ottom cylinder tin

Monday, 05-Jun-2000 09:27:12 writes:

After catching up on the weekend's action here on the CLF while I was away, I have a question regarding bottom cylinder tin. I have

heard enough mixed reviews (here on the CLF and other places as well) about cool tin that I hesitate to use it. Since the stock heater

boxes also act as one side of the tin, and the bottom shields screw to them, do you all fabricate a shield to replace the missing tin when

the heater boxes are removed?


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Bottom cylinder tin (Ed) (05-Jun-2000 09:27:12)


Re: Industrial Tin (Jim Ratto) (05-Jun-2000 10:24:35)

They still sell them! I bought a set from Berg a couple years ago. (n/t) (Craig Merrow) (05-Jun-2000 17:29:22)

Re: Have you got a part number? (n/t) (Chas) (05-Jun-2000 19:22:34)

Craig, did you have to tweak around header? I tried FI tin because it doesn't have the gap, but interfered with header. (n/t) (Don Jiskra) (05-Jun-2000 19:59:02)

replacement tin (Tom H) (05-Jun-2000 23:48:38)

just run the cool tin. (n/t) (dave(cooltin man)) (06-Jun-2000 02:33:09)

Hey Chas....Berg Part numbers= vwb126-119-461 left side......vwb126-119-462 right side. I put these on a buggy motor a few years back and they work/fit great! (n/t) (John

Pagnanelli) (07-Jun-2000 01:55:42)


Had to flatten the lip on them to make them a little wider for a stroker and 'cuz they could possible hit the push rod tubes. They just

work with stock sheetmetal and a wide merge like Berg sells. The stock bottom sheetmetal won't work on a regular merge without

doing some surgery to the bottom tin, maybe that's why the cool tins are used. Hope this helps.


Tom H

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