Ive got a 2175, Engle 120 42x37 044s 1 5/8 P&P w/ a 1 5/8 merged header. My 44IDF's have F11's in them with 135 Mains, 45 Idles, and 125 (I think) Air Corrections at 5000ft.

What Set of jets might I run at 500ft (Phoenix)?

Chris Knight


I would think you are a little lean right now and therefor, at a higher altitude may be jetted closer to the optimum.But I will let guys like Art and Connolly and those with the skinny fill in the blanks. All engines are a little different and you need to find what the combo likes.

dan ruble


This is close: 50/52.5 idle, 135-145 main, and 180 air. Use your existing e-tube (n/t) (John Connolly) (22-Mar-2000 13:45:55)


Im just wondering how big a difference the emulsion tubes make, i have 44 idfs with the short e-tubes(F-7 i think), what kinda difference could I expect if i changed to the more common F-11s??

Thanks in advance.




Go 1 jet size richer for every 5000ft. is the rule of thumb

Wednesday, 22-Mar-2000 20:28:31 writes:

That would mean a 50 idle jet, and a 140 main for your set-up. The main sounds a little lean to me though, you might want to have a set of 145s handy. I jetted my 40 IDFs to a 47.5 idle at sea level to get the correct CO, so John's recommendation of a 50-52.5 would be right on the money.

A 125 air corrector in 44IDFs is almost unheard of. Typical values are in the 180-200. Check the size and get back to us. At your elevation, a 125 would make your engine go way rich above 5000 rpm.

Bruce Tweddle

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