Metric Adapter Monday, 24-Apr-2000 12:25:58 writes: Hey guys, Jason B. and I are looking for your help on a Metric Adapter that screws into the fitting on the bottom of the fuel tank so we can run a larger fuel line. Is this the right way to do it or how are you guys doing it? Thanks! Damon

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Metric Adapter (Damon) (24-Apr-2000 12:25:58)

what i did was............ (bergboy) (24-Apr-2000 12:52:38)

Bergboy, welding and used gas tanks don't mix, big bang. Epoxy won't stand up to gas. (n/t) (Chuck) (24-Apr-2000 14:24:23)

Re: Metric Adapter (John Daggett) (24-Apr-2000 13:27:36)

Re: Metric Adapter (Nor-Cal) (24-Apr-2000 13:52:26)

i did it very similar (Muffler Mike ) (24-Apr-2000 14:42:27)

call Dave Rhoads he has just what you need 714/952-2597 (n/t) (john f ) (24-Apr-2000 13:52:30)

What I did was just pull the stock pick up off the tank and then I used a 1/4 NPT tap and threaded in a 1/4 NPT to -6AN bung. I also used locktite and orange RTV silicone, not pretty but it works. (n/t) (Mike Preston DRG) (24-Apr-2000 14:03:51)

Silicone is definitly not made to stand up against gas. (n/t) (Chuck) (24-Apr-2000 14:28:59)

what i did was............

Monday, 24-Apr-2000 12:52:38 writes:

i found a steel an#6 or if needed a #8 fitting,(male) and simply removed the stock tank fitting bored the hole to the larger size and welded it in. this is the preffered way to do it but, you could also drill the hole to just under the thread size and just force it to screw into the tank fitting. be sure to use locktite or epoxy to seal it. also be sure to clean and remove any of metal chips before re-instalation. that works, but i would do it the first way. -aaron


Damon,what i did on my 57 tank was take the original off-w/reserve lever and took it apart it actually is a nut in the center that is R-hand halfway and L-hand the other direction.I then took it to some friends at a machine shop and had one made that was metric on the side that screwed onto the tank and 3/8 pipe on the other side .It just depends on what extent you want to go to keep itlooking original;(I usually go to far)anyhow;then you can put any size AN fitting in you want as long as its not larger than 3/8 pipe.

John Daggett



I too have modified the stock fitting on the bottom of my 65's tank. I removed the stock teenie weenie fitting & filter. Then I drilled out the center of the jamb nut to allow me to tap it to 3/8" NTP.

I then installed a 3/8" thread to barb fitting and ran it to my 7/16" steel fuel line that runs back to the engine via the drivers side running board channel & drivers side frame horn.

I use as much steel line as possible in order for me to slide through tech inspections at the race tracks.

Most9If not all) techs will not allow a car on the track that has a rubber or braided line from the tank to the carb. Too many possibilities for fuel leakage.



i have a 62 but it should be about the same. I took the nut off that holds the little tubing and filter in. My nut happend to be aluminium.

Picked up a dash 8 weld on aluminium male fitting and had it welded to the nut and hoged out the center, and wha la. (the hex on the weld on and the nut were almost the same size) HHMMMM maybe if i do get a welder, i can make some up and sell them. s--- just have to get that power hooked up to my house. More money.

Muffler Mike

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