IDF Blues Sunday, 30-Jul-2000 11:43:53 Message: writes: For as long as I can remember, IDF's had always had a problem with idle jets plugging. In the past, I used a Bosch FI 71012 fuel filter to help alleviate this. But this latest car I have been working on....despite the Bosch filter, it keeps plugging away. Unfortunately, I resorted to cutting holes in this customer's fender wells to access the idle jets, but it is still a hassle to jack up the car, remove the jets, clean them, replace them....yada yada yada. Has anyone come up with a final solution to this? I know of two expensive ones: IDA's or Dellorto 45DRLA's. But in the mean time, have you guys ever licked this highly frustratiing problem? Thanks again! Jim Ratto

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My problem went away when I changed my rusty gas tank..... (n/t) (Ohio Tom) (30-Jul-2000 11:59:45)

Re: IDF Blues (Jeff N.) (30-Jul-2000 12:46:30)

Re: IDF Blues ([email protected]) (30-Jul-2000 12:46:33)

Re: sometimes just removing the jets and blowing them out is not enough take the carb apart (n/t) (E-Girl) (30-Jul-2000 13:18:31) Rust flakes accumulate in the fuel pump too! (n/t) (Nick Gomez) (30-Jul-2000 13:26:20)

It wasn't until I cut access holes in my fender wells that I started having trouble with plugged idle jets...couldn't keep the trash out. (n/t) (Derrick from NC) (30-Jul-2000 13:31:53)

Isn't that ironic. Derrick, did you have a hard time sealing the fenderwell? (n/t) (Don Jiskra) (30-Jul-2000 22:12:30)

I made a door from a section of rubber. I suspect a highway speed air caused a gape to form allowing debris kicked up by my tires to get sucked into the engine compartment. A better door setup might have solved my problems. (n/t) (Derrick from NC) (31-Jul-2000 07:53:00) Re: IDF Blues (John Plow) (30-Jul-2000 15:44:03)

my solution to plugs jets and tuning problems, EFI !!!! lol ;) (n/t) (bergboy) (30-Jul-2000 18:34:09)

the nearest trashcan might be a good solution. (n/t) (Jim Ratto) (30-Jul-2000 23:08:06)

IDF idle circuits sure don't like crud in the fuel system.. (n/t) (Steve B) (30-Jul-2000 23:47:32)

Doesn't the CB performance horizontal emulsion tube retrofit eliminate this problem? (n/t) (Dougy Dee) (31-Jul-2000 09:04:05)

A few things I've done Jim, because this problem is even more prevalent when.... (Greg Ward) (31-Jul-2000 23:54:36)


Re: IDF Blues

Sunday, 30-Jul-2000 09:46:30 writes:

Hey Jim. I had a problem with my ghia when I first put my 2110 in. I have 44's on it (for now heheh) anyways I was getting a lot of little chunks for a while. So I tryed to clean the tank as good as I could and changed the in tank screen. Still a little junk so I ran a filter at the tank and another one just before the regulator T on the engine. That way I figured I would catch the stuff from the tank and the line. Immediately I had no more problems and after a while I got rid of the filter on the engine and havent really had a problem since using just one at the tank. I don't know if this helps but it worked for me. Good luck.

Jeff N.


Re: IDF Blues Sunday, 30-Jul-2000 12:46:33 writes: Been there, depends on th set of IDF's not all of them are bad. With me it only happens when the car sits in the garage and the Webers run dry!! ( Internal corrosion is very common)Also most commenly the 44 idle jets block, 48's should be OK. Make sure you get Italian made Webers and not the spanish ones; They are really bad! [email protected]


