Re:If it's not race lose the gears!sound is no reason to run something! strait cuts were made to run 400to 500lb springs

Monday, 07-Aug-2000 02:19:39 writes:

those gears are for racing. and will wear prematurely. thats why VW went helical. I was imune to Gene's consultation! but he was right. when your foots on the wood there's no slack in straitcuts but when in traffic idling there's as much as 2to3 degree's change in cam timing (back&forth) after a few years of use depending on which valve springs "you choose"! The bigger the valves the more bottom end you lose! if you have automatictranz the 110 wont work! (vacuum loss) I remember my 1st engine & had to have them also!(straitcuts) it's funny how after 25yrs of building engines you get more lazy! & really don't want to do the same engine twice! let alone explain to a customer why your doing it over. don't worry 'bout being cool be smart


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