have clean parts to work with. (n/t) (Craig Merrow) (19-Jul-2000 17:42:43)


Here's what I did...

Wednesday, 19-Jul-2000 07:20:13 writes:

I first scrubbed the case inside and out with spray on engine degreaser and a couple small brushes, and then took it to the coin car wash and rinsed it on the high pressure rinse mode. I held the tip of the wand in all the oil passages so that they would really get blasted clean. Make sure you do this again after all the machine work is done, you don't want any loose chips floating around. this worked very well, the case could pas the "white glove" test when I was done!



Bead blasted cases Wednesday, 19-Jul-2000 09:55:48 writes: I remember hearing a story about a Porsche 356 concours guy who was building his motor. He wanted the case to look perfect, so he very carefully bead blasted the outside only. He then spent hours cleaning the case (tank, air hose, etc). He buttoned-up the long block, installed all the powder coated tin and cadium plated hardware, and fired it up on the engine stand. It looked and ran great. For 10 minutes. Locked completely up. I'm paranoid, so I just use whatever degreaser I have laying around and a brush, and take my time. When I'm done, off to the pressure washer and go nuts. (Water is less abrasive :-)) Finish with some compressed air and you're off to the races. Tom, I think you found your problem. J John Plow

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