Re: IDF Blues Sunday, 30-Jul-2000 15:44:03 writes: That's interesting, because I never had that problem with my IDFs, amd I ran them for two years, and drove it quite a bit. If the car is running decent air filters, then I assume the problem is fuel related. When I purchased my '67, it had only been driven about 1,000 km the previous 10 years, and had been in storage the last 6. I was worried about sediment, so I just ran two cheap see-through plastic inline fuel filters above the tranny, and never had a problem. I continue to do this, and change them annually, after the first few tanks of fuel, following winter storage. Our old Chris Craft experiences this problem, especially if it has not been used in a while. Use to frustrate the HELL out of me. Once I added two inline filters, and changed them annually, it solved the problem. It was interesting to note the amount of crap the second filter got that the first one missed. No fuel starvation problems, either. Good luck Jim; JP John Plow


A few things I've done Jim, because this problem is even more prevalent when.... Monday, 31-Jul-2000 23:54:36 writes: your throwing the car sideways thru sharp corners on a racetrack. 1. I agree with everyone on the fuel tank metal filter. It firstly must be there and secondly not plugged with debris.I found a really strong electric pump sucked so hard there was a few minute holes ripped in mine, or from old age etc.. then crap just streamed on in. 2. For a number of reasons I have cut holes underneath the fenders for access, they are about as big as half a shoebox.I originally made some steel covers with Duz fasteners to seal it back up again.This was a pin in the a$$ because getting a screw driver up there to undo them without jacking the car up was useless. This year I hit on a magic idea. The invention of the '90's. VELCRO. Yep!!,velcro, just made some very thin aluminium covers, bent into shape and stuck velcro all round these. Then under the fender around the hole I actually drilled holes in the stuck on velcro and screwed it to the fender. Otherwise it wants to rip off. Now all you do is lay down ,rrrrippp off the cover, fix the jet and press the cover back on.No jacks, no tools, no problem. 3. The best solution to this problem I found was to run a carb cleaning solution in the tank.When you look into a jet, mine looked they had some "wood" sort of thing blocking them. So I dose the tank on "Redex", apart from cleaning all the carbon from the engine, it seems to dissolve this crap that comes from the tank. You guys have B???? something or other, which sounds the same. But I can throw it into corners and run NO filter at all and it might block once a year now. Later Jim, Greg Ward



Hesitation at low RPM Sunday, 30-Jul-2000 12:11:22 Message: writes: I've developed a severe hesitation at idle in my dual 44IDF, 009 2175cc motor. I'm running 10deg static 30deg total timing The hesitation occurs like a bog below 2000rpm. The closer to 2000rpm you are the less pronounced it is. I've pulled the plugs and they're all ok, not fouled. I suspect the 009 but could it be anything else? The carbs are in perfect sync (no bent linkage pieces etc) and they ran great for about 3mos before this hesitation began to get gradually worse. I'm going to pull the dizzy drive gear & make sure its ok, then do maybe a valve adjust. -- could this possibly be the problem?? Chris Knight

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Re: Hesitation at low RPM (stephan) (30-Jul-2000 12:50:42)

Re: ildle jets it could be as small as a fiber or it could be in the passage itself (n/t) (E-Girl) (30-Jul-2000 13:09:09)

Re: Hesitation at low RPM (Rob Tomlinson(lbc2)) (30-Jul-2000 14:11:06)

A famous quote (Bruce Tweddle) (01-Aug-2000 16:34:24)


Re: Hesitation at low RPM Sunday, 30-Jul-2000 12:50:42 writes: Read the IDF Blues an try cleaning your most likely blocked idle jets! If the car runs fine at 2500 plus revs it is more or less the carbs, as you have checked everything else! stephan


Re: Hesitation at low RPM Sunday, 30-Jul-2000 11:11:06 writes: I had the same problem a few months back and it was due to an idle jet blockage!! Rob Tomlinson(lbc2)


A famous quote

Tuesday, 01-Aug-2000 16:34:24 writes:

Smokey Yunick once said, "90% of all carburation problems are ignition" I have seen this many times myself. I'm not saying its not the plugged idle jet as suggested, but if that isn't it, then I'd swap in a whole distributor to isolate where the problem is. If it is in the ignition, suspect the condensor first.

Bruce Tweddle

